“Novos” Film Print by Dan McCarthy

The crew behind the upcoming sci-fi short film Novos had Dan McCarthy convert his “The Rain Had A Sound” design into a beautiful new print for the film.  Here is some info from them:

I contacted Dan a while back about using his work to promote the film, and he agreed to let me use the artwork from “The Rain Had a Sound”. He also agreed to alter the image and re-compose it with figure silhouettes better fitting the film’s sci-fi premise. The figures were created by one of my concept artists, Tom McDowell. The print is 12.5″ by 19″, printed digitally on 80# Classic Linen Cover stock, and will be limited to a numbered run of 150. I’ll be giving them away as thank-you gifts to anyone who donates $50 or more to the film’s production budget at the film’s website.

Visit Novos Film.

7 Responses to ““Novos” Film Print by Dan McCarthy”

  1. Boner.

  2. boner is right.

  3. Digital.

  4. digital boner.

  5. I like this even better than the original!

  6. Dude this is sick. What a smart idea.

  7. Still plenty of prints left, for those wondering. And many thanks to Dan again for the fantastic artwork!

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