Tyler Stout’s Star Wars Posters (Onsale Info)

Well, these are kind of a big deal.  The year is about to wrap up with one of the biggest poster releases the internet has seen in awhile.  Tyler Stout created a mind-blowing poster for each of the three Star Wars films, plus variants.  The main editions are 24″ x 36″ screenprints, have editions of 850, and will cost $50 each.  The variants have editions of 275 and will cost $100.  They go up Friday, December 31st at a random time.  Visit Mondotees.com.

Click the images for a larger view:

228 Responses to “Tyler Stout’s Star Wars Posters (Onsale Info)”

  1. Hoping there are also some set options like with the Moss release. If these are all released as individual posters I am going to be having a heart attack on friday…

  2. A fitting conclusion to the series! I really respect the bigger (but still limited) edition size on this one. Lots of happy fans on Friday.

    And I really hope to see a bundle or two. At least a regular bundle and variant bundle. Especially with the variants, I’d like my $300 set of posters to have matching numbers. I was pleased to see it done this way with Moss and I have my fingers crossed that we’ll see it happen again.

  3. my head just exploded

  4. just noticed the variant of Return has the original title of the movie…other than that, I really prefer the OG’s to the variants

  5. So….Olly Moss is gonna remain as the high water mark in this series.

    Not that I’m knocking the art on these; Stout’s a great illustrator, but I personally prefer the less literal, more subtle, prints.

    So far my faves have been Hoth, Lead Hat, and the Moss trilogy set.

  6. Stellar…..pick up will i these

  7. Oh snap!

  8. @Rob

    I agree completely with your view and choices, I’ve never really been a Stout jocker personally, although I did really like the Ironman 2 metal variant for some reason. Perhaps it felt fitting given the subject.

    Sadly I only grabbed Hoth at random and passed on everything else as I don’t really need any more prints in queue waiting to be framed or endlessly sitting in the flat storage. Even as amazing as the Moss set would’ve been together.

    Great project though!

  9. I think that the simplicity and creativity of the Moss set just manages to squeak past the stellar technique and craftsmanship of the Stout set, mostly because of my own personal tastes. But I would rather not choose–I’d be happy to have all six in my collection.

  10. Dammit! I’ll be on an 8 hour drive up to a wedding in Northern Michigan on Friday. Guess it’s safe to say I’m out. MF’er

  11. I think these are great. I prefer the originals over the variants though, I like having a little bit of colour splashed in. I’m also hoping for a set to be released…attempting to pick all of these up one at a time is going to be impossible.

  12. sooo…..850 x $50 x 3 = $127,500
    250 x $100 x 3 = $75,000


    That being said….I NEED THEM!

  13. holy shit those are hot, massive editions though, is it gona be a set, no mission of banging 3 of those in the cart at once

  14. @ Charles Moran

    It would be “Pick these up I will”


    “pick up will i these”

  15. these ARE the droids you’re looking for!

  16. Did anyone notice the Return of the Jedi variant reads “Revenge of the Jedi.” Very interesting

  17. Damn, amazing stuff. I’m off Friday but may have to go into work for the faster net connections. I don’t relish spending the day sitting in a dark cubicle hitting F5 though.

    I prefer the colors on the main edition but metallic inks and the original title on Jedi are very tempting. I think I hear my credit cards weeping.

  18. btw, what’s up with the (I assume) fake rips and tears in the ink border? Interesting weathered look.

  19. wow……

    this is what we wanted.

    Now Stout and a Back to the Future…im done I think

  20. has Mondo said if they are going to do a second series for Ep. 1-3?

  21. @elmo

    i hope not , eps 1-3 blow monkey dick

  22. does anyone know if you can order regular and variant editions? like do they count as separate items for the 1 per address/house rule?

  23. wow….i need these. I hope that the huge print run means I can grab a set. Is 850+250 in variant’s the largest run in Mondo’s history? I also hope that mondo has a set option for sale.

  24. @adamlikesthings

    But a Darth Maul poster would be cool!

  25. KJ, judging by the location of the fake rips and tears, I think the idea is to make these look like original theatre one-sheets (which had been folded and re-folded multiple times) that were also maybe taped up and taken down. Just like we did with the real ones back in the day! :)

  26. HOLY SHIT. Now I don’t feel so bad about missing out on the Moss prints. Plus, I’m happy about the larger release (but still limited). More prints, more people able to enjoy them. Please, PLEASE Mondo, tell me you all are selling these in sets as well.

  27. Dumb question probably, but not being an ENORMOUS star wars fan, why is the variant “REVENGE” of the Jedi instead of Return?

  28. I would assume that Mondo will sell the regular and variant in sets. I can’t imagine everyone adding one poster at a time to the cart as it would make the site even slower than it is on drop days. So the question becomes, do you go for the variant set or the regular set? Personally I like the coloring on the regulars better, but we all know the majority of people will go for the variants first. Good luck to everyone on Friday. I say the variants sell out in a minute and the regulars in five minutes given the larger edition size.

  29. IF they give us set options for both of them. The variant sets guessing there are 150 sets for sale (50 for Tyler 30 singles 20 replacements, all guessing at numbers) The variant sets are gone as soon as they go up like Moss, and the Reg sets are gone in under 2 mins max.

    The thing is. There are people who collect any and all stout posters, and then obviously the group of us collecting the SW stuff. This release alone is reason for the extra server Mondo just got fired up and running because this is going to crush the website.

  30. If they give set options do you think you can add regular and variant to your cart or would you have to choose between the two?

  31. These are so cool! Way to go Stout and Mondo! Though, you’re really stretching the idea of limited with an edition of 850 :)

  32. @Dan, 850 is too few if you ask me, make it 1000. This gives us a fair shot at owning a set.
    Love them BTW!

  33. These are beautiful. I’ll definitely try to pick these up. Hopefully I have better luck than last time.

  34. @Greg. What I will personally do is go for the variant set and if it sells out before I can purchase it, they’re should be enough time to go back and nab the regular edition. I think if you’re really gung ho on going for the variants you can’t waste time going back and putting the regulars in your cart as well. They’ll be gone by the time you check out. Of course you can always get a friend to help you. Double your chances

  35. Sucks for those of us out in the +8 timezone. We’ll be good and drunk, watching the ball drop. Everybody, crash the servers so Mondo has to reschedule. Thanks.:)

  36. I liked the Olly Moss ones a bit more, as I tend to prefer minimalism, but these still look fantastic. However, I’ll be on a mountain in WV skiing, so unless these drop early, I doubt I’ll get them. And that’s not even factoring in that I’d have to rely on my smart phone. Oh well. I got the Bounty Hunter set and Jabba’s Place, and I’ll probably go back and track down the Hoth print.

  37. Which genius decided to release these on the 31st? All of those who aren’t living in the US are pretty screwed unless they’re willing to stay home and drink coffee on new years eve instead of getting pissed and having fun.

    The posters look great by the way =)

  38. wow…i am so torn…I actually am diggin’ the colors on the regulars but it’s almost enough that teh variant jedi says “revenge” to sell me on that set…

    i guess the real question is do i try for the variants only to miss out on them and then miss out on the regulars because i tried for the variants first? or do i just go for the regulars with a slighlty greater than 0% chance of getting them?

  39. yeah these are dope, not feelin the variants the mostest but thats cool. these wont go immediately in one second like the others, or if they do, there will be like a thousand on ebay that nobody’s buying like nowish. brah. fitty’s too much for 8 fitty.

  40. These are NOT the prints you are looking for.

  41. ^^ LOL

  42. Do you guys think Tyler will release signed copies of these posters after the mondo sale? I’m not sure if I should wait to see or *try* to get them tomorrow.

  43. @Tim B: Tyler will have a miniscule amount for sale via email lottery in the middle of January.

    So yeah, I’d hold off and wait for those to drop 😉

  44. Absolutely ridiculous! Easily my favorite, but I’m partial to anything Stout touches. I will gladly suffer the wrath of the Mrs. because I’m going to spend the whole day staring at Mondotees on Refresh, while on vacation with her family….lol…

  45. Tyler said that he has so few available that he might not sell any at all. He already sold some sets in advance as a fundraiser. Take away sets for family and friends and there might not even be a lottery this time. He encourages everyone to buy from Mondo.

  46. Cool, thanks guys

  47. A question in regards to the (random) sale time. While it would be hilarious for these prints to drop midnight Austin time (actually, that wouldn’t be funny at all) I don’t see that scenario happening. As an educated guess, will the prints follow the same schedule as usual or do we all really have to sit at our computers all day hitting F5.

  48. Dave–We have no idea when they will go up. Things have been changing and becoming less predictable after the Moss explosion–the last poster was sold out before 11 am cst, and that hasn’t happened in quite a while. The last Tyler Stout poster from Mondo went on sale before 9 am cst. It’s anybody’s guess as to what Friday will bring.

    If you want it, sit down and start pressing F5. I did that for over 12 hours to get the Stout Lost poster. Or, you can just wait for Justin’s Tweet and hope that everybody hitting F5 left a few for the Twitter crowd.

  49. Dylansdad, how did you feel after F5ing for 12 hours straight? Did it not drive you mental?

  50. Yeah Dave just be up nice and early tomorrow with coffee in one hand and the other hand glued to the keyboard.

    I was gonna go for the variants but you can’t load up a GC enough to cover that and I’m not gonna try and apply two of ’em on a drop like this (I also don’t fully trust the cart dump trick, I had the damn thing reset on the Danger drop).
    Got a feeling if I get greedy here these prints are gonna slip through my fingers like Grand Moff Tarkin’s star systems.

  51. […] Tyler Stout’s Star Wars Posters will be for sale at Mondo Friday 12/31! Each 24″ x 36″ main edition print will be $50 while […]

  52. Yeah, fingers crossed on this one. Not sure who said it earlier, but I’ll be SHOCKED if either the original or variant lasts more than a minute.

    Besides, flippers love Tyler Stout. ; )

  53. I prefer the variants over the regular run.
    Stouts work is so dense that I think the limited palette on the variants works really well.
    Those rips definitely look like part of the design as well. Really nice touch.

    Are these prints not signed as well?

  54. No, they won’t be signed.

  55. I’m pretty new to Mondo and have yet to be able to purchase anything. During the Moss poster set, I was waiting on Twitter and that didn’t work.

    For these Stout prints, people have mentioned they sit and hit F5 all day. What page are they refreshing?

    Mondo Main Page – http://www.mondotees.com/
    Mondo Shop Page – http://www.mondotees.com/view_category.asp?cat=12
    Mondo Blog Page – http://blog.mondotees.com/

    I’m not going to try Twitter or Facebook, because they seem to be updated last. Right now, the 6 posters on the Main Page don’t seem to be links, so I don’t think the Main Page would be the one to refresh. Do the posters normally appear in the “Shop” page when they are up? Or is there a direct link in the Blog?

    Any info would be much appreciated!

  56. You guys are always in the know, any idea when the Hellboy 2 will drop?

  57. “Oh i’ll draw a picture of every scene in the movie using my trademark pudgy-faced style”

  58. Just got home from work and they haven’t dropped yet. Fantastic. Best of luck!

  59. Good luck today everyone! Let’s not have any broken hearts like the Moss drop.

  60. Still trying to shake the cobwebs out this morning but ready for the drop. Now I just need the password to get the other laptop up and running, but I dont think waking someone up for that right now would be the best move.

  61. morning all….let’s do this

  62. Man, I hear you Nicktrunks. My friends asked me all week where I was going to hang the Moss set. It was a dagger in the heart every time.

    Oh, and Baker? Wake them up. Just pretend it’s college again and say you were drunk. Always seems to work for me.

  63. Prepare for Battle everyone.

  64. watch this thing drop at like 9pm tonight hahahaha

    that would be hilarious….hilariously upsetting

  65. Hmm…i really hope that they drop in the next hour or two…i’m in Australia, i’ve nearly been awake for 24 hours and it’s starting to get to me.

  66. I feel your pain mate, i’m in Singapore. And i’ve built the new Lego Slave 1 just waiting for the drop for the past 3 hours…

  67. I’ve got a feeling this will be a late one. Normally Mondo has the new posters up on their site, but they still show the last one up there.

  68. @Sam I believe they’ve decided to stop putting them in the store until they are actually up for sale, I guess that will up your chances of getting one?

  69. @sam in either mondo’s last email or blog post he mentioned they are not going on the site till the release.

  70. Man, I’ve been refreshing since 7AM. Hopefully they will put it up for sale soon.

  71. lol told. Well that’s a relief to hear, I was afraid my browser wasn’t updating or something.

  72. i have been sitting here for two hours lol. I am parked with pizza, Coke, and a pile of Lost DVDs. Nothing will stop me!

  73. here we go!

  74. +1 regular set! Woot!

  75. Well that was a huge waste of time

  76. +1 set. Smooth Checkout

  77. +1 regular set 😀

  78. +1 of each regular poster

  79. although, it seems unfortunate that the variants didn’t go up as a set…

  80. +1 for regular set…was there ever a link for variant set?

  81. +1 EMPIRE!!!!!

  82. got all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. Sheew, got the regular set. That was nuts.

  84. Sold Out..

  85. That was FAST!

  86. +1 on regular set….checkout was not simple….

  87. Mondo’s web site is a giant piece of shit. Clicked “add to cart” and nothing. Fuck!

  88. on the site. refreshing the page. never reloaded when they went up. bummer.

  89. Variants are up as a set, you need to search “Star Wars”

  90. http://www.mondotees.com/T-Stout-Variant-Set_p_227.html

  91. Nope, it doesn’t seem like there was a variant set option available.

  92. + variant set!!!!!!!!!!

  93. I dont know how anyone couldve picked up a set of variants

  94. Variant sets are up, just late it seems.

  95. WOW! Totally missed this and it was my own stupid fault. I had been checking this every half hour and figured it’d dropped like 10:50. I foolishly go to alamo’s reg page and start reading the blog….1100 prints in 3 minutes. jeez

  96. Oops — guess I’m mistaken. Interestingly, though, it’s not showing up on the page with the rest of the stuff.

  97. Raped, Had Jedi and empire variants in cart, Gone at the payment screen.

    Had the Lot in my cart, Gone at the payment screen!

    Had Jedi and Empire in the Cart, Gone at the payment screen.

    Grats to those of you that got em!

  98. maaan they’re all gone already, i kept refreshing the main mondo page which didnt load. the shop page loaded easily -_______-

  99. Got Empire, the only one i wanted to go for! Alright!

  100. looks like I’ll be at the mercy of the flipper this time

  101. 3 already on ebay, wow

  102. and now to check the flippers

  103. Got a set of each!
    Variant set still in stock…
    It’s 3:55am….i’m going to bed.
    Happy new year everyone!

  104. All gone by final payment step. Thanks for nothing fuckers!

    3x’s same story.

    Happy new year guys!

  106. @young monster, same here. I hit refresh as soon as I got the twitter message. Page never refreshed for me, bummer :(

    Guess I’ll be joining the lottery

  107. Yeah looks like there are still variant sets left:

  108. Got my set. Actually went pretty smooth. Tried for the variants, but it was bogged down by then.

    Couldn’t be happier! Congrats to those who got them!

  109. I grabbed a variant set. Lucked out.

  110. Variant set still shows ‘in stock’ but when you add to cart you get ‘out of stock’. Whoever built that site should be ashamed.

  111. +1 regular set. It was weird refreshing on the Posters page – the variants went up first individually and slowly sold out, and by the time the regular prints were up the variants were sold.

    Did anyone else get an insane amount of errors while processing though? I kept trying to add to my cart over and over and even though they weren’t sold out yet, it kept processing it like it was. I had to add to my cart seven or eight times until it processed the set. Really bizarre.

    Happy New Years everyone!

  112. Please let me know if anybody wants to sell either set. I got ass raped at checkout. I tried to check out multiple times and it kept kicking me off. Mondo’s site is the worst!!!!

  113. +3 Regular

  114. And out come the shitbag flippers……

  115. +1 reg set, this makes up for the pain of missing the Mosses haha….not a bad end to the year, my first Danger, my first and second Horkeys (thanks to Mitch for the Deadwood drop)…and now my first Stouts…been a mad first year of poster addiction, here’s to the same next year…now the SW collection is over I can prolly afford that aquarium I want hehehe
    all the best for tonight people,
    happy new year

  116. Really gutted, watched the site for 8 hours. Had different versions in the cart and the site kept crashing on me. What a waste of a day.

    Grats to those who got them though.

  117. Paypal is NOT the way to pay on this, I had a set as soon as the Tweet came through, but once in Paypal it just couldn’t cope. Best to pay with credit card. Still love the Mondo stuff and the thrill of the chase is GREAT!! Even if I lose out :)
    A set was on ebay literally seconds after the page went live for $2000
    Those ebay dudes have got it sussed!


  118. @nicktrunks yes, errors, errors, errors. Mondo’s site simply can’t handle the traffic. It’s a total crapshoot as to your chances of success.

  119. Got my Regular Jedi, the one I was shooting for (and a buddy of mine got a Regular set too). Watched the Variants go up one by one, and then sell out almost immediately. Kudos to you guys that scored one of these.

    My first Stout. Truly a great way to cap of the year. Hope everyone has a great new Year! 😀

  120. I’m going to try to “flip” my Mondo gift card that turned out to be completely useless.

  121. Did everyone on this board who has been collecting the complete SW set make it through this one? I was able to pick up a variant set, and that was actually the first of these SW posters I’ve gotten (I’m a teacher and didn’t have access to internet during the drops). I tried for the regular set, but it was sold out first. If you’re one of the guys who have all of them and got closed out on this one, let me know…I love Stout, but I wouldn’t want anyone to miss the set so close to the end. I could probably be convinced to trade/sell it over.

  122. OH FUCK YES. Sat on Mondo’s site for three hours this morning hitting “refresh” over and over again. Scored a set of the regulars. HELL YES. My 2010 is ending on a fantastic note.

  123. yes^^^^

    my mondo gift card was USELESS

    I lost two variants because of it…..but whatever I still scored my first Stout set

  124. It’s just dumb luck, Mike. I used PayPal and it went through without a hitch.

    Is it just me or did they stagger the set releases. If that is the case, it really seemed to make for a smoother experience.

    Happy New Year everyone! Thanks for all the fine work you put in, Mitch!

  125. DD completed the set!! Congrats brah, the force was indeed strong 😉

  126. Got a variant set after a lot of wasted time trying to get the regular set, kinda weird how it all happened…

  127. Got the regular set, shame about the variant. Not sure how anybody would know to do that.

  128. Nick, I don’t have the entire series but I missed out completely on this drop. I have plenty of posters to trade or buy it from you.

  129. Hello Nick,

    I have many of the other posters from the set including the Olly Moss set. Let me know if you want to trade or sell your Stout set.

  130. Let me know if anybody wants to trade a Olly Moss Trilogy set for a complete Stout set.

  131. Actually, that was supposed to be the other way around. I have a complete Olly Moss SW set that I will trade for a complete Stout SW set.
    There we go, that’s better.

  132. Definitely a long shot, but if anyone is interested, I’d trade my regular edition set for the Olly Moss set.

    I already have Stout’s Thing, Blade Runner, Lebowski, Spaced, Total Recall, and Monster Squad, so I’m pretty sure my old lady wouldn’t mind a change of pace. Turning into a bit of a shrine.

    I refuse to flip them to buy the Olly set. Just out of principal. I blew a gasket after they flooded eBay with the Moss set.

    I figured I’d offer a trade. Besides, the Stout prints are gorgeous. The lady friend will get over it if a trade doesn’t pan out.

  133. Disappointed, yet again. Moss and now Stout. Had a poster IN MY CART (in this case the Star Wars variant), went to check out and got bumped straight to nowhere. Another kick in the ass, courtesy of the Flip-opolis. But congrats to the lucky ones and Happy New Year all. And if anyone finagled an extra Star Wars (regular or variant) …

  134. Hey Jewishsilverback

    I have a regular Stout set. I’d do almost anything besides pay eBay prices to get my hands on a Olly Moss set. Perhaps we could work something out??

  135. @jewishsilverback i would be interested in that trade

  136. Wow. Great minds and such. I’d be glad to make that trade, JSB!


  137. OK gentlemen,
    Does anybody have a complete set? regular and variant?
    Because that’s what I’m looking for.


  138. Happy New Year!!!

    I now have a complete set of 32 Star Wars posters from nineteen fantastic artists. This has been a blast and they look great on the walls (and ceiling).

  139. ISO: Reg Set


    cash or trade for Iron Man 2 Stout along with some others.

  140. I refuse to flip my Olly Moss SW set as well. I will only trade it for a complete set of Stout Star Wars prints. I want the regular as well as the variant set.
    Let me know if this interests anybody. I have other prints from SW series I may be willing to part with as well.

  141. already 80 results found for tyler stout star wars posters on ebay, most of them complete sets…

  142. YAY FOR DYLANS DAD!!! I’m in the background on EB and think your a great person. I’m glad for you. I also got 3+3 on this drop after missing out on the moss. Happy New Year!

  143. I just have the variant set, not both, so I dont think I have what you’re looking for JSB.

  144. Complete Olly Moss SW print set for both reg and variant Stout SW set.


  145. @Nick, I don’t want to break my SW set so am not sure that I’ve anything to trade, but if you’re willing to sell (or consider other posters than SW) let me know. Thanks.

  146. @Nick,

    I may take you up on that trade if this other offer falls through.


  147. Will trade moss set for stout blade runner and big trouble in little china variant.

  148. Congrats to all those who pulled off a complete Mondo Star Wars series! Dylansdad I’m pointing at you! I want more pics of your collection after you get everything framed!

  149. anyone in s. cali want to trade your moss set for my stout set?

  150. How is trading 6 Tyler Stout prints (including more expensive set of variant’s) for the Olly Moss set even close to fair? Can someone help enlighten me please?

  151. I didn’t end up scoring today from Mondo but a GEM of a human being in the community might be sorting me out.
    Either way, +32 or +0, this has been a phenomenal series and I’d like to take my hat off to EVERYONE involved with these. Absolutely stellar work you guys.

    Justin, Mitch & Rob: you dudes deserve every bit of success that comes your way in the coming years. I sincerely hope it’s a whole hell of a lot :)

  152. The trouble with Stout’s minimalist ‘less is more’ approach is by concentrating on only two to three hundred of the main characters he misses out on literally tens of other characters which is a great shame.

  153. +1 Stout set. Great conclusion to a great series.

  154. Man, did anyone else get refunded? I am absolutely heart broken… On New Years eve too.

  155. Order Cancelled again, I HATE MONDO

  156. Order Cancelled after they promised it wouldn’t be, really professional.

  157. Order canceled? Did you guys try to fool the system and buy multiple sets or something?

  158. Gah….I’m gutted…order cancelled. I wonder what happened?

  159. Really? They said there was no oversale!!!

  160. Really? They said there was no oversale!!!

  161. @Mat Pringle. LOL. everyone else: 3+3 and warding off a refund with all the voodoo and jesus I can muster.

  162. Anyone catching refund who also coincidentally had a couple up on eBay already by chance? Just curious

  163. Prolly flippers

  164. I wonder if there was an issue because I ordered a regular and a variant set? I grabbed a regular when I thought the variants had sold out. But that didn’t stop me from snagging a variant set once I found out how to find them. If that was the issue, though, I wish I’d been given the chance to cancel only one order…

  165. Even though I have a Moss set. I would like to try and keep it. Is there any other poster collecting brothers that would be willing to sell me a Stout set?


  166. Definitely did not have any on eBay. I can’t believe it happened a second time.

  167. 00:07 in Glasgow…HAPPY NEW YEAR OMGers….work tomorrow:( so pray i dont wake up to a refund mail…

  168. If anyone is interested in selling a variant set, let me know: maxthesilent9@yahoo.com

  169. I’m interested in buying a Regular Stout set if anyone would be so kind.


  170. I would be interested in buying a regular or variant set. Please no ass raping Ebay prices.


  171. so which one of you created a fake ebay account to completely jack up the bid price on EVERY Tyler Stout set on Ebay?

  172. like a gimp f5 for hours, kinda knew i wouldnt get the set though, 4 mins from checkout to paypal, then the sorry sold out, thought i would be more bummed but im not so happy new fucking year heres to more sweet prints, and i cant really complain on the drop front cause ive done alright, been a crazy 6 months in the poster world, but meet some rad people and had a blast so far roll on 2011

  173. If Mondo want to start running with the big dogs they need to learn to piss up the tall trees.
    Seriously guys, their site really is poor, there’s no excuse, ‘they’re only a small independent…’ NO! You want to start offering stuff like this you need to get real and provide a service that WORKS. Same shit happened again, add to cart, proceed to check out – OUT OF STOCK. And then for some of you guys to make the purchase and get a refund – that is totally unprofessional. Mondo – SORT IT OUT.

  174. @SIQ: well thank goodness for you the Star Wars series is over huh?

    (by the way the site was running like a dream during the drop yesterday)

  175. Hmmm, so I got an email back from Mondo and apparently my orders were canceled because of multiple orders. Did anyone else order both regular and variant sets and not have their orders canceled?

  176. I couldn’t even use my gift card yesterday. My code got rejected multiple times at checkout causing me to miss the drop. I’ve noticed multiple scumbags selling both reg and variant sets on Ebay. There was a particular seller that’s selling both sets together as well as a variant set on a different auction. I couldn’t even get one set and these pricks got three.
    Awesome times indeed.

  177. I’m hoping this is just a misunderstanding and I can get my order un-canceled…

  178. @just me: I’m assuming by multiple orders you mean you bought individual posters AND a complete set of the same posters. If so that’s called getting your head stuck in the honeypot my man. Mondo’s pretty clear (and understandably strict) about the one of each poster per customer rule.

    Funny enough the very same minute folks started getting canceled orders a bunch of eBay auctions got pulled by the sellers. That might not have been you but that ain’t a coincidence either :)

  179. @IronJaiden, well put my man.
    I hope Mondo starts dropping the hammer when it comes to people ordering multiple prints and then flipping the shit out of them.

  180. I have a regular set and am looking to trade for a variant set or a Moss set. Offers welcome at:

    nyybatboy (-a-) yahoo dot com

    Happy new year, guys!

  181. Yeah, it’s funny you say that, Jaiden. Imagine thinking you scored this huge payday and then BOOM! Your order is canceled, chump! So much for your auction.

    It put a smile on my face, that’s for sure.

  182. @ I J – I totally understand the one of each poster rule. I only ordered one of each set and didn’t snag any individuals. This ain’t my first time to the rodeo…

  183. @IRON JAIDEN, thank goodness indeed.
    And no, the site was not running like a dream – it was a bloody nightmare. As much as I love Stout’s work, I just cannot bring myself to pay £400+ for 3 prints from a flipper.

  184. @just me, when did you get a reply back? I contacted them as soon as I got the refund. Haven’t heard back yet.

    I only ordered the regular set, tried to order the variant set and that was sold out before I completed the order. Nothing on ebay. Pretty devastated.

  185. didnt get a refund email so i must be in the clear. the site was moving oddly once they started dropping. i wont lie, my heart was POUNDING. this is my first stout and so worth the juice.

  186. @ Sarv – I had received a reply by late yesterday afternoon saying why they had canceled my order. I responded to that email and have not heard back yet (not that I would expect one given the time if year).

  187. I have gone and checked out several of these Ebay flippers auctions. Almost all of them had multiple sets as well as single prints they were selling. These are the pricks that Mondo needs to go after. I still have no idea how these guys were able to not only purchase multiple sets but individual prints as well. I agree, I love Stout’s work but I refuse to pay 5 x the price for something that just went on sale. Hopefully we will all be able to get a set from Tyler himself when he does the lottery later this month……doubtful though.

  188. @just me: yeah I didn’t wanna make any assumptions or anything. With that many posters up at once I could see confusion setting in for sure.
    Obviously I don’t work for Mondo so I don’t have any more insight than anyone else here but I will say that in my years of buying posters from them I’ve never once seen or heard of a single legitimate act of incompetence or malice. The folks running this operation are VERY conscientious and care more about their customers than I do about most of my blood relatives :)

  189. @ I J – s’cool, no worries :) I’d like to think that with my order history with Mondo over the last couple of years that I’ve shown myself to be a responsible customer. We will see; wish me luck in getting this straightened out…

  190. Well, like many others had them in my cart only to see the site slow to a crawl and deny me the purchase.

    I’m a huuuge Stout fan and am really bummed about missing them. There’s now way I can afford eBay prices, $1k is far too rich for my blood :(.

    Anyone looking to trade by any chance? I have Waves 1 and 2 of the Bounty Hunters (Ken Taylor), Dawn on Tatooine (Shan Jiang), Hoth (Dan McCarthy), Encounter on Dagobah (Homer Tanuka) and Olly Moss’ The Trouble With Tribbles (Blue Spock) to offer in trade.

    If you think we can work something out email me at risible at gmail dot com.

  191. I thought that the site was running really well, the prints dropped in a very strange way though.
    First the individual variants (one by one, starting with Jedi) the regular individuals and the set dropped maybe 30 seconds later…then about 2 minutes went by and the variant set dropped…i was quite happy with that, it gave me time to set a set of each.
    The complete set is a pretty big part of my Star Wars room. Now just to get everything framed.

  192. I notice there are a ton of people in these comments offering trades and looking to buy this print outside of eBay.
    If any of you aren’t aware expressobeans.com is a far more appropriate place to do that kinda thing. There are all types of tools and forums to swap and buy posters.
    Also if any of you noobs plan on sticking around for 2011 you’ll wanna get your drymount on ever there as well :)

    OMG + EB = OMGEB!

  193. Thanks for the tip, Iron Jaiden, just posted over there. Very grateful!

  194. There are few very art sites on the web that could handle the huge amount of traffic and sale the size of yesterday’s Stout drop. SIQ, John and the rest of the fucking whiners need to get real. Seriously. Get your heads out of your azzez. No, Mondo is not Amazon with acres of servers. BUT, their site is incredible, their customer service is world class and Iron Jaiden is right, per the norm… the sale went smooth as silk for most. Christ, I scored with an air-card on a chit laptop from N. Minnesota, so I have a feelin’ that SIQ and John (for instance) didn’t score because they’re absolutely clueless when it comes to a drop with any serious traffic. POW couldn’t handle it, so Banksy’s are now lotto only. Stout can’t sell on his site (or Big Cartel or Etsy or… LOL) because the sheer number of hits over a short period kill the site(s). Mondo, Justin, Mitch, Rob, Lisa & Co. kick ass. No questions… and that’s a FACT!

  195. Risible… be afraid. EB is just a ‘lil addictive LOL

  196. I’ve had some pretty shoddy experiences on Expresso Beans too, just be wary on who you’re dealing with on there. And ALWAYS pay with Paypal.

  197. Haha SIQ dude you don’t sound like you’re having much luck on the internet period. Ever consider taking up lawn bowling? :)

  198. No offers to trade, but one guy offered to sell me his set for around $800. Thanks, cockmunch! I even mentioned in my post how the eBay prices were far too rich for my blood. Fucking flippers.

  199. SIQ… as with all sites, you need to be smart. That said, EB is one of the better communities on the web when it comes to prints, OG’s, etc. I’m thinking you just have banked up a chit ton of bad mojo over the years and it’s coming back with a vengeance? If anything, I hope that 2011 works out a ‘lil better for ‘ya…

  200. @IRON JAIDEN, you are so right :D!!!
    Been a crap year for collecting for me :(
    Had a couple of decent purchases, just waiting to snag a Brad Klausen TRON, that will cheer me up, been after one forever! And lets see if Mr Stout has any up for lottery…(doubtful)…

  201. Stout’s website says he will have some around the 17th.

  202. @CMG, don’t believe it’s karma ;), just down to experience, or lack thereof. EB is a great site, used it loads, just had some deals go very wrong on there. Just warning anyone new to it to tread carefully. And yep, here’s hoping 2011 is a good one for all of us. :)

  203. And CMG, you got lucky, congrats, but don’t call us fucking whiners when we’ve sat at our screen all day hoping to snag a set and then things turn shit. We’re angry, rightly so, I didn’t want to make a killing on these on ebay, I wanted to frame them, I’m a fan of Stout. It just fucks me off even more when people like you who have a set start flinging shit and saying everythings right with the world when it clearly aint.

  204. I managed to score several prints from the Mondo Star Wars run, and managed to nab a regular set of the Stout trilogy prints. It’s sad to see how many sets immediately ended up on ebay for sale, especially considering how many actual fans were upset that they weren’t able to get them. It seems like more than 25% of the people that bought a set, don’t even give a shit or appreciate how great they are, they’re just looking to screw people out of 800+ dollars and make a hefty profit. It’s a shame Mondo can’t really do anything about it. Well, at least I was fortunate enough to get a set. I plan on framing these and displaying them in my living room the instant i recieve them. I will NOT be flipping these.

  205. has anyone received a shipment notification email yet?

  206. Not yet, hoping to today, just to finally rid myself of this feeling of getting a refund out of my system

  207. not yet, but i wouldn’t worry about getting any kind of cancellation notification. if that were the case, you would have received one by now. i’m sure they’re just busy getting everything sorted and organized.

  208. no shipping info either for me, but the $$$ has cleared through paypal. one.step.closer…

  209. I’m not worried about actually getting a refund. The money cleared for me as well. Can’t wait

  210. thanks guys…if anyone does happen to receive their email sometime soon can you please let us know so we can be on the lookout for it?

  211. has ANYONE received a shipment notification yet???

  212. No, and it’s driving me crazy

  213. On my Mondo account, the order has gone from New to Processing, so something is definitely happening.

  214. On my Mondo account, the order has gone from New to Processing, so something is definitely happening.

  215. Still nothing :(
    That’s driving me crazy because Mondo is not giving any news.

  216. […] lately. I actually refreshed a website for like 3 hours on New Years eve just to score a set of Star Wars screen prints that sold out in under a minute and are now on ebay for like $500+. Ink on paper, who […]

  217. This is unbelievable…it’s been over 2 weeks now. I understand there was a long holiday weekend after the sale, but 1. they have been “Processing” for a week and a half and 2. They’ve been more than capable of selling other prints since then.

    Can we get ONE actual update?

  218. Actual Update:

    It took longer than expected for the printing, then the shipment was delayed due to weather. They should ship soon.

  219. Thanks for the update! I was expecting these to take a bit longer to ship than normally, considering you all had 2550 regulars and 825 variants to print. We’re all just anxious to get these in our hands. Thanks again!

  220. @ admin – any idea if this means they might also just be behind a bit on customer service? I’ve called a couple of times but never gotten ahold of Lisa and the people I have talked to can’t actually help me with my order. So, I’ve sent Lisa a couple of emails and I sent a message through my account on their website and I have yet to hear anything back.

  221. @just me – hate to say it, but if you haven’t heard anything by this point, and your order is still showing as cancelled and refunded, you’re probably out of luck.

  222. @ walter – regardless, I would just like the courtesy of a response. Is that too much to ask?

  223. well, not sure if anyone is still curious, i could be the last one for all i know, but i FINALLY got my shipment notification today. can’t wait to get em in!

  224. mine arrived today

  225. got em in today, framed em, got em up on the walls. they’re goddamn GORGEOUS.

  226. were these signed and numbered? i only saw a stamp on mine. how in the heck do you read the number stamp on it?

  227. they are signed and numbered, it’s in the bottom right corner in pencil

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