Multiplayer at Gallery 1988 First Preview – Todd Slater’s “The Overworld”

Here’s your first peek at OMGPosters X Gallery 1988’s Multiplayer show coming up this weekend.  This beautiful Zelda-inspired art print by Todd Slater is actually one in a set of two, and the other is equally awesome.  We’ll be debuting some other images this week, so keep an eye out.  For more info, visit

14 Responses to “Multiplayer at Gallery 1988 First Preview – Todd Slater’s “The Overworld””

  1. That flyer is freaking awesome. Olly Moss, right? So good. Good luck with the show, OMGP.

  2. I need Todd’s print.

  3. I want to see the other one!

  4. Presumably called “The Underworld”?

  5. I cat wait for this show! I’ll be there w/ huge mondo tube in tow.

  6. dang. that slater is the hotness.

  7. i need this.

  8. This print makes me want to bust out some Zelda. Killer idea, and brilliant execution.

  9. Yep, this show’s gonna take all of my holiday bonus.

  10. Def looking forward to seeing what else this show has, sounds like lots of awesome goodness to be had here!

  11. Ok, where is another preview today??

  12. I need me some well done NES Metroid action. That’s my hope anyways.

  13. Rules so hard! Great work Todd!

  14. […] The exhibit showcases limited edition posters from artists inspired by video games, like this one by Todd Slater that harks back to Link hopelessly lost in a labyrinth.  Free.  From 7pm to 10pm at Gallery 1988, […]

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