Dracula Poster by Vania Zouravliov and Aaron Horkey (Onsale Info)

The Alamo Drafthouse is back in 2011 with this stunning new Dracula poster from Vania Zouravliov and Aaron Horkey.  It’s a 23.75″ x 34″ screenprint, has an edition of 330, and will cost $60.  The variant has an edition of 70 and will cost $110.  They were both masterfully printed with metallic inks at Burlesque Design.  These go up today (Wednesday, January 12th) at a random time.  Visit Mondotees.com.

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  1. @thiftypix: It seems you’ve got a good head on your shoulders. Once upon a time Mondo drops were exactly the way you described but they were much longer than an hour. If I remember correctly most were up for like a week! Yes, only a few short years ago you could casually stroll over to the website and order Tyler Stout’s The Thing for $30 for an entire week. Anyone remember how long “Remember the Alamo” sat up on the site? That thing hung around forever! Seems like a million years ago now.
    Anyways I like it both ways. Easy peasy timed drops are nice because you always score. F5 fests are fun because it makes scoring that much sweeter.

    As far as asserting their ownership over images used in eBay auctions it actually seems like a pretty good idea. Who knows how effective it would be but it’s a sound tactic to be sure. I’m sure the Mondo crew are considering ideas like that.

  2. @iron jaiden: Thanks for the kind words. I only suggested one hour because I figured much more than that on a Mondo drop could lead to editions in the thousands, which would for all intents and purposes take the “limited” out of a limited edition. But it was just an off-the-cuff suggestion. It does seem like 12 or 24 hours would be the most fair, since people across this fair Earth of ours could partake in each and every Mondo release.

    Why not try it once? Would be fascinating to see what the edition size ends up being!

  3. @ 13 and thriftypix: When I mentioned open editions earlier I was talking about the time limted ‘open editions’. Thanks for spelling that out better.

    @iron jaiden: but don’t F5 fests just wast a lot of time going back to check and check and check to see if the poster is up?

    @Baker: I was using the retrospective as an example. It was the first place I’ve seen that style of sale and was quite thankful for it. The dead man sale was another F5 fest I could have done without.

  4. @Chud: depends on what you consider a “waste” of time. We’ve got an entire community kinda built around not only the art but the process of obtaining the art. It’s actually a lot of fun to get up early, run down to Pete’s for some coffee while it’s still dark out, get back home and camp out in the Mondo thread at EB and watch the foolishness ensue. The struggle makes scoring that much sweeter. Timed open editions would completely remove that component of it.

    I mean whatever though. I just roll with the punches on this stuff but you may wanna consider that your definition of a waste of time is gonna be wildly different than others’.

  5. @Chud – Gotcha, at least this discussion has remained pretty civil on here unlike a lot of them turn out.

    I do agree with IJ, sitting in the Mondo thread on EB while waiting for drops is always pretty entertaining and listening to everyone’s stories when they either get it or don’t. It’s always somewhat a shot in the dark, on the random releases. But when you score on one of those it definitely adds to it all. On that Moss drop my hands were literally shaking on it. And then on the SW Stout sets I got a little caught up in the madness trying to find the Variant set and missed out on all of them. It happens, since then I got a absolute ridiculous hookup on a regular set.

    I like the thrill of the chase personally. If I were to get all of the prints I want, then I would be more broke than I am right now. Probably for the best I miss out on some haha.


  6. Yup. I know the thrill of the hunt. Completely awesome when it goes well and crushing when it doesn’t. That said, there have been times when – in the middle of a drop, mind racing, hands shaking – I’ve often wondered what kind of gripping addiction this has become. And while addictions can be fun, they’re not usually healthy. At least that’s what I’m told…

  7. The Dracula poster is awesome. I think it’s worth 60$. Actually I would pay 110 to get the better edition.

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