Aaron Horkey’s True Grit Poster (Onsale Info)

After the insanity that was yesterday’s poster drop from The Alamo Drafthouse, you’d better get ready, here comes another.  Aaron Horkey’s True Grit poster is a 15″ x 39″ screenprint with three different metallic inks.  The regular edition has an edition of 400, while the variant has an edition of 110.  They will be priced at $60 and $120, respectively.  They go up tomorrow (Wednesday, December 22nd) at a random time.  Visit Mondotees.com.

Click the images to see them larger:

51 Responses to “Aaron Horkey’s True Grit Poster (Onsale Info)”

  1. +1 reg…that was a bit of a drag, been f5’in for the last 4 hrs lol…f’in flippers have f’d it for everyone.f’rs.

  2. Goddamit. Starting to hate Mondo. Dropped out of nowhere and I missed the variant. Fucking FUCK!!!

  3. Just pissed cuz they drop the OM Star Wars prints at a regular time, but they drop these at a truly random time. FUcking stupid.

  4. anyone else get the “untrusted site” message on firefox? glad i wasn’t goin for the variant, i guess it woulda been sold out by the time i got rid of the security certifcate stuff….also glad i signed up for the mailing list today just to be safe, all year and i didnt have to rely on the email, dunno if this is a sign of things to come or not…especially when the links in the mail didnt work…glad its all over now

  5. I also got the untrusted site thing. Not really sure why that came up. But hopefully it never does again. If this had been a more contested drop I wouldnt have gotten my print.

  6. I’m sorry but I have always gotten everything I’ve gone for since I get the email alerts. I don’t sit on the site hitting F5…i just log on it when i get the email on my phone.


    do you get the emails?

  7. @ PAK

    Yeah but I’m at my P’s house for the holidays and I didn’t have my regular “Mail” browser giving me constant updates on my email.

  8. +1 Regular. Carted the variant then let it go. I really think the brown / copper fits the feel of the film more.

    To anyone pissed about the “random” drop time there’s just no satisfying some of you goobers is there?
    Also is high noon (austin time) really that random for a print like this? 🙂

  9. @ I J – not to burst your bubble, but it dropped at 2pm Central. And, admittedly, that’s somewhat later than usual. But, random time is random… I saw these go up but I passed

  10. @IJ First the Emek, now this one. Man I am going to need to send you a time zone map lol.

  11. High Noon PST… for once the world revolved around me.

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