Jeff Tweedy Collaborative Posters by Status Serigraph and Nate Duval

Justin Helton and Nate Duval teamed up for three Jeff Tweedy posters.  Check out what Justin had to say about them below:

“I had brought up the idea of a collaboration with Nate a while back and he was into the idea. We have collaborated before on a poster a few years back for Moe…that was a lot of fun and I think we have both grown a lot as artists since then, so it seemed like a fun project. I then decided to mention it to Wilco’s management this past summer, but the timeline was a little too tight for us to be able to make it work for the European tour.  However, they dug the idea and ended up coming back to us for the Jeff Tweedy solo tour. They asked us to do three posters in a series, so we ended up doing a set of bird prints that in some way related to the cities and/or venues the shows are in. The Eagle for DC has a Lincoln-type hat and Money-like decorative elements, there’s an art deco feel for NYC and the Bowery Ballroom, and there’s a Cardinal (VA State bird) and sort of a southern/letterpress feel on the Charlottesville print. One of us would start the design, send it to the other, and send it back and so forth until we got it to where we liked them…most of the designs went back and forth at least three or four times. I ended up doing a lot of the decorative work and Nate created the bird illustrations, but we worked both ways. We even had some collaborative advice from Wilco’s management and Jeff Tweedy himself (the NYC penguin was Jeff’s idea!). In the end, I think we are all really happy with how they ended up and hope everyone else does as well! The shows start Saturday in NYC…we will have on sale info soon!”

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  1. Wow, I’m not even a big Tweedy fan but these are sick! They would look really nice framed side-by-side….

  2. Wow -I’m a huge fan and these have just jumpered to the top of my list. Please keep us updated for onsale info!

  3. I like both artist’s work and these are nice but they are a bit of a retread of the theme Nate used for the Phish halloween Atlantic City run, the NY one especially.

  4. Same as Phish ones

  5. Good Job!

  6. Definitely very close to the Phish prints

  7. Um … looks just like the Phish ones.

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