Dan McCarthy’s New Art Print (Onsale Info)

Dan McCarthy’s newest art print will go up for sale later today.  It has not been seen by anyone yet, but if you want one, you should be there on time.  It goes up today (Tuesday, January 4th) at 2pm Eastern Time.  Visit DanMcCarthy.org.

15 Responses to “Dan McCarthy’s New Art Print (Onsale Info)”

  1. ummm….is it just me or does it just look like a white sheet of paper?

  2. What the heck was he thinking? I have three of his beautiful prints on my walls, but my guests would be so confused if this went up.

  3. yeah… ehh I think I’ll pass on this one. it could be really beautiful if it was in full color!

  4. who knew white had so many similar shades. Pass +1 I wonder if he will drop Hoth

  5. i actually liked it and bought one… maybe just to see what the “4 colors” could possibly be? lol.
    I actually think itd be nice in my kitchen which is all white subway tile and light gray walls…

  6. I can almost see something in this print if tilt my screen back all the way so it’s facing the ceiling.

  7. Have you guys considered that your monitors aren’t calibrated properly? I too find it a bit light but am also aware that my monitor is no where near accurate so I have no idea what this really looks like in person.

    I don’t want to jump to conclusions.

  8. but the photo w/ him looks like the same image, just much darker.. did he upload a bad image?

  9. that’s what I was thinking at first too, i might reconsider if it’s just a bad image upload.

    dan…are you out there?

  10. Gener, I’m sure that’s the ink drawing.

  11. You might be right. Being a fan of Dan McCarthy’s prints, and a big-time sled-dog/mushing enthusiast, I was a little let down when I saw this title and couldn’t really see much in the print.

  12. To be honest I love this one. I think it really conveys how dead the winter feels even when it’s the middle of a sunny day. Also it seems like a nice white opposite to some of his other monochromatic prints like All Alone is All We Are and Guiding Light.

    I can dig how this one won’t appeal to everyone though.
    +1 cuz print club 🙂

  13. I have a feeling much like the “Pale Afternoon” print, this one will be darker than we are seeing in the jpeg. Really looking forward to getting the first tube from print club!

  14. i think the combination of backlit computer monitors + lots of white is the problem. i anticipate it being much darker in person.

    if i weren’t poor for framing costs i might get it.

  15. I really like the subtle feel of this print:) Agree with iron jaiden that it really captures that dead winter feeling. I’ve been waiting for a print like this since the first time I saw Dan’s “helms blizzard” poster.


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