“Ten Banthas” Star Wars Print by Jay Ryan (Onsale Info)

The Alamo Drafthouse surprised people this week by making Jay Ryan’s Star Wars print the most limited one yet.  “Ten Banthas” is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 175, and will cost $50.  It goes up today (Tuesday, December 14th) at a random time.  Visit Mondotees.com.

34 Responses to ““Ten Banthas” Star Wars Print by Jay Ryan (Onsale Info)”

  1. Meh

  2. really diggin this one. love jays style. the star destroyers are just killing it slightly.

  3. Love Jay Ryan but this doesn’t fit for me. Pass.

    *Wallet breathes a sigh of relief*

  4. Ten Banthas?
    It was supposed to be ten Sith Lords-a-leaping.

  5. @ adamlikesthings
    The star destroyer is “killing it” good? or “killing it” bad?

  6. Very cool
    Didnt notice star destroyer until pointed out

  7. Fan of Jay Ryan, but definitely won’t be hanging any Star Wars crap on my walls.

  8. i wish it was 10 star destroyers. pass

  9. I really like this one a lot, but it’s just not in the budget, this series is great but it’s just been wailing away on my funds. By my count this is number 17, how many do you think are left? I’m guessing 18 or 20 based on the comments that they were halfway done with the “Luke’s Destiny” print.

    The star destroyer in the background almost pushed me into buying this one, it’s a great feature.

  10. Up and gone just like that.
    I hesitated and missed it. Kinda glad I held off. I’ve got a feeling Mondo’s got another release this week that will take my poster money :)

  11. Why can’t they just do lotteries instead of having this absurd race every time?

  12. @Chris: because lotteries are even more absurd. I score these joints on an abacus at my work dude, get your trigger finger in shape.

  13. my kid sister can make something more creative and better looking than this, u kidding me here. this was done by a “professional” artist. don’t quit ur day job. apperently they think ppl will buy anything star wars related

  14. Jay has been a self-supporting, full-time artist for somewhere around a decade, plus it sold out in three minutes. I totally understand if you don’t like it, but don’t try to act like Jay Ryan doesn’t have fans.

  15. I have one if anyone missed out and is looking for one at cost…lemme know!

  16. @iron_jaiden not all of us have jobs where we can hit refresh all day. some people have jobs where they aren’t at a computer at all. i think doing it this way just makes it so that the same people get to buy these and put them up on ebay all the time.

  17. @JonEwaD
    Its funny people said the exact same thing about Pablo Picaso’s work. The difference between Jay and your sister is that he is a well respected, and successful artist in the poster business for a long time. Until your sister has made a name for herself, and and is a artist that is getting paid gigs, she unfortunately can’t do any better regardless of skill.

    While I’m not a huge fan of Jay’s work, or this poster for that matter, he is immensely talented, and you not liking this piece doesn’t change any of that.

  18. @ 3d

    killin it bad for me only slighty. if it wasnt xmas next couple of weeks id buy it

  19. is it just me or are there only 8 Banthas? im hoping stout has something cooking as most of this series is not my taste…side note, how is anyone planning on getting laid with a wall full of starwars posters?

  20. @Chris: want me to score you a mondo poster there sweets? Just ask, I’m good that way :)

    @JonEwaD: that’s about the silliest shit I’ve read all week. I’ll assume you’re a troll.

  21. @justin: I’d direct that question to Dylansdad. His ass has an entire room full of Star Wars stuff and somehow Dylan obviously made it into the world.

    (hint: every chick ain’t about shoes fool, hella nerd girls for hella nerd boys out there).


  22. I’m beginning to think Dylans Dad has an entire other house just to fill the walls w/ how many mondo prints he has. That dude is everywhere

  23. any one need one? i got one from ryan. be 85 shipped


  24. Grats to those who got them! Hopefully Hellboy 2 drops Friday?

  25. I think it is super cool, and I know my oldest daughter would love it. I would totally hang it in her room.
    By the way, it’s really annoying reading nasty comments about other people’s talents.Find something else to do with your time. if you don’t like the poster, don’t buy it. I guarantee Jay’s a better, more successful artist than you are. Jealous much?
    Anyway, I like the poster.

  26. @aaron: hahaha dylansdad is a celebrity ’round these parts. My roommates and I joke that him and jaiden are part of the elite club of “dudes that love to hate money”.

  27. “dudes that love to hate money”
    Haha! I’m gettin jackets made.

  28. Didn’t like this one. At all.

  29. I dunno anyone who doesn’t have a job behind a computer…With that being said I didn’t like this print at all and passed.

  30. Ya gotta love the little details thats a Star Destroyer chasing the Blockade Runner (Diplomatic Ship). Darth V after the stollen plans to the death star. But, the counter space between the Banthas top to bottom on the right side sould be a whole lot darker, or more shadow all that white looks wrong. At least its not Bantha Fodder! LOL

  31. I thought it was just me, but that white spot looks odd. Maybe the actual print doesn’t look like that?

  32. I wanted to see a Jay Ryan Star Wars poster and I got one–I get that his style is love it or hate it for many people, but I love this one, like I’ve loved the rest. It shows Luke’s perspective on the opening battle in Star Wars–while epic things are going on in the skies above, the humble moisture farm boy is going about his daily chores surrounded by a herd of space cows, while looking to the stars and dreaming of bigger things. While his mundane responsibilities (represented by that bantha herd) attempt to take center stage in his life, there are tiny hints on the horizon that the boy is about to embark on a new adventure.

    I think this poster is a great success and I think I’m going to cry when this series is over.

    Oh, and if Jaiden makes jackets for the “money haters” club, mine had better have solid gold lettering.

  33. Miss this one? Get an artist copy here:


  34. whew! got one!

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