This Month’s Theme at Press Print: Winter

Press Print just released their monthly batch of themed prints, this time tackling the subject of winter.  There are about ten prints for sale, all of them are giclees for $20 each.  Visit their Etsy Shop.

7 Responses to “This Month’s Theme at Press Print: Winter”

  1. Looks like the two I wanted are already gone.

  2. I had to grab the dragon print. Too many great memories of Shadow of the Colossus came in mind when I saw it.

  3. Dang, same here.

  4. To whoever bought those owls; I owe you a wedgie.

  5. The Owls are back up. 😉

  6. Fall to Winter came back, and I snagged one. Hooray!

  7. Hello all–I’m one of the artists from Press Print, and it’s great seeing all the positive feedback we’ve been getting! All of our prints are digital, and either a limited or unlimited run depending on the artist. If you don’t see something relisted at the store, just give us a friendly nudge as odds are it’s not sold out. Again, thanks for the interest!

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