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The prints leftover from last night’s “Multiplayer” opening at Gallery 1988 will go online today.  I will be away from the computer for awhile, but they should go up within the next hour or two.  You can sign up for their mailing list, watch the front of their website, and also keep an eye on the comments section here, as I’m sure someone will post a link there when it goes up.  There are a few images below, but over 30 prints should be available, so check out the site when they go up.  Everything goes down at

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  1. weird, no email. I checked 10 minutes ago and the Danger was gone already? A reload before (10 seconds) the artwork wasn’t even online.

  2. now the mail has arrived, but it seems they didn’t have any Dangers left after all?

  3. I think all of the Dangers sold out at the show.

  4. Most likely, they’re only $25 each? That’s a deal.

  5. Check the Daniel Danger website. He says he’ll have some on sale either tonight or tomorrow.

  6. I just left the store. The Dangers sold out last bight, but Theo only had 30 of the 300. Also they sold out of the Eric Tan’s, cause I bought the last one. Also got the Tong, Rich Kelly, jeff proctor, and Rhys Cooper Rampage set.

  7. Eric Tan’s sold out in my cart! Anyone know of any blog/Twitter/Facebook Fan Page/Mailing List of his in case he releases more?

  8. Danger stated on Ebeans that he has 270 of these prints left sale. They will probably be on his website in the coming day or two.

  9. No Metroid :(

    Unfortunate the Tan was so limited after the shot up version took half the run.

    Tong disappeared as I hit “Add to Cart”.

    Guess I just saved some money…

  10. Is it just me or is this a really lame collection of prints, the danger and tong are the only good one’s. Where’s Halo, Call of Duty, Mass Effect, a good Zelda print… Pretty Weak

  11. halo is the godsmack of videogames.

  12. Damn, I wanted that Taylor, sat in the G1988 store hitting refresh only to be told later by a friend to go through the homepage Venice gallery site and it was gone. Ugh

  13. Jon, not that I should even care about what you say at all, but the scope of the show was never modern video games.

    and Slater’s Zelda rules.

    I’m obviously biased, but I think it’s a pretty great collection of prints.

  14. call of duty, halo and mass effect? that would have been awful.

  15. Yeh, I for one am pumped with what I ended up getting from the show. I got a Whalen Kong, Frogger, the DD, and Tan.

    I love the idea of having all of these be old school games. Doing prints for stuff like halo I just dont think would be that great. Love the games, but the classic stuff makes for better prints IMO.

  16. Drew Millwards “Max & Sam” is truly inspired and my favorite of the show by far.

  17. Is there a reason why only LA Pickup is available?

  18. @ muschology:

    Metroid was my second choice after Zelda… if G1988 does another show like this I’ll throw my hat in the ring for it. Great game, epic score.

  19. Mitch, can you next do a series on old timey COMPUTER games? I want to see an artist try to tackle an Infocom text adventure! Or the Ultima series. Or…

  20. . . . Pong.

  21. @ slater

    Nice work! I could only imagine Ridley, Kraid, and the Mother Brain in the style of your Zeldas.

    While I love me some Zelda, something has just always stuck with me regarding NES Metroid.

  22. I really love what went down with this show. I think everyone could’ve basically redesigned the box / arcade cabinet art for these games and gotten a pass but some of these pieces are downright inspired!

    Slater’s Zelda, Taylor’s Centipede, Millward’s Max & Sam, Kelly’s Kong and Danger’s Silent Hill are absolute standouts for me. Everyone pretty much killed it here though. Excellent work folks. I’m a couple hundred bucks poorer now and I couldn’t be happier about it :)

    Oh and Jon, yeah… it’s just you.

  23. Only just found these…I truly love the Frogger one. Was that ever on sale?

    Also…Local pick-up only? Not good.


    slightly annoyed of London, UK.

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