Olly Moss’ Three Posters for Star Wars (Onsale Info)

Here they are folks, the trilogy of Star Wars movie posters by Olly Moss.  These 24″ x 36″ screenprints have editions of 400 and will be priced at $50 each (or $150 for the set).  They go up Monday, December 20th at a random time.  Visit Mondotees.com.

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  1. Must have these. That is all there is to it.

  2. This is the stuff dreams are made of. Already got my shift at work covered.
    +1 or die fools! :)

  3. Yep, GC purchased and ready for the drop. Boss is out of town so I will simply be waiting monday till these all finally come down. Awesome work Olly!

  4. ARGH. There goes another 150 bucks. Awesome work!

  5. god,these are brilliant

  6. omg are these are sick!

  7. You say to yourself “Do I really need three more Stars Wars posters for $150 right before Christmas?” The answer is yes, yes I do

  8. Ugh. The coolest posters of the Star Wars series (so far) and its $150 5 days before xmas. I just can’t do it. ;(

  9. @Dave – no kidding, i mean, how many star wars prints can i possibly hang in my house? ALL OF THEM!

  10. these will be the only ones i will try for in the whole sw series. excellent work, easily ollys best since evil dead.

  11. hey guys..how do you get a gc?

  12. @JOe…go to the”misc” button in the shop
    these are stunning, and my present to myself haha….here’s to 2 for 2 with the GC’s…now no more before christmas1 me’sa penniless

  13. I don’t really see these being that hard to get. You guys probably shouldn’t worry about it too much. Just take your time.

  14. Wow, it’s like each poster is greater than the last. Just when you think the series can’t get any better, Olly comes and blows it out of the water. I’m literally giddy in anticipation for Monday.

  15. Finally some actual movie posters, that’s what I’m talking about! +3 on Monday for sure.

  16. All killer…no filler

  17. It seems anything Star Wars related and the vultures come out..i see other great artist with no comments and art still avail..seems the art is bought just to sell to fanboys who couldn’t get on time..i’ve bought some personally but it’s hanging in my home not turning it around on ebay

  18. Oh mama. My life has been waiting for this day.

  19. Uhh.. so it turns out these will be released on Tuesday and not Monday. So all you guys just don’t visit Mondo on Monday cause they won’t be there. Tuesday. Tuesday at… noon. Yep. 12:00pm Tuesday.
    That is all.


  20. wow! speechless

  21. Absolutely incredible. I wasn’t even aware they were being sold as a set. Now I think I’ll have to buy them – first purchase since the Bounty Hunters series.

  22. Mondo is going to sell $200,000 worth of gift cards towards $60,000 worth of posters. Brilliant!

  23. holy shitballs…. and that’s all i’ve got to say about that…

  24. okay, that’s not all i’ve got to say. if these had come out first i’d be hard pressed to say I would have purchased any of the other 12 or so posters from the run that i’ve bought so far…

  25. Predictions for final Star Wars prints of 2010:

    #18 Olly Moss (duh)
    #19 Eric Tan
    #20 Tyler Stout

    Save your $ gents…

  26. Three Mondo releases from Eric Tan in two weeks would be impressive. But I feel for whoever it is that has to follow up Olly Moss.

  27. i think another one from tan after the tron ones would be tough to pull off, but he has been saying he’s been real busy and he hasn’t delivered one yet, so…and since all rumors are pointing to 20 artists and stout closing out the series, i don’t know how it couldn’t be tan next. next week is going to be wery, wery expensive (as my norwegian friends would say).

  28. Hey everyone I’m getting the feeling that a GC = a faster checkout. Is that right? Or are the steps the same as using PayPal? Is there any benefit in using a G.C?
    I’m hoping someone will come correct. Thanks.

  29. People say gift cards are faster. i’ve never used one, I scored Danger’s the old fashioned way without problem and some people that used GCs were shut out or had payment issues.

  30. Drool….. Must … Have…. These.

  31. I just want Jedi myself.

  32. I swear to god the Empire Strikes Back poster just gave me a geek boner.

  33. Now this is what we should have had from the start. Nothing in the series has come even close to these so far. Although if Tan and Stout have something waiting in the wings then we could see something even more incredible! Tan and Stout doin’ Star Wars, now this is something worth waiting for! Moss is the master of subtlety and intelligent composition.

  34. I have been mildly critical of the SW prints in the past, but these are glorious, and I would actually consider hanging these. I’m very excited about these, and will probably go for them. I hope Tyler’s posters don’t come till after xmas, when I’ll have a little extra ‘walkin around’ money.

  35. Hate on these posters and the terrorists win. Spot on shit all around. Great, great work.

  36. You know, I told myself I wouldn’t be buying any of these Star Wars posters, but Sweet Baby Jesus, these are brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. Must buy.

    Best of luck, ladies and gents.

  37. These are the first of any of the Star Wars prints I’d actually consider buying and displaying. Might try for it, knowing that if I miss it’s because some server is on fire somewhere in the midwest. Happy Hunting.

  38. Killed it…the best so far. good luck 2 everyone.

  39. Wow, I’m not a Star Wars fan by any means but these are cool!
    Interested to see what Stout does as well though I won’t be going for either…rather a real Star Wars fan have them. Good luck

  40. I LOVE the first two – using Tattooine’s 2 suns as C3PO’s eyes and Cloud City as the cutout for Boba Fett’s visor is brilliant. The trees in the Vader/Return of the Jedi are WAY too small and wavy. Although it looks like the artist tried to use them to outline some of the details in the mask the execution falls flat for me. It doesn’t look as though the 3rd belongs with the other two. Forgetting about trying to bend them to the mask and just making them look like redwoods (as in the movie) would have put this in the same class as the other two. This is my opinion and it appears that I am in the minority.

  41. …just to clarify: I like everything else about the Vader/Return of the Jedi – the colors the ewoks the walker – I just hate the execution of the trees. The artist could have accomplished the same visor detail effects with large vertical trunks and strategically placed rope bridges and ewok treehouses.

  42. thanks Randall, i actually didnt even notice the trees adding detail to vaders mask..for that matter i did not get the 2 suns reference either……

  43. olly is a genius at using space, great designs once again, i agree with randall that the third could’ve been executed better.

  44. Funny, I noticed something wasn’t linear with the 3rd print as well…but it still looks good

  45. Randall- I wouldn’t necessarily say the execution falls flat, but I will be the first to admit, the RotJ print is the weakest of the bunch. The imagery is spot on and representing Vader is more than appropriate. But overall, I always thought RotJ was the weakest link, so seeing that portrayed in a poster doesn’t exactly hurt my feelings. Knowing the quality that Olly produces, I’d have to say it probably wasn’t intentional. But hey, let’s just let bygones be bygones and say Mr. Moss was making a statement. ; )

  46. Keep on fellating lameness.

  47. Olly Moss does it again!

  48. Damn, I actually gasped when I saw the Empire poster. Need these.

  49. Some of the best posters I’ve ever seen, really amazing work.

  50. People are overreacting here. They’re ok.

  51. Totally Taso, you sit this one out :)

  52. The Olly Moss all-nighter begins! Best of luck to the lot of you!

  53. I have to work all day so I may miss out on these. Sorry if this sounds like a stupid question to anyone but…does anyone know what the secondary market is for something like this? I may get to check like once or twice while at work so if I can’t get it that way, I’ll have to go the ebay route. Some fool already has a set up for $449.99 and I find that amusing. Again, sorry if this sounds like a dumb question to anyone but I’m not a huge print buyer. I only buy a few bands I really like and well, I really want the SW prints.

  54. hope you enjoyed your all nighter.

  55. Yeah, it’s how my luck works, Joe. They would have dropped as soon as my head hit the pillow. Better safe than sorry.

  56. Site really slow for anyone else or am I alone? :)

  57. It’s up! Super slow, but +1

  58. +3

  59. I think I am SOL, I got it in my cart but am stuck on processing the order.

  60. wow shopping cart would never even go through…

  61. in cart…sold out… bummer

  62. What a waste of time. Site was slower than shit and I missed out. Congrats to those who got them!

  63. Didn’t get an email or a Tweet!

  64. ditto….took forever on step 2 then sold out :(

  65. Well that was frustrating. I got the set in my cart, but couldn’t check out. Oh well, I probably shouldn’t have spent that money anyway.

  66. in the cart, but when paying it disappeared.

  67. IN CART —– SOLD OUT.



    Get it in cart, get to paypal, bam! sold out.

    What the fuck???

    2 times in a week.

    Searching for other more reliable sources in the future

  68. Easy drop.

  69. Lame! Sold Out Mid Purchase!

  70. Already have three sets on eBay… I officially hate flippers again.

  71. got myself a set. super stoked.

  72. No tweet or e-mail? Are you kidding me? What is this nonsense?

  73. And 3 already on eBay, and only a little over 100% mark up. How nice.

  74. In the cart, sign into paypal, then cannot complete because Item is sold out. COME ON!!!!

  75. Once again, got to final checkout screen in paypal and “sold out”. How on earth are you not guaranteed a print after you go through 4-5 checkout screens. What a terrible website for popular drops. Thanks mondo

  76. YIPPEE!!!
    – Anakin Skywalker

  77. Same shit happened to me, waited all fucking day then to be told that it’s sold out once you proceed to checkout. Flippers clogging up the site – toss pots.

  78. I understand what Justin said in the blog, but they really do need a better system. I know Amazon uses a system that only allows a certain amount of an item to be placed in carts. I mean, that’s a pretty hefty payday, the least they can do is give us a better website.

    I’m freaking bummed as all get out right…

  79. Grrr, thats frustrating, in my cart, but couldn’t check out, that really needs to be fixed, they should have a grace period once you place them in your cart, come on, even ticketmaster gives you that. Already on ebay, f them!

  80. Apparently people really want those posters. Half of those e-bay auctions already ended. I was fortunate enough to get the set, but paying $400 + for it. No thank you.

  81. Flippers can go f*&k them selves. Take them posters, roll them up, and stick them right up your ass. Seems like Joe got his hands on 3 of them. Wonder how that works.

  82. I’ll bet Joe got the set. If he got three sets, the Force must be strong in him.

  83. uhhh I’m just gonna sneak in here and say +3… yay…


  84. I got shut out and am watching ebay right now. I guess the current going price is about $500. Fucking bullshit.

  85. Waaaahnn waaaahnn waaahnn. Somebody call the Waaaaahhhbulance. High demand, low supply. What do you expect? People and their sense of entitlement…

  86. For my other +3ers…

    Were you as shocked as me to only pay $14 for shipping? I’ve paid more than double that for 1 poster from Mondo. Why are they suddenly reasonable?

  87. I hope you’re not referring to me, because you would be highly mistaken. I am not complaining about Mondo in the least bit. I completely understand and respect their situation. What I think is bullshit is the fact that, if you look right now, there are no listings (other than auctions, which I’m not taking into account) that are any lower that $699.

  88. @Sam
    Yeah I was counting on a bit more than that. Nice surprise though.

  89. +1 set, awesome…these sets are already climbing over $500 on the bay…but mine will rest nicely on my walls, though something else is going to have to come down.

  90. Im also going to quietly say +1 set down here. I had 2 browsers going with giftcards on both browsers. Tough tough drop, but scored.

  91. Well done to those that managed to get a set and aren’t planning of profiting on eBay.

  92. No profiting here, I have the full set of SW prints still so this was a clutch one. Also the only reason I am still full is cause of a elf who hooked me up with my DD.

  93. +3 means I got the set

  94. I’ve bought every single Star Wars poster so far–my dedication was rewarded today with yet another order, and my collection remains complete.

  95. Same here, no profiting. It’s a mini Christmas miracle that I was able to secure a set. I’ve missed out on more Star Wars drops than most. Those guys on e-bay though. Auctions are up to a $1000 right now. Of course, nobody is forcing anyone to spend that much.

  96. congrats IJ, Baker and Dylansdad, glad you made it through ok :)
    got the Danger, missed these, hohum such is life i guess…but man those muthaflippers, dirty bastids…cancel their orders I say hehehe

  97. is there no possibility to put those flippers on a black list. It’s always the same people getting the prints and selling them immediately.

  98. man, the prices on ebay are insane..who the hell is gonna pay that much….

  99. You all need to cancel some of these Ebayer’s orders. Getting ridiculous.

  100. I still can’t figure out how, with every single fast sale, the concept of “live inventory” needs to be explained.

  101. favor time…wanted to get the set for my younger brother but i missed out

    if anyone got a set but is looking to trade for anything please let me know. i have an extensive collection from pretty much everyone noteworthy, so let me know if you have been looking for something

    kotopa4 at gmail


  102. 17 sets for sale and at least 5 from prices between 550 ’till 750 already sold… makes me a little sad

  103. Bleh. +0 here.
    Kinda bummed. I’m over it.

  104. @admin – well, I can definitely see a drop like this pulling in prospective buyers that aren’t familiar with sales / fast sellouts like these. not that that excuses certain behavior, but…

  105. +3 for me. Easily the best in the series so far (wretched hive is a very close second though). Will we see another drop this week? I hope I can get a set of stouts if he does one.


    I wouldn’t call 400 a short run

  107. If there are two releases left then we either get another this week or two next week. This week, I’d like to see a Tuesday announcement for a Thursday release so I can enjoy Christmas weekend without stress. Then a Monday/Tuesday announcement next week for a Wednesday/Thursday drop, and then we’re done.

  108. There’s 400 of each out there, so if everyone remains patient prices will drop.

  109. Meh even with a giftcard wasn’t able to check out in time. /sad

  110. Lets get ready for Olly’s Star Wars AP drop this Wednesday. Hopefully one of us will get a shot at them. Keep hope alive!!!

  111. Just got my email…(7:30pmGMT)
    Damn :)

  112. not sure who said it, but i agree, the two best prints in this series have to be this olly moss trilogy set and martin ansin’s ‘wretched hive’. there’s a few more i’d like to see up close that i wasn’t able to score when they dropped. anyone have copies of frank stockton’s print or rich kelly’s print, and if so, what are your thoughts? they look incredible too.

  113. Hey I really wanted to get my hands on this set, and couldn’t even get one to add to my cart.

    I was wondering if any kind souls are willing to trade their set for something? I don’t have a lot but I’ve one pretty decent item.



  114. most of the ebay prices fall to the point to where its a pretty good value. Ill pay an extra 20-30 bucks a print to not stress about missing a drop date/time.

  115. @Paul

    I totally agree with you for the most part but this set is probably the exception

  116. really hating Mondo right now for canceling my transaction that was placed exactly at 12:15 when they went on sale. There trying to tell me they only had 50 copies of the prints. Is this happening to anyone else?

  117. This is an amazing set. Ridiculously clever design. I kept my eye on the site and was really bummed i didn’t get one, but …these got a great response. The demand was there and I say “good job” for Mondo and Olly Moss.

    That’s just how it goes when you collect something. You hope you can get something that’s highly coveted. If you manage to – that’s part of the glory.

    Flippers suck, but that’s just part of it too. I don’t even know how one would go about trying to block out/blacklist specific email addresses of buyers via Paypal and …those buyers are what makes the demand go up. Why would Mondo refuse their money?

    The amount of stress that this type of traffic puts on a site suddenly is insane. Expecting them or even Shepard to run at the same pace as a company the size of Amazon is just ridiculous. The additional fanbase of Star Wars aside from the regular obsessive poster collectors is unreasonable.

    Maybe I can get a set of these down the line. To those that were lucky, I squint at you with jealous rage. SQUINT!

  118. Added the Olly Moss Star Wars posters to shopping cart successfully.. Went to pay seconds later.. and it sold out..
    Super lame webstore check out process.

  119. Be patient maybe they will come down to 400 once the rich/crazy folks stop buying them at those inflated prices…….maybe

  120. Missed out, bummer. The real question @Angryblue is when are you going to do a Mondo print?

  121. Um, I just got an email saying after I successfully purchased these three prints that they are cancelling my order and refunding my money!!! WTF?

  122. missed today… congrats to those that scored..
    big thanks to Mitch, Justin, Mondo etc. for making such great movie prints happen
    keep up the great work and don’t let the downers discourage you.

  123. Anyone who has complaints I think AngryBlue put it all pretty well up there. You cant expect what really is a pretty dang small place to have a web server with the likes of some massive store like Amazon.

    Im impressed the server didnt just totally crash, the thing held up and obviously people got through. Everyone who is bashing Mondo just needs to cool out a little. It will be ok.

  124. Hey guys, I’m another of the many, in cart/in checkout/ sold out folks. I have most all of the star wars and star trek, as well as almost anything Ansin I can get my hands on. I agree that assuming them to bandwidth to accommodate this kind of traffic is a stretch.. but they create all this with the “random time” business and steady promotion. It certainly has become part of the process, fighting flippers and beating the temporary crashes.. but perhaps a different system could be thought of. Just very frustrating to refresh all day long, have the items in the cart SECONDS after it goes live, and to be on the short end of the stick draw. I love what MondTees and Alamo are doing, I will continue to love and purchase many more prints than I can realistically afford but I do wish Alamo and Mondo would take into consideration that even the most loyal fans/customers are getting screwed … but, life goes on. congrats to those for this major score.

  125. assuming *them to have the bandwidth…

  126. What “better system” is it you guys have envisioned? A lottery? An announced time? A goddamn members only club?
    The math is very simple. 400 posters / 10000 nerds = buncha nerds ain’t gettin posters. Makes no difference how you don’t get to please everyone, you just don’t get to please everyone.
    It astounds me that EVERY SINGLE TIME there’s a big drop the same dumb ass complaints flood the airwaves.

    Hey whiny children, THIS HOBBY AIN’T FOR YOU!

    The rest of us :)

  127. Iron Jaiden is clearly trolling this site or is a flipper.

    The problem is that it isn’t a hobby to so many people, its a cottage industry. And I’m guessing the numbers are more like 500 buyers+400 flippers= 500 disappointed customers.

    Granted there is no better system, but Mondo clearly supports a cottage industry on eBay.

  128. @sean – only 500 buyers? seriously?

    @ IJ – only 10,000 buyers? seriously? 😉

  129. @ I J – It doesn’t really astound me that this happens every time. You’ve gotta figure there’s enough specific interest in certain series that there will be newcomers to this game for big drops. And I admit, if I wasn’t as accustomed to this process as I am by now, I would be much more disappointed in not scoring this drop today…

  130. Well said @AngryBlue! I’m now laughing at my old post regarding what they might sell for on the secondary market. The stuff on ebay right now is quite ridiculous. They will come down for sure, these are just “panic prices”. Sometimes you can’t blame someone for wanting to make a buck, it sucks for us collectors but it’s going to happen regardless.

    This whole thing was just like trying to get one of the Glassjaw vinyl 7s if anyones familiar with that.

  131. Sean- Iron Jaiden is a stand up guy. He’s here all the time.

    Iron Jaiden- You got got a set, buddy. A lot of us didn’t. This is a community, so we vent. That’s all. I’ve got nothing against Mondo or Justin, it’s just brutal when you have something in your cart and lose it in the payment process.

    Make sure to post some pictures when you get them framed!

  132. @Sean: Just to reiterate Iron Jaiden is not only here all the time but just a straight up good guy. He just sold a bunch of his posters on EB for cost, all of which he could have made a buck on. And he is also the sole reason I still have a complete set of these SW prints after hooking me up with the Danger piece. (Among other times, Trouble w Tribbles etc)

  133. Hey thanks guys!

    I’m sure everyone understands I mean no offense. I know the pain of missing a beautiful set like this. Trust me I’ve missed a hundred drops.
    My comments are pointed very specifically to the people straight spitting venom at Justin and Mondo. I’ve shaken Justin’s hand and I have tons of respect for the dude. Never feels right to just sit by and watch the spit fly. Gotta say something.

    Anyways today was a blast just like every crazy drop. Win some, lose some. Keep on nerdin out over posters! 😀

  134. IJ is right…
    suck it up soreheads

  135. Thanks for the laugh sean. You clearly have no idea what you’re talking about.

  136. @adamsmasher: I was expecting Stockton’s print to be great in person, and it was. But Kelly’s Chewbacca print was much better in person than I was expecting. It is a really wonderful piece and one of my personal favorites in the series. I know some people didn’t warm to the unique style, but I really, really like it–and like so many other large format screenprints, taking a moment to take in the detail and texture and layers of color in person really leaves you appreciating the work that was done on this one.

    I just can’t believe I’m only two more drops away from a complete set!

  137. Oh, and are there really people out there that think Mondo has the same budget as Amazon.com?

    Why are people expecting (demanding, in some cases) a small art boutique to offer a web experience performing at the same level as the largest online retailer in the entire world?

  138. @dylansdad: not to ruin the suspense but do you really think we’d let you come up short on the full set? You and Baker are gonna be +1s till the very end if I gotta start tradin out my old Stouts :)

  139. just wanted to put two cents in. i’ve gotten a few of the drops, not all, but understand the frusteration on both sides. mindless insults are no good for anybody – what about some healthy discussion?

    i just can’t possibly think that mondo (and lucas licensing) are handling this the best way.

    the millions of star wars fans out there just want a piece of the fun – and this nonsense about “no one’s entitled to anything” just pisses me off.

    you’re creating some of the best collectible memorabilia in a long long time for these fans who have suffered through years of disappointing prequels – then saying “like it? sorry, you can’t have it – life’s not fair.”

    i guess i need someone tell me how this makes this “community” better for anyone – whether you consider yourself a collector or not. just sad that this great stuff will only exist for the rest of time as lo-res jpeg’s on the internet.

  140. thanks dylansdad, i’ll have to work a trade, you’ve got me hungering for my missed drops. and good luck to all on the final drops, should be a crazy, chaotic, exciting ride.

  141. oh yeah, DD, here’s to you keeping your set complete!

  142. @mike h: it’s simply a case of worlds colliding. The collectable poster community has been chugging along happily doing it exactly like this for a long time. Another community of collectors was recently introduced to our little world by way of Mondo getting the Star Wars license. The Star Wars folks are not used to things being this way and are having a very tough time adapting it seems. The same thing happened earlier this year with the Lost posters. If the shoe were on the other foot and someone asked me to dress up like Boba Fett and wander around a convention hall looking for a slave Leia who weighs less than 350 lbs to take a picture with I’d have a tough time of it myself. :)

  143. @mike h: Ps I really like your animation work dude. Very neat stuff!

  144. Regarding limited edition Star Wars art–these posters have already had edition sizes two, three and four times larger than some of the fine art giclees sold by Acme, for example. (Which are fantastic, and which I have purchased in the past.) Limited editions are nothing new, but the screenprinting technique makes these posters more affordable–so as the price goes down, more people can afford them and choose to purchase (or attempt to do so). The guys behind this series already take that into consideration, which is why they made 400 copies of Olly’s design instead of 150 or 195. So Justin/Mondo are already working hard to double or triple the amount of copies being produced compared to other companies, while offering them at half or a third of the price. And in return, we cuss him out on Twitter.

    If you want an unlimited supply of mass produced posters at a low price, look in a bin at Wal-Mart. Just don’t be surprised if the top notch artists you love aren’t interested in contributing their time and talents to those kinds of projects. This art is designed to be limited, rare and sought after. They are taking the concept of limited fine art and putting it out there in an accessible and affordable way, but 2500 people were never going to place an order for 400 posters.

  145. got my refund tonight. totally gutted. I would have rather missed the initial drop than have the excitement and happiness all day snatched away from me in a simple cold email.

  146. Also had them in the cart and then nothing loaded anymore. Totally frustrating, given the fact that I instantly opened the mail and they were not even on sale by then, just 2 reloads later.
    Are those flippers using some kind of bots or why did they all go through? Seems like a lot of people experienced a slow site, and only a few didn’t?

  147. Jared, that really does suck.
    Surely a bigger run on this kind of poster would be a better idea? say a 1000, which, looking at the furore that these things created would still sell in a flash but at least the odds of getting them are better.

  148. My order was cancelled as well. So disheartening.

  149. You don’t know me and I don’t know you but just a couple of thoughts. What annoys me is the frustration and loss of enjoyment in something that should otherwise be fun. I’m not sure what Justin could have done differently, but navigating a crashing website and being unable to actually place the order when I was there is just frustrating. Maybe really picking a random time and not a random time between noon and one o’clock eastern time would be a step in the right direction.

    And, Iron Jaidan, Star Wars fans being new to the world of collectibility? Really? After action figures, comics, statues and busts and replicas? Been there and done that. Yes, having a limited item that is one of a kind (sort of) is nice, but what about just wanting the image? Why not a plain poster and a special S&N, giclee, limited edition for the collectors (something that is not even possible with some of the the other items I mentioned)? If the answer is that in that case no one would choose the more expensive option, then you (and i mean the proverbial ‘you’) probably don’t really appreciate the art/artist as you claimed to be, just collecting for the sake of collecting, and that’s fine as well, as long as you don’t pretend otherwise.

  150. I was the one who brought up Amazon, and I was merely using their cart system as an example. I understand Mondo isn’t the giant corporation that Amazon is, but simply said, there are better options out there. That’s all I was saying.

  151. I have to admit I feel terrible for those who have had orders cancelled. I don’t try on a drop unless I truly love the prints and these are amazing so I think the number of people trying to get these were probably even higher than normal if there were more people out there like me. Congrats to those who got them. All the rest of us can hope for is a second drop.

  152. Olly just announced he’s selling his copies (No APs just #1-50 of each) Sets only $500 each. Too rich for me, real upset I missed these. No room to hang all 3 anyway.


  153. glad i didnt try my luck on these sounds like more heart ache

  154. Hi, so this is going to sound like a dumb question, I’m sure, but is anyone here an owner of these posters, and is anyone willing to sell me just one for $100? I really need one for a gift, and I can’t find them anywhere, and on ebay, it’s just obscene what is being asked for it, just not in my price range. Thanks!

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