Giveaway: Win A Free Black Crowes Collaborative Poster

Secret Serpents, being the kind fellows they are, are offering two lucky winners free Black Crowes posters.  One reader will win the Alan Forbes / David D’Andrea poster (18″ x 23″ screenprint, edition of 80), the other will win the Alan Forbes / Arik Roper poster (16″ x 24″ screenprint, edition of 80).  To enter, just leave something in the comments here.  If your comment doesn’t show up right away, be patient, it is likely awaiting moderation.  The contest will be open for around 48 hours, the winners will be announced sometime during the morning of Wednesday, December 22nd.  Please only enter once, I will be checking for duplicate entries, plus it’ll make you a good person. You can also buy both posters at

Using the random number generator at, the winning numbers were revealed to be 14 and 178.  Congratulations to JustChillBro on winning the Forbes/D’Andrea, and to Dan Fresas for winning the Forbes/Roper.  Thanks so much for entering, and thanks again to Secret Serpents for the giveaway!!

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  1. comment for great glory!

  2. please, please, please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  5. cool, I want one

  6. *sneak pass*

    good luck!

  7. D’Andrea, Roper, Forbes… 3 greats right there.
    Thanks for the contest.

  8. Let the rhythm roll… & happy new year (amazing webpage by the way)

  9. I’ll be your best friend forever!

  10. You guys read my mind….I love these!

  11. It has been too long since I have seen the crows!

  12. something

  13. These are both very nice, but my preference goes to the 1st of the two…
    Dig the retro styling!!

  14. Thanks for the opportunity!

  15. Merry Christmas!

  16. Ditto

  17. hoping for an early Christmas!

  18. yerp.

  19. Hook me up w/ some of those.Thanks

  20. Thanks Mitch. Happy holidays.

  21. some nice art!

  22. rad, another nice give away chance

  23. rad, another nice give away chance

  24. Heavy design!

  25. it when SS has 2 artists work on a poster

  26. Good luck every one! :)

  27. Danka!

  28. Merry Christmas! Good luck!

  29. Alan Forbes is a killer artist. Fillmore posters revisited.

  30. This will surely be another fail at winning a giveaway for me.

  31. I LIKE!

  32. Dear Santa:

    All I want for Xmas is a Free Black Crowes Collaborative Poster!!!

  33. Thank you Secret Serpents and thank you Mitch! Happy holidays all.

  34. hook it up

  35. Nice christmas giveaway. Thanks secret serpents and OMG!

  36. quality prize!!

  37. shake your money maker

  38. These remind me of the Black Crowes rolling paper that were sold at their shows around 10-12 years ago. Rad!

  39. Great Band, Great Print, Great Artist

  40. Thanks for the nice chance to win.

  41. Really nice posters
    Great work
    Great Giveaway

  42. Love both of these… here’s hoping for the Alan Forbes / Arik Roper print… thanks for the nice giveaway.

  43. Yep.

  44. one of these would make an AWESOME last minute X-Mas gift for a friend of mine…great contest as always!

  45. Ho, Ho, Ho…..please give me a little Crowe….

    Thanks Mitch, Thanks Secret Serpernts!!!

  46. An amazing poster. Thanks

  47. o boy these look great!

  48. i want…

  49. Thanks for the giveaway!

  50. black crowes!

  51. Happy Holidays

  52. Would love to see these prints in person, x-mas cash just a little thin!

    Thanks for the great giveaway team!

  53. cool count me in.thanks

  54. Get it on!

  55. love these. wish i had one, last crowes tour for many years.

  56. Thank you.
    Good times!
    *fingers crossed!

  57. 1986 David Bowie: I’m going to a party. I’m already 20 minutes late.
    Bret: Sounds cool. Where’s the party?
    1986 David Bowie: In space, Bret. In space.
    Bret: Space?
    1986 David Bowie: Yeah. It is quite freaky, isn’t it, Bret?

  58. Thanks for the opportunity!

  59. Awesome!

  60. Another great giveaway… Thanks

  61. These are great!

  62. I would be excited to win this poster.

  63. Merry Christmas!

  64. I like the pretty lights!

  65. the black crowes are sweet!

  66. yeah!

  67. thanks for this great giveaway!

  68. These are both great posters. I actually really like both but would never hang them as I don’t care for the band. If my number comes up I’ll ebay it and give everything to the SPCA.

    Have a good holiday everyone, travel safe.

  69. great posters, great tour!

  70. I vant vun!

  71. Something in the comments! Thanks for the offer.

  72. lovin the D’andrea collab!!!

    thanks for the giveaway mitch and secret serpents!!!

    merry christmas!!!!

  73. Cool thanks!
    Happy Holidays everybody!

  74. yep happy holidays to all :)

  75. Great team of artists working together right there.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  76. Thanks for the giveaways. The prints look great.

  77. i would love the chance to have one of these awesome posters. Thanks for the giveaway

  78. Great posters, thanks for the contest!

    Thanks for the chance at the prints.

  80. Pick Me Pick Me!!

  81. it’s christmas tiiiiiiiiiiiiime in the cityyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  82. Fingers crossed. Those posters are great and I’m a long time Crowes fan.

  83. hey hey hey heeeeeeeeeey. oooooooh wooo ohhhhhhhh wooooohhhhhhhhhhh.

  84. I’ve been eying these prints since they were released. Awesome work.

    Good luck and merry Christmas everybody.

  85. justin’s choice of colors…superb.

  86. Great posters. Good luck everyone.

  87. Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  88. Thanks for the contest!

  89. Awesome posters. I never win these things… fingers crossed.

  90. Remember the time trying to remember about the time you couldn’t remember. Remember.

  91. DO WANT. Skibby da bop, da boo bop

  92. Was at three of the six Fillmore shows including the last night, the boys are definitely going out at the top of their game. Thanks TBC for twenty amazing years. Come back soon.

  93. This is me entering the contest by leaving a comment…

  94. very nice

  95. Thank you Secret Serpents and OMG.

    Happy Holidays Mitch!

  96. Boing!

  97. Nice one and happy holidays everyone

  98. Pick me! Pick me!

  99. That second poster is so awesome!

  100. Merry Christmas….

    Thanks for a great year!

  101. ho ho ho

  102. I come from the future and I’ve already won one of these. Just letting y’all know.

  103. Know some big black crowes fans that would love this for xmas!


  105. Love these posters and have been loving the Crowes for 20 years. Fingers crossed!

  106. these rule!

  107. Whooooo Got my SW set…

  108. I promise to frame this poster.

  109. Badass posters, I love ’em

  110. Wow. These both look great. Thanks for the contest!

  111. The shows at The Filmore West this weekend blew me away. Thank you guys for ending with such energy, vitality. Kudos to the roadies. Happy Birthday Chris.

  112. Just LOSt the mondo drop. :(

  113. Thanks for the offer!

  114. Rock on! Gimmie some CROWES!!!

  115. Awesome. Thanks for the giveaway, and happy holidays!

  116. Oh…. Sweeeet!!

  117. Yeah! Great!

  118. Sweet!

  119. In, FTW!!!!

  120. Love the site love the band.

    Thanks for the chance.

  121. Man what awesome posters. I could totally get down with a suprise for christmas!

  122. This would look nice on my wall!

  123. lucky number, what ever i am

  124. Crossing my fingers… thanks!

  125. I’d love me one of these!

  126. Wow, two really cool posters.

  127. 126st! Son, I am disappoint.

  128. #pickmepickme



  129. yo word up! there’s like hella mad responses yo. . the forbes/d’andrea is pretty much the hotness as always. snootchie bootchies!

  130. you can’t win if you don’t play 😉

  131. Love these… would enjoy either one for my collection!

  132. Props for giving out the freebies!

  133. I like the yellow one :).

  134. Love this

  135. Awesome!

  136. something about the second one reminds me of Spy vs Spy

  137. very cool! happy holiday!

  138. awesome….

  139. please enter me…thx

  140. Love the artwork, thanks for the opportunity to win!

  141. great illo.

  142. Forbes and D’Andrea is like peanut butter & jelly! Too awesome!!! Happy Birthday Mr. D’Andrea!!!

  143. Thanks for the contest. Good luck everybody!

  144. need,need,need,need,need,need these prints

    No luck on any Obey, Banksy, or MBW

    Maybe my luck will change this time

    Good luck to mmmmeeeeeee

  145. My wall needs some coverin’.

  146. !

  147. Thank You for the kind offer.

  148. Entering this contest cause my husband loves the Black Crowes and our livingroom would look awesome with one of these in it! Thanks!

  149. The colors on the D’Andrea/Forbes one are great, I wonder why the Roper/Forbes one is so muted. But both still have cool designs.

  150. Great contest! Love Black Crows posters!

  151. thanks OMG for another sweet giveaway!

  152. In
    Thanks Mitch

  153. Sweet!

  154. Nice!!!!!!

  155. thanks!!!

  156. The perfect poster for one of the truest rock bands around!!!

  157. Thanks for the giveaway OMG.

  158. thanks!

  159. chaka khan

  160. sick nasty design would love to hang that in my shower!

  161. The LA show at the Palladium was one of the best I’ve seen. Wasn’t able to pick up a poster at the show, but would love one to remember the true Southern Rock jams.

  162. Thanks for the contest!

  163. Love the Crowes!!!! First show i saw was in 1992!

  164. Love the Crowes!!!! First show i saw was in 1992!

  165. These will be a perfect remedy for what is ailing me.

    Thanks OMG!

  166. Happy Holidays Mr. Putnam!

  167. Thanks Mitch!

  168. I love the Black Crowes! And these posters are awesome.

  169. OMGposters ROCKS! Happy Holidays

  170. very cool, thanks!

  171. im hoping for the D’Andrea poster!

  172. Thanks for the chance to win such a great print!!

  173. I ain’t lyin! I love these prints!

  174. would love to put up in one of my bars!! great poster

  175. Yaaay thanks for the contest!

  176. Ornithological madness. It wont go to waste with me

  177. Will there be a Kate Hudson / Yoko Ono edition?

  178. Set the way back machine… First time I saw The Black Crows they were opening for Hall & Oats at the Rosemont Horizon… Been a fan ever since

  179. Awesome contest! The posters are awesome!

  180. Count Me In !!!

  181. like it , need it , want it .

  182. Thanks! Christmas early!

  183. Awesome-looking poster, dudes, man, amigos

  184. right on! thanks

  185. Nice, thanks for the giveaway!

  186. great collabs

  187. noiiice looks goods!


  189. cool stuff! Thanks!

  190. gotta keep hoping….

  191. great prints!


  193. I saw the Crowes (probably for the last time) a couple of months ago in Boston. I was kind of bummed they didn’t have a print there.

  194. SWEET! Both are super-great posters!

  195. Very cool!

  196. Boom Boom Pow!

  197. HUGE BLACK CROWES FAN!!! Sadly they play last show ever…I’ll miss them! Thanks for Contest!

  198. Crowes!!!

  199. A’YO!

  200. i hope i win i love both of these prints

    thank you,

  201. Saw the Crowes in DC on the 11/13, great show! Hope this isn’t it for them.. Great posters, let me know if you all are offering up the Alan Forbes poster for the DC dates! :)

  202. I would also prefer to win these prints

  203. festivus is approaching…

  204. Nothing better than have breakfast with homemade coffe, warm bread and jam, and some new screenprints from OMG posters.. And i want to win the print.

  205. I love the psychedelic feel. :)

  206. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  207. Send one Down under to OZ.! Me likey Likey

  208. niiice stuff, thanks for the chance to win!

  209. Love these posters! Great artwork for a great band, :)

  210. Yeah ! So cool : )

  211. mitch, thanks for the contest! and f5-ing involved! happy holidays!

  212. mitch, thanks for the contest! and no f5-ing involved! happy holidays!

    Wish me luck!! ;D

  214. great contest and happy holidays

  215. Because of the Star Wars posters yesterday on Alamo Drafthouse, I found this website. Now I’m checking it every day. Hope I win a poster :)

  216. In it to win it.

  217. I have been in love with the Crowes since 1996! This would blow my mind a million times over!

  218. Seems like I’ve tried for ecery giveaway there has been, never won, if ever there was one I would want to win ti is this one, Blac Crowes are one of my favorite bands and these posters are incredible!!! So please, please, please, pick me for this one, it would make my x-mas!!!!!

  219. Do like.

  220. Keep up the great work!!!

  221. cool

  222. Good stuff indeed!

  223. Psychonaut crow for the WIN!!

  224. I Have Nipples Greg… Can You Milk Me??

  225. sick posters, thanks for the chance. happy holidaze!

  226. i likey both!

  227. Would love to hang one of these on my wall, thanks!!

  228. Make my xmas special.

  229. cool offer.

    happy holidays everyone.

  230. NICE! Thanks! ::Fingers crossed::

  231. Dig both.

  232. thanks for the contest

  233. C’mon Santa – I’ve been a good boy!

  234. I like cheese

  235. Wow, great art. Heard those CA shows were epic!

  236. Awesome poster. I just got back from San Francisco on a special trip just for these shows, and was shocked to find out the posters were no longer available by the Sunday Closer. To say the least I was really bummed out. Love the site, thanks guys.

  237. Both great prints! But I really love the first poster here, great lettering and design.

  238. im down

  239. Looks a lot like the cover of a ’66 dead cd i was listening to today! Weeew!

  240. Am I too late? Hopefully not! This print is beautiful!

  241. These would go well with my Faith no more Philly forbes print!!!!!!

  242. A beautiful giveaway! Thanks.

  243. The Crowes are on FIRE right now… Wish I could see these shows… I REALLY hope they don’t stop making music for too long :(

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