Expressobeans Art of the Year Voting Has Opened!

If you’re a member of Expressobeans (and you should be), you can now vote on the art print and poster of the year for 2010.  Just click on the link on the front page at

10 Responses to “Expressobeans Art of the Year Voting Has Opened!”

  1. Dylansdad > Iron Jaiden

  2. Banned for lyphe, lol

  3. I wonder what “chosen” artist will win this year?


  4. Haha Aaron you traitor!

    (I agree though, Dylansdad is way cooler than I’ll ever be)

  5. haha, that was a pretty great first comment to this.

    I got my votes in. Tough choices this year…

  6. votes in,
    Kalm did you get banned for that obey rant lol that was a long thread

  7. Haha the Obey meltdown was pretty awesome but I can’t see that getting him the ban hammer. There’s hella goofier threads alive and kickin as we speak. 🙂

  8. Kalm, I’m banned for life also.

  9. Taper! Some of us miss you over there still…

  10. Chuck Sperry’s Bob Dylan poster for the win.

    Eelus takes Art Print of the Year with “Not Everything Is So Black And White “

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