Tron and Tron: Legacy Posters by Eric Tan (Onsale Info)

The Alamo Drafthouse, in association with Sideshow Collectibles, will release two awesome posters by Eric Tan today, one for Tron, one for Tron: Legacy.  They are 16″ x 24″ glow in the dark screenprints, have editions of 240, and will cost $40 each.  They go up today (Thursday, December 16th) at a random time.  Visit

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  1. These aren’t bad, I prefer the Tron Legacy version.

    Would have liked to have seen Stout for these.

    But either way, nice work!

  2. Just when my wallet was getting ready to breathe a sigh of relief that the Star Wars series is almost over, Mondo goes and teams up with Sideshow. They are going to make some cool stuff together.

  3. I really love the execution here but where’s Flynn?!?!

  4. @ jadien

    was gona go for the original tron one till you sorted me with the west world (at cost, what a guy).

  5. They’re up!

  6. + 1 and + 1

  7. I picked up both. They are a non traditional diptych and will look badass next to each other.

  8. And, sold out…

  9. Nice got one in the check out screen went through the paypal, then redirected me back to mondo, nothing in cart, bam sold out.

    Bull shit


  11. @huh? Agreed, they’ll look absolutely cool next to each other. (And next to Mondo’s 2008 Tron screening poster).

    Now, I just hope Tron Legacy doesn’t suck, otherwise I’ll feel rather dumb.

  12. And despite thinking I would save some money today I grabbed both Trons, a copy of Ten Banthas from Jay Ryan’s site and plan on going for the Emek in 15 minutes.
    I think it’s time to sign over my bank account to my wife, I’m a goddamn drunkard!!! :)

  13. Mr K,

    I don’t think the first Tron was such a great movie, but it’s a classic. I think if I was older when I first saw it or didn’t grow up w/ it i’m not sure how much I’d actually like it. Still not saying it sucks, just not the best movie i’ve ever seen.

    I think this movie will be entertaining and fun, but I’m not expecting to have my mind blown. Going to be the first movie I see in 3D.

  14. I think the Emek isn’t for another 2+ hours…you must be drunk!

  15. Haha yeah I just realized I was going the wrong direction on the time zone map. 😀

  16. Jaiden, good luck with the Emek!

    Two Trons and Ten Banthas–I’m done spending money today.

  17. Dang IJ, I thought I was one of the All-Star Members of the “I Hate Money Club,” but obviously I was mistaken haha. I managed to let these come and go without buying them. Proud of myself for once. Now the Emeks in an hour on the other hand I will be ready for!

  18. These sold out so fast, any chance there are some artist proofs available or a uncut special edition and to the those that are selling them for profit on ebay mins after they went on sale, curse words for you losers!

  19. I think Brad Klausen’s Tron Poster from 2008 blows these out of the water.

  20. There will be variants available through Sideshow Collectibles, and Eric Tan might possibly have a small number of artist copies to sell at some point.

  21. Why aren’t more of these posters printed!!! 240 worldwide just ain’t enough. It’s soul destroying to get the heads up email these things are up only to find 10 seconds later they’re all sold and appear on ebay minutes later for x3 the original price – annoyed!
    Eric Tan is my favourite artist (along with Stout and Adam Huges) I would have loved these but now it looks like I’ll have to save to buy from a dreaded flipper :(

  22. The uncut edition is now up at sideshow:

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