Tons of New Art Prints at The Poster Cause Project

If you’re looking to give to charity this holiday season, you should consider buying a print or two from The Poster Cause Project.  They’ve just added about five new art prints to the store and (as always) the profits will be donated to an organization in need.  Visit

3 Responses to “Tons of New Art Prints at The Poster Cause Project”

  1. Oh look, another mickey mouse image used to allude to something else. It’s not creative or inventive anymore, nor is it meaningful. Just my opinion, but how about something fresh?

  2. Oh snap! I didn’t get the Memo concerning absolute taste…you must be in the “IN ” crowd mNel

  3. That must be the “IN” crowd of online art appreciation, right? This isn’t highschool Kalm with a K instead of a C (you must be in the “IN” crowd too!!), I was just voicing my opinion that the image of Mickey Mouse is being passed around the art table like it’s gravy for the mashed potatoes (1 more day…!)

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