Multiplayer at Gallery 1988 Second Preview – Kevin Tong’s “My Tetris Heart Longs for Your Push”

The second preview for the Gallery1988/OMGPosters Multiplayer show is easily one of the most beautiful prints in the entire show, Kevin Tong’s “My Tetris Heart Longs for Your Push”.  It’s an 18″ x 24″ screenprint with an edition of 100.  In addition to the gorgeous photos, check out the amazing process video below, which really shines a light on how he blends things from paper to digital form.  Get more info on the show at

11 Responses to “Multiplayer at Gallery 1988 Second Preview – Kevin Tong’s “My Tetris Heart Longs for Your Push””

  1. Tong knocks another one out of the park. Seriously, this guy rocks.

  2. God damn!…..Kevin is so good

  3. Sweet! Love the process video.

  4. My favorite work of his thus far, hands down.

  5. Will these be on sale online on the 15th?

  6. Helllll yeah Kevin. Such a refreshing take on such a rigid game.

  7. HOT! This is great Kevin. The line work is super slick and I love the controller buttons at the bottom.

  8. Thanks guys.
    Rich- When I told them I wanted to make Tetris sexy, they said it couldn’t be done, but I didn’t take “couldn’t be done” for an answer!*

    I don’t know when, but I am sure any remaining copies will go for sale online at 1988 Gallery after the show as per the usual fashion. I’d sign up for their mailing list.

    *via Gob Bluth on Arrested Development.

  9. Love your stuff Kevin.
    Your my poster guy pick for 2011!!
    Yeah I know its early.

  10. This show could be ugly for my wallet…

    Really liking what I see so far!

  11. I couldn’t find this for sale on the website :/

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