Jim Lee x Neil Gaiman = “100 Words” Art Print

Neil Gaiman asked Jim Lee to illustrate one of his poems, the result is pretty stunning.  “100 Words” is a 10″ x 28″ digital print, has an edition of 750, and costs $38 $50 now.  Visit Neverwear.net.

Click the first image for a larger view:

7 Responses to “Jim Lee x Neil Gaiman = “100 Words” Art Print”

  1. You had me at Neil Gaiman. Jim Lee & Todd Klein lettering were just icing on the cake.

  2. Neil Gaiman and Jim Lee? I’m in.

  3. PS was there a post mistake? Gaiman’s site says $50 for the print, not $38.

  4. nope, it used to say $38, guess it got raised.

  5. It was $35-38 for the past 12 months or so. They just raised the price within the last couple of days.

  6. Oh, bummer. I had no idea it was on sale in the first place. Thanks Mitch and Jim.


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