New Movie Posters from The Alamo Drafthouse (Onsale Info)

The Alamo Drafthouse will release three new posters today. First, Daniel Danger’s “Sanctuary Moon” Star Wars print is a 24″ x 36″ screenprint, has an edition of 230, and will cost $50. Secondly, Eric Tan’s Return of the Living Dead poster is a 24″ x 36″ screenprint with an edition of 125, plus there’s also a glow-in-the-dark variant (all colors except black, and including the eyes) with an edition of 65. Lastly, Rhys Cooper’s Critters poster is a 24″ x 36″ screenprint with an edition of 135. All will go up today (Thursday, December 9th) tomorrow (Friday, December 10th) at a random time. Visit

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  1. Obviously going for the Danger and I wish like hell I could do the same for the stellar Critters poster (Rhys knows creepy!) but there’s no way in my wife would allow that one on a wall. My 3 year old would be scared to death. Such a great poster though.

  2. Wow that Critters poster is spot on!

  3. I want all of them. And it is payday tomorrow.

  4. Good luck, everybody! If you can get all of these carted and check out in time, my hat’s off to you.

  5. Haha no way on earth anyone’s carting all three and getting out with their skin on. Only proper strategy tomorrow is to get in and out with the Danger then go back for the other two.
    If I score the Danger tomorrow it’ll be a bona fide miracle as I’m going to be at work when these drop. Gonna have to straight tell customers to hold tight while I buy a poster. That’s fun :)

    (I’m callin out sick for the Stout SW, real talk)

  6. So, so upset I’m away when the DD drops. Also, to rub salt in, there’s the amazing Critters print! Just my luck… I had a gift code especially.

  7. Love that Critters poster…

  8. Is it crazy that I think the best poster here is Critters?
    Anybody know when the Stout SW poster will drop?
    I’m thinking Xmas eve or New Years eve.

  9. if stout released a SW poster, the internet would melt

  10. @ jewishsilverback – IMO, no, you are not crazy. After seeing that poster I have no choice but to go rewatch the movie…

  11. Why the low print run on the DD? Makes no sense…argh!

  12. If stout has a SW print coming there is no way they will drop it on a holiday like NYE or Christmas Eve. Im going to be willing to bet Justin probably wants to be home with his family then not sitting at his computer setting up a print drop.

    I look for stout near the end of the run sometime in Jan.

  13. I like these, really nice work. I too will be stalking the computer when and if Stout releases a Star Wars print, I’ve been waiting for that one to be the grand finale for a while now.

  14. I’m going to pass on SW poster and get a Critters poster. This will look sweet next to my Gremlins print.

  15. No one has mentioned the awesome Return of the Living Dead.
    One of my favourite movies, if only I wasn’t away from the computer tomorrow… damn! Need Critters too, double damn!!

  16. How do you make me not buy a Daniel Danger Star Wars print?
    A= Put the fucking Ewoks in it.

  17. @Guster
    Totally agreed. They are the JarJar of the original trilogy, and are a clear indicator of the direction Lucas would eventually take the franchise. Daniel is an amazing artist, but I’m just not digging this.

    I hope Tyler actually doesn’t end up doing a star wars print, and instead puts his immense talent towards either a Pan’s Labyrinth, Devil’s Backbone, or Chronos poster. It seems like his style is much more suited to the movie poster medium, than art prints. Hes so great at distilling an entire movie down to a series images all composed into one excellent piece. Unless he ends up doing actual poster for one of the original trilogy it would just come out weird I think.

  18. @Gutser: I see it the other way around:

    Q: how do you make the fucking Ewoks tolerable characters?
    A: let Daniel Danger draw them as dark warriors who should not be meddled with. :)

  19. Just finished watching Critters … I DO think I’ll attempt to buy this one :-)!

    As always, good luck to you all on the Star Wars print. DD is one of the best.

  20. i like ewoks.

    y’all can deal.

  21. Putting ewoks in the same category as JarJar just seems criminal. But then, I was only 7 when I was introduced to Ewoks. Awesome work Daniel.

  22. I LOVE the daniel danger print. WANT WANT WANT

  23. Only youngsters look at the Ewoks as the Jar Jar of the OG.

  24. @Viv
    The ewoks are definitely not as bad as jarjar, but they absolutely make jedi the worst of the original trilogy, in the same way jarjar ruins the prequels with his inclusion in all 3. The idea the empire could be stopped by some teddy bears in the jungle with sticks, vines, and rocks is absurd, and as I said, is a glimpse of the way lucas decided to go with the franchise.

    To clarify on my comment about tyler doing a art print, I absolutely believe he can create an amazing piece of art for the series, but I definitely think his style seems more suited to posters, and would prefer to see his time devoted to a movie poster for one of guillermo’s films which are much more artistic and deserving of everyones energy than star wars.

  25. I’m no youngin, the ewoks ruined jedi before the original prequels were ever even thought of.

  26. Sorry, JarJar is the least of the prequels issues.

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  28. @dd: Haha you stand your ground and don’t take no sass about ewoks from nobody. My wife walked in the room the other day and I was listening to the soundtrack from ‘Who’s That Girl’ hella loud while I was cleaning. She laughed and instead of blaming the kids I just said ‘i like Madonna, that’s just how it is’. She still laughed but she laughed with respect :)

  29. why do people always blame the imaginary bear on an imaginary planet for ruining star wars?

    jared: to be fair, the ewoks did not ‘stop the empire’ with ‘sticks and rocks’. the empire put a shield generator for the death star on a planet, assuming its native inhabitants wouldnt be a problem. so when the rebel squad with LASER GUNS got there and teamed up with them and their better knowledge of the forest (its a revolutionary war callback), they fucked some shit up with logs and traps, taking down a moderately small base filled with dudes who had been sitting around coasting for a year bored, probably shooting leaves. elsewhere, all this allowed for a SQUADRON of SPACESHIPS with LASERS to enter the death star and blow the crap out of everything, stopping the empire. come on, its not like the ewoks were floating around the deathstar hitting it with arrows and hit the ‘weak spot’.

  30. I want to see an art print of ewoks floating around the deathstar hitting it with arrows.

  31. For those wondering about a Stout poster, I’m fairly sure when this series started his name was mentioned from the beginning.

  32. most pressing question for me is:
    have mondo sold more than 230 giftcards this last few days?
    I always have a nightmare with paypal and the “computer says no” to the state I enter, so we’ll see if the gc works better today ***fingers, toes, and everything else crossed
    good luck to everyone

  33. @dd: I think a lot of the hostility toward the little bears comes from the fact that the original concept was to have them be wookies. Lucas killed that concept in favor of ewoks purely from a merchandising standpoint and not because of logistical concerns or storytelling prowess.
    That said I always kinda liked the ewok rebellion scenes and I LOVE what’s going on in this here poster regardless of how the creatures came to be.

  34. Ewoks are awesome. Comparing them to Jar Jar isn’t fair. Nobody ever accused Ewoks of being racial stereotypes and at least they were real actors and not more CG shit than you can possible focus your eyes on.

  35. i don’t like the sound of this whole paypal/gift card situation, but I really hope I get my hands on one of these DD prints.
    hands down best SW print so far.

  36. I hope the site holds up better than it did with the Wolfman drop–although that time there were 350 copies instead of 230 copies (and this is Star Wars), so I guess I should naturally expect this to be a lot worse. But the site’s been updated since then and so I have my fingers crossed that it will handle the traffic. Just let me see the “add to cart” button before it crashes.

  37. gah…so tempted by that all-over GID for RotLD. I hate that movie for encouraging zombie walkers to scream “Braaaiiiinnnnsss” but I am so digging the poster.

  38. I think I know how to solve this whole Ewok debate What if Daniel Danger replaced the Ewoks with Critters?

  39. I have no problem with people liking the Ewoks. I just don’t. The print is awesome but it does not change the nature of the little bastards and how I feel about them, which in the end is good, cause you are all gonna have one less greedy geek clogging up the servers when mondo gives the green light.

    Good luck

  40. +1, that was very smooth.

  41. +1, my first DD….man those giftcards are awesome :)

  42. +1 for me as well. No crashes or anything :)

  43. Wow….cant believe i somehow missed it. I was there right when it popped up with a coupon code and all, and still missed it somehow….

    Thats to bad.

    Collection…no longer complete. Boooooo

  44. I also can’t believe I missed out – it went from Available to Sold Out instantly. Sad.

  45. is it me or did this sold out suprer quick?

  46. 5 on the bay already….

  47. +1 Critters! That DD print went very fast.

  48. @hammertime: We all knew it would sell out super quick. First drop I have missed in awhile though….

  49. +1 Eric Tans Return of the Living Dead

  50. whew, +1 here, thought i wasn’t gonna make it!

  51. No way I should’ve gotten that. I made too many mistakes, forgot to login, no gift card, but somehow +1. Course there’s always the chance of refunds.

  52. Yikes, now that gave me flashbacks to the Lost drops. Thankfully I was only refreshing the DD page for purely academic reasons and I had no issues snagging the GID Tan…

  53. No dice on The Critters poster….dang

  54. @Baker – don’t worry man, there’s so many on eBay right now by next week you’ll probably only be looking at a $15 premium

  55. Yeh, there are like 14 on the bay already. Annoying how many people buy just to flip, but I mean, it happens with every single drop.

    Sounds like reading over at EB, a lot of people had the same issue that I had and the Add cart button didnt show up till way after (a minute later) than for some others.

  56. I signed in around 11, just to avoid that step.
    +1 for me!

  57. anyone know how big this star wars series is supposed to be?

  58. We don’t know for sure. Probably about eighteen or twenty, and this was number fifteen. So we are nearing the end.

  59. We all know this series will end with a bang:

    Tyler Stout Jar Jar Binks tribute print.

  60. A Tyler Stout “Jar Jar” poster would prob be the best thing ever!
    Because everybody seems to hate the Binks, however people will buy the shit out of the Stout’s. Can a brother get a Gamorean Guard poster please?

  61. This is what happens when I don’t check this website every day. I would kill for the Return of the Living Dead. 😀

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