New Owl Art Prints at Lumadessa

I’ve always loved the animal art prints from Lumadessa, and this new owl series includes some of the best.  The prints are all available as giclees in three different sizes for $20-$140.  As usual, 5% of the proceeds will be donated to charity.  Visit

3 Responses to “New Owl Art Prints at Lumadessa”

  1. I really like these, but I don’t $60 11×17 like these. $35-$40 sure, but at $60… have to pass.

  2. […] Lumadessa. Available as giclees in three sizes and 5% of the proceeds are donated to charity. (via omg posters) But wait there's more… November 30, 2010 • […]

  3. Greg how do you aspect an artist to making a living at 35-40 dollars? These are limited edition, partially given to charity. Giclees cost at least dollar per square inch on average. Every company you purchase from charges 3x the amount they purchase at.

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