New Comment System

Due to an increased incidence of spam, plus some other issues with the plugins, I’ve decided to try out a new comment/spam filter.  When commenting, you’ll now have to click a box that confirms you’re not a spammer, but everything else should be the same.  If you’re having problems leaving comments with this new system, please let me know via email.  Thanks!

14 Responses to “New Comment System”

  1. First to comment with new spammer check!?

  2. Whatever that is a picture of just terrified me, also no issues here.

  3. at least it wasn’t a picture of Joan Rivers.

  4. Who wants to buy grow-your-weener pills?!

    (dude Mitch it totally doesn’t work)

  5. Does this mean we can hope to also see a checkbox for “Confirm I am NOT going to bitch about the artist’s choice of release (random time, lottery, etc…)”?

  6. What is an SWF policy?

  7. checkbox: I confirm I AM going to bitch about Emek’s illustration quality >>>> type quality

  8. good looking out!

  9. test test…

  10. Because we all know poster collectors are a sad lonely bunch… MEET GOOD LOOKING WOMANS IN YOUR AREA TODAY!! Click Here!!

  11. Click Where?!! Aw shucks, link must be broken.

  12. Safe work for policy? heh

  13. I’m listening to K.R.I.T. as posted on omgv and even that creepster cat can’t ruin the mellow of this god damn record.

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