Tyler Stout’s Signed Star Wars Posters (Onsale Info)

Tyler Stout is selling a small amount of Star Wars artist copies today via lottery.  Unlike the ones at Mondo, these will be signed.  His regular sets will be sold for $375, variant sets for $475.  If you need to be brought up to speed on the sizes and editions, check out the original post.  The lottery will end today (Wednesday, January 19th) at 12pm PST.  His blog has all the info on how to enter, so hurry over to TStoutInfo.

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  1. pretty smart on the price points…that must be a hearty F you to the Flippers out there??

  2. Doubtful. People go ape Sh** for signed stuff. Especially if the run of non signed are so big. We will see. I never win a Tstout lottery anyways.

  3. I’m glad I got these from Mondo, because I’ve never been chosen in a Stout lottery.

  4. Tyler doesn’t much care about the aftermarket or flippers or anything. He’s charging what he feels is fair to compensate for the work he put in on these (fair price for sure). If he had a couple hundred of each to sell they’d cost less. Artists are paid this way.

  5. i like his price point to, makes me not feel so bad when i loss the lottery lol…

  6. right on gang, thanks for the schoolin. :) still waiting for the Stout- Empire to Strike Back on my mailbox.

  7. @jadien are you going for these after your monster act of generosity yesterday?

  8. A big fat zero with stout lottery’s. days like these make me reminisce about the dreadful inglorious bastard day. ugghhh

  9. Pretty sad this is all OMG has to post today(kinda). What’s happening to this game? I’ve noticed more and more days of hardly any updates…

  10. @adam: haha yeah I entered. I sold my set for that EB donation thing so it would be cool to get one to actually frame. Although to be honest I think if I get picked in the lottery I might just go for a ‘Revenge’ variant instead of a whole set. That’s a ton of wall to take up with Star Wars. Might be nice to just have one really great poster from the series up :)

    @huh?: some days people don’t release posters man. What can yah do.

  11. @ I J – unfortunately the variants are only going to be sold as sets :(

    I’ve yet to have any communication from Mondo regarding my canceled order so by now it’s prolly safe to assume I’m just SOL as far as that is concerned. S’ah well….at least I’m not completely out of luck yet with today’s lottery.

  12. Sux its posted here.. Now i even have less of a chance!!

  13. emails are apparently going out…anyone get lucky?

  14. not yet, but i’m sure we won’t be waiting much longer.

  15. per an email mondo sent me on Jan 14 (after i emailed them asking what was up..) they said they just received the prints and they would be shipping them the next week.

  16. Thanks for the update Tony, I assumed they were coming but it’s nice to have a confirmation.

  17. first round of people have been picked. if some of those choose not to purchase, will send out a second round of emails.


  18. Justice has been served, got a set without costing an arm or leg, just a couple of fingers . . . woohoo!!!!

  19. @Toobs…I’ll pay u for that link

    kotopa4 at gmail

  20. PAK, yeah, see how fast you get refunded…

  21. missed out oh well, i think expressobeans is over loaded again lol

  22. for real? damn…i’m like 0 for 60 in these lotteries so im just desperate at this point

    no disrepect intended


  24. Thanks for the update, Tony! I was beginning to wonder myself. Even checked my bank account to make sure Mondo hadn’t refunded my cash without me noticing.

  25. @Drew: and what exactly do you mean by that?

    No email here. No worries here either :)
    Grats all you boppers who scored today!

  26. @Toobs – are they all sold out?

  27. @PAK: the variants are, the regulars almost.

  28. @Jaiden – did you end up getting an email??

  29. @ Jaiden

    Why can’t he just do random timed drops?

    To have no influence over whether I can score or not really f-ing sucks.

  30. @DrewDaCollector

    No system is perfect I had both the variants and the regulars in my cart at two separate times and both got screwed up as I hit checkout the first time and I was waiting for them (no control) and now I didn’t get drawn the first time (no control) and its my birthday so feel double bad for me.

  31. ironjaiden rules.

  32. @ Drew

    Because a lot of people aren’t available at those drop times due to work/school etc. (i myself am a m-f 9-5er) not to mention Tyler was having a hellish time finding an online seller who could handle the MASSIVE server load when a private release came around. Instead of getting a flood of people complaining about how they didn’t win the lottery, he’d get a flood of people complaining about the online hosting. I’d take the former flood of emails any day. His method makes it fair to all and there’s a reduced chance of poster poachers/flippers getting them all.

    I love what he has done and fully support him, he’s a great guy too. Always very friendly and quick to email back replies (granted I think he gets a little help from others too hehe).

  33. I wasn’t inferring anything about Tyler’s disposition or character. He is a good person and definitely quick to reply to emails.

    The thing with the lotteries is that you may never score a print from him directly in your lifetime which doesn’t seem fair to me.

    But whatevs. Thems is the brakes.

  34. -1 :(

  35. Hey, I never thought I’d win one of his lotteries but it was a bit of torture. I checked my e-mail at 9pm and I got an email at 3:45 saying that I won the right to buy a set but the link didn’t work anymore. I thought that was it but I quickly e-mailed asking if there were any left. I immediately was sent a new link and bought a set! Tyler and Sarah are amazing and I was glad to give them the money.

    Just need more space to put these beauties up on the wall.

  36. I have maintained my perfect record of Stout lottery failure. I really don’t know why I even bother to enter these–I have never been selected and I doubt I ever will. I was only trying to upgrade to a signed copy and so it’s no big deal whatsoever (this time), but it reinforces why I hate the way he sells stuff. Of all the artists I enjoy collecting, he’s pretty much the only one who refuses to sell to me, lol.

  37. I agree with you 100% Dylan

  38. @dylansdad

    hey, you managed to snag a complete set of all 32 prints in the Mondo ‘Star Wars’ line, so… shut up. Just shut up. 😉 But really, I totally share the frustration with these lotteries. Part of me understands why he sells like this, but I prefer the thrill of the race. I myself have managed to luck out on one Stout lottery, (Let The Right One In) so I’m at least grateful for that.

  39. @drew: oh I understand you don’t dig the lottery system. No problem there. My beef was with the homophobia dude. You might as well have said lotteries are “jewish”. I know the internet’s basically the wild west with the IQ of a carrot, but we still gotta call bullshit when we see it right? :)

    In regards to the lottery itself not being “fair”. The word fair simply means “free from bias”. A random draw of names from a hat of available customers that were given an entire day to submit their entires would be the very definition of fair. It sucks not to get picked (and no, I didn’t get picked this time around either) but it would be a mistake to call the method unfair. You’ve gotta ask yourself, if you got the golden email would you feel the same way you do now?


  40. A little late on my posting here since I grabbed a set of regs from about 10,000 feet while coming in to land on my place. Bummed I wasnt at a computer when they dropped so all I could get were the regs. But that is better than nothing. And also since I bought a set, another person who originally sold me his reg set gets to keep it. So win-win for everyone, or well not everyone, but 2 of us :)

  41. @dylansdad

    boo hoo, you wanted to upgrade to a signed copy and didn’t get to.

    my heart goes out to you.

  42. Damn, u nerds will buy used toilet paper if someone signed and # it

    Lol, Tyler Stout is great but the same people buy everything….flip much?

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