Two Awesome Art Prints by New Leaves Studio

England’s New Leaves Studio have two really cool art prints up for sale.  “London” is a 23.5″ x 33″ lithograph, has an edition of 100, and costs £60.  “Once Upon An Avalanche” is a 9.5″ x 15″ screenprint, has an edition of 25, and costs £25.  Visit

4 Responses to “Two Awesome Art Prints by New Leaves Studio”

  1. FYI, looking at their site, it appears the London poster is actually a litho while the avalanche print is screened

  2. Are you sure? It says it was printed with stochastic screening.

  3. Lithographic print on 200gsm triple coated silk stock, at A1 size, utilising Stochastic screening.

    ??? I had to look it up.

    doesn’t really matter too much, it’s a great image regardless as to how it was printed.

  4. Oh yep, you’re correct.

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