Dracula Poster by Vania Zouravliov and Aaron Horkey (Onsale Info)

The Alamo Drafthouse is back in 2011 with this stunning new Dracula poster from Vania Zouravliov and Aaron Horkey.  It’s a 23.75″ x 34″ screenprint, has an edition of 330, and will cost $60.  The variant has an edition of 70 and will cost $110.  They were both masterfully printed with metallic inks at Burlesque Design.  These go up today (Wednesday, January 12th) at a random time.  Visit Mondotees.com.

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  1. Good grief!
    Two of my favourite illustrators working together, on an awesome project. It’s like a dream come true. Really astounding stuff.

  2. Yeah , this is something special !

    One for the walls without doubt .

  3. These are great, I think this time I will go for the variant. I liked the regular edition more of the True Grit poster but think I will take a shot at the variant today for this one! Amazing work, cant wait to see the detail up close.

  4. ssuuuuwwwweeeeettttttt!!
    the horkamania has turned into horkvaniamania! whoo

    looks amazing

  5. I have to try and convince someone in Austin to pick one up for me if they can.
    If I pull that off I’m gonna shit.

  6. We’re talking Transyl”Vania” mania! I’d love to sink my teeth into one of these.

  7. Don’t…know…which….one…to grab…

  8. So gorgeous. I actually like the regular version more now that I’ve looked at it a bit. The subtlety of the red really does it.

  9. the 11th, said the man on the 12th 😉 love ya mitch, but this isn’t your department

  10. +1 regular.

  11. +1 regular.

    This year will be more expensive than last year if this is Mondo setting the pace for 2011, what a start! Can’t wait to see this in the fleshhhhhh!

  12. AND they’re gone. Again. Damnit.

  13. +1 regular. Righteous!

  14. AND already 21 of these getting flipped on eBay. Including a variant starting at $950. Whatever.

  15. ahh screw it! Im going to go get one of the 499.99 variants from ebay.

    (im not really going too though) :)

  16. +1 Variant. I think right now people who got into this with the Moss and Stout sets think everything flips like that. They will learn a lesson soon enough and leave again. Still managed to grab what I wanted!

  17. Yeah this here is donkey country right now for sure. I’d bet by next month these fools will stop trying to ollyflip every mondo release and the aftermarket will look half normal again. At least one can hope.

  18. someone has to hook me up with one of these. i need it. 2 of my fav artists together.

  19. OK, so here’s a thought (maybe a crazy one, but a thought nevertheless): Why should flippers be able to integrate into their so-called “pre-sale” auctions photographs of posters that were taken by – and presumably belong to – Mondo (or Aaron Horkey or Vania Zouravliov)? Since the images are used in assistance of a commercial purpose, it sure seems like copyright infringement to me. And no, Mondo doesn’t have to explicitly announce copyright. In most cases the law is quite clear that ownership is implicit.

    If Mondo were to go after these speculators for using their images, the flipmeisters wouldn’t be able show what they’re selling. That is, until they actually – horrors! – had the poster in hand. It would mean more posters for us regular folks, and at list price.

  20. I think thriftypix is on to something.

    Congratulations to both artist on the poster.

    I’m hoping for some available at P&T because I’m not excited about this mondo relationship.

    I’m a bitter curmudgeon and should be dismissed as such but man I miss the Burlesque days.

  21. Did any one else notice the bite marks aaron put in the lettering on the top? This is where most of the red highlights come in, which makes the regular version infinitely more appealing to me. The sepia version has them as well, but is bleeding blue which is strange.

  22. I’ve been remiss in not commenting: what an absolutely drop-dead (heh…) gorgeous piece of work by these two artists! I actually prefer the regular version, although there is something about the face in the sepia version that is haunting. Congrats to all the lucky ones! A real classic.

  23. I absolutely LOVE this print but i wish it wasn’t so big!

  24. Damn it! Got the info to late. This is hands down the best screenprint I’ve even seen! Whoever put these two together deserves a raise!


  25. Wish Mondo would just do open editions so those who want the prints can get them and not have to deal with the fliprush. They already said they won’t, but I’m just not digging the way they do this.

  26. @Josh – Yeah, you’re right, I usually write my posts after midnight, so I’m used to just looking at the current date, this was a rare occasion where I did early evening writing. Hopefully it didn’t throw anyone off.

  27. Just saw these, went “yeah you should get this, it is f#$%%!%ing sweet”. then i see gone gone. I think this is some of the best screenprinting art out there. Imagination, illustration, colour, printing, inexpensive. What’s not to like?

    And good for Araron and Vania and Burlesque and all involved. Nothing looks as good as posters that sell out.

  28. @Chud — If they were to do open editions of them it would completely destroy the entire idea of having a limited edition print. The way things run over there at Mondo is smooth as butter in my opinion.

  29. @Baker@Chud – Completely agree with Baker. Scarcity and supply v. demand is part of the game and always has been the foundation of collecting pretty much anything. Mondo has it dialed in better than most, if not all, and don’t need to change a thing, IMHO…

  30. @CMG, do you work for Mondo or something? Are you on the payroll? I’ve never known anyone brown nose a company as much as you 😀 Perhaps you get free prints for every suck ass post you stick on here.
    There’s 2 sides to every argument here – Mondo should at least think about raising the quantities they produce. It still gives us regular collectors on a budget a fighting chance of owning art we love and appreciate.

  31. SIQ, no need to get nasty, even with the smiley. We get it that you feel strongly that editions should be raised, but there are many others that feel just as strongly that they shouldn’t be. Someone disagreeing with you on an opinionated topic shouldn’t be that surprising to you.

  32. @Chud – The regular edition was up for a good 5 or 6 minutes. That’s an eternity when it comes to super limited / super kick a$$ prints like this. I went back to the page and checked it like 3 times after making my purchase. Anyone who wanted one (and knew about the drop) had a very good chance to score.

    I definitely hate that so many are flipping, but I think everyone who missed out should just be patient and not pay flipper prices. The market will correct itself and patience from secondary buyers would hopefully discourage the behavior. If you really want one, give it time and you’ll find one for a decent price.

    That being said, I totally understand and I’d be really upset if I had missed this drop. Good luck on the hunt…

  33. @ManoNegro – Being up for a good five or six minutes doesn’t really do me any good when I’m not near a computer for those five or six minutes and then you find there are at least 20-30 on ebay immediately afterwards. Also checking the internet constantly until it’s up is a pretty crappy day to spend a morning/part of the afternoon in my opinion.

    I think Dead Arts has the right idea when it comes to limited but easier to get editions. Leave it open for an hour or two, let those who want one get one or make plans to have somebody else buy one, and then never make them again. They are still limited, you’ll sell as many as there are people interested at the time, and then you’ll also see considerably less flipping. At least I’ve seen significantly less flipping with the retrospectives thus far.

  34. +1 regular. For me this edition is more apropos & reminiscent of the film itself.

  35. OK admin, sincere apologies.
    Just gets my back up when folks make out Mondo are by fans for fans – and make out they can do no wrong. the fact that they take money off people, make them think they’ve got a print then refund them with not so much as an apology is quite frankly, disgraceful. Great service, that ain’t. Agree with Chud on this one. Mondo’s system is rubbish – maybe do something like Nakatomi, pre-order for a limited time, then everyone gets a bite of the apple who wants it.

    Collecting is not based on how rare something is – it’s how popular it becomes. Mondo produce some of the finest prints out there, I LOVE their stuff – just not the whole furore that goes with trying to get a print I really want.

  36. @Chud – Using Dead Arts as your example though really doesnt work all that well. The Retrospective Series is indeed on a timer to pick it up, but Dead Man was an edition of only 175.

    If companies want to keep their fan base and not have the bottom fall out of the market on their product they will continue to keep them very limited. You don’t see other artists like Danger or Sperry upping their prints just because they know they will sell. You have to keep the market there which means keeping them limited.

    Also, Mondo has a mobile site now, so if you have a smartphone hit that up.

  37. SIQ dude did they refund you on this one? Did they refund anyone on this one? Let it go man, let it go. You can’t just pop up every time Mondo has a release and get upset about a 2010 refund you got. It’s just not healthy.
    You seem to really dislike the way Mondo does things. That’s ok, you don’t have to buy anything they make. Most of us happen to like the way things are run over there and will continue to give them money for posters. Simple.
    We can all see you’ve got a beef but do you really think your rants are accomplishing what you want them to? Just stop and actually think about it for a second. “Yeah but I’m a customer and they have to listen to me babbl…” no dude, no. Stop, take a breath, and ask yourself. “Had I won [insert missed posters here] would I still be upset? Am I really accomplishing anything at all here or am I just souring the comment section over at OMG because I’m jaded?”
    I hope on the next drop we see you with a +1 next to your name but more importantly I hope to see a -1 next to your bitterness, dig?

    (no I don’t work for them, no I don’t get free prints, yes I’ve missed plenty and yes I’m still a very happy customer… since way back in the day when scoring was a lot easier).

  38. To my knowledge Mondo has got their process on lock-down now. I missed out on the variant yesterday (but got the regular) because it went out of stock before I could type in my CC number. The website told me this and I went back and got a regular copy.

    What’s funny to me about people that (continuously) complain about Mondo is that if they did an open edition they could make a ton of money (way more than the million-billion people seem to think they’re stealing from “the fans”). I think its pretty clear they care about keeping things as collectibles which is what prints should be. If you want an “open edition” go to Walmart and buy a Justin Beiber poster.

  39. I prefer the open-for-a-certain-amount-of-hours option. Not everyone can access their computers 24 hours a day or know all the secrets to make it easier to grab a poster. I did score one, but I feel bad for those who live in locations outside of North America especially. They always get screwed over during these releases. I remember when the “Lost” series had different release times. I woke up at 3AM a couple of times and it sucked royally.

  40. OK, I’m gonna have one more go at this. Forgive the length …

    Limited editions: Yes. But I agree that limited TIME editions make even more sense. There are a number of British galleries (e.g. Red Propeller) that release prints this way and there is almost universal praise for how those drops go down. It is true that popular demand for the Mondo product (and product is what we’re taking about here, folks) far exceeds the demand for most fine art prints (except stars like Banksy), but it would be worth a try. Set and announce, say, a ONE HOUR time period in which people can purchase a poster. It limits the edition size, limits the monster top end hit on the servers AND, most importantly, it would give many more people a shot at landing the posters they want. It would also scare a LOT of flippers away, because the edition sizes – while still limited – would be larger. And unless you’re a flipper, why would you care? Are you not going to buy a poster you love because it ends up in a time-limited edition of 876 vs. a pre-limited edition of 350? If so, then gimme a break.

    With regard to my comments yesterday about images whose copyright is owned by another party being used in eBay auctions, here is the official eBay policy:

    “eBay members are not allowed to use images—including photos and other pictures—or text they didn’t create themselves. Exceptions to this policy would be if they are authorized to do so by the owner, its agent, or the law.

    Make sure your listing follows these guidelines. If it doesn’t, it may be removed, and you may be subject to a range of other actions, including limits of your buying and selling privileges and suspension of your account.”

    Seems to me that since the copyright of every image being used in every single eBay auction for the Dracula poster belongs to Mondo, then it follows that every listing is in violation of eBay policy and should be removed. And if Mondo chooses to assert their copyright for every image of every poster they sell (and even if they don’t, since by law copyright is implicit), then no “pre-sale” auction of these posters could ever be accompanied by an image. Wouldn’t get rid of every flipper, since no-image listings could continue, but I bet a lot would run away, back to the deep dark caves whence they came.

    OK, I’m done now. If you took the time to read, thanks.

  41. @thiftypix: It seems you’ve got a good head on your shoulders. Once upon a time Mondo drops were exactly the way you described but they were much longer than an hour. If I remember correctly most were up for like a week! Yes, only a few short years ago you could casually stroll over to the website and order Tyler Stout’s The Thing for $30 for an entire week. Anyone remember how long “Remember the Alamo” sat up on the site? That thing hung around forever! Seems like a million years ago now.
    Anyways I like it both ways. Easy peasy timed drops are nice because you always score. F5 fests are fun because it makes scoring that much sweeter.

    As far as asserting their ownership over images used in eBay auctions it actually seems like a pretty good idea. Who knows how effective it would be but it’s a sound tactic to be sure. I’m sure the Mondo crew are considering ideas like that.

  42. @iron jaiden: Thanks for the kind words. I only suggested one hour because I figured much more than that on a Mondo drop could lead to editions in the thousands, which would for all intents and purposes take the “limited” out of a limited edition. But it was just an off-the-cuff suggestion. It does seem like 12 or 24 hours would be the most fair, since people across this fair Earth of ours could partake in each and every Mondo release.

    Why not try it once? Would be fascinating to see what the edition size ends up being!

  43. @ 13 and thriftypix: When I mentioned open editions earlier I was talking about the time limted ‘open editions’. Thanks for spelling that out better.

    @iron jaiden: but don’t F5 fests just wast a lot of time going back to check and check and check to see if the poster is up?

    @Baker: I was using the retrospective as an example. It was the first place I’ve seen that style of sale and was quite thankful for it. The dead man sale was another F5 fest I could have done without.

  44. @Chud: depends on what you consider a “waste” of time. We’ve got an entire community kinda built around not only the art but the process of obtaining the art. It’s actually a lot of fun to get up early, run down to Pete’s for some coffee while it’s still dark out, get back home and camp out in the Mondo thread at EB and watch the foolishness ensue. The struggle makes scoring that much sweeter. Timed open editions would completely remove that component of it.

    I mean whatever though. I just roll with the punches on this stuff but you may wanna consider that your definition of a waste of time is gonna be wildly different than others’.

  45. @Chud – Gotcha, at least this discussion has remained pretty civil on here unlike a lot of them turn out.

    I do agree with IJ, sitting in the Mondo thread on EB while waiting for drops is always pretty entertaining and listening to everyone’s stories when they either get it or don’t. It’s always somewhat a shot in the dark, on the random releases. But when you score on one of those it definitely adds to it all. On that Moss drop my hands were literally shaking on it. And then on the SW Stout sets I got a little caught up in the madness trying to find the Variant set and missed out on all of them. It happens, since then I got a absolute ridiculous hookup on a regular set.

    I like the thrill of the chase personally. If I were to get all of the prints I want, then I would be more broke than I am right now. Probably for the best I miss out on some haha.


  46. Yup. I know the thrill of the hunt. Completely awesome when it goes well and crushing when it doesn’t. That said, there have been times when – in the middle of a drop, mind racing, hands shaking – I’ve often wondered what kind of gripping addiction this has become. And while addictions can be fun, they’re not usually healthy. At least that’s what I’m told…

  47. The Dracula poster is awesome. I think it’s worth 60$. Actually I would pay 110 to get the better edition.

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