“Prenology” Art Print Set by Angryblue

Wow, I am pretty blown away by this new art print set from Angryblue.  “Phrenology” includes six 6″ x 6″ screenprints, has an edition of 75, and costs $45 for the set.  The set includes six charms, all of which were lasercut from vinyl records.  The whole package is also sealed in wax.  This is a great deal.  Visit Angryblue.com.

8 Responses to ““Prenology” Art Print Set by Angryblue”

  1. i apologize for the confusion, but it’s only one charm that’s included in the set. i don’t have the quantity to put 6 in each. i just put a few in the photo so people could see what they look like.

    this set was fun to assemble. i have the wax to finish up and then they’re ready to go to their new homes!

  2. and Justin brings the awesome again…couldn’t resist…was actually gonna buy for someone’s christmas but I’ve convinced myself it wont ship intime and will have to keep it all for myself…muahahaha

  3. if you’re in the US, you should get it quickly!

  4. Woah! Incredible set, stunning work and excellent value for money! Good work!

  5. I got myself a set. 🙂 Love it!

  6. Dope artwork, picked one up.

  7. @ Justin:
    nah Glasgow mate..and if this snow continues it should arrive for February haha

  8. I dig em’ , nice work…refreshing to see something unique

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