Large-Format Mandala Art Prints by Shepard Fairey

Wow, these Mandala art prints at Obey are HUGE.  “Mandala 1” and “Mandala 2″, both available in cream or black, are 38″ x 51” screenprints, have editions of 50, and cost $600 each.  Visit

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  1. Up now. Nice prints, especially the black ones, but $600? Seriously? Ughh. Gonna have to tack on another $200 for the cheapest custom oversized frame available. So now I’m looking at $800 which I don’t have 🙁

  2. those poor trees that suffered for these JUMBO prints.

  3. I guess I dont understand the draw of the oversized prints like this. Maybe if the price was right, but not sure how to justify that kind of price tag. To each their own i guess.

  4. I just don’t get it.

  5. […] 1″ and “Mandala 2″, both available in cream or black have editions of 50. $600 apiece. (via omg posters) But wait there's more… November 19, 2010 • design   posters • […]

  6. New TV or poster?? hmmm??? I think HD will look better on my wall!

  7. What do you mean you don’t get. It has a Shep logo on it, it should be 800 dollars. LOL

    For the love of god, let Andrea rest in peace, stop exploiting his image Shep you ass.

  8. fancy overpriced giant coaster doily

  9. I actually dig the 18×24 mandala prints. Nothing earth shattering but simple and well executed to be sure. I can’t see wanting it this large though and I really can’t see forking over that kinda cash for it.

    *shrug* I’m sure a couple people have pulled the trigger on these and can’t wait to have one of these bad boys staring at them no matter what room of the house they’re in 🙂

  10. I don’t get why he sells wallpaper designs as art.

  11. dammit why can’t shep start using more than three colors per print. and only two here. if it was a seven color i would go for it but damn 600 is just too much

  12. these looks like the snowflakes me and my friends did in fourth grade

  13. I totally agree with Iron Jaiden, simple and well executed. I like the fact that they are Mandalas too. I do think though he should have only brought out one set they so similar and it seems he couldnt decide which he liked better so he capitalized and did both.

    I wish I hadnt bought the 18×24’s though because I really think this print will look amazing framed.

    $600 is a lot and I can see why some find it boring but they are extremely large prints and only editions of 50. Only downside is that there are 4 very similar prints which detracts from the fact they only editions of 50.

  14. I don’t dig a lot of Shep’s prints much any more, but I dig these. I’m taken aback by the price as well, but at the same time I believe in Warhol’s definition of art as “whatever you can get away with”, and if he sells them all then I suppose they were priced correctly.

  15. With the $40 t-shirts and now this $2400 set I think I’m set with Shep…

    I can understand making a living and taking care of your family but why cater to the rich doorknobs when you already have a rabid following who would buy your used toilet paper as long as you signed/# it

    So cheesy

  16. haha wow, 600 dollars? If I actually wanted this print i would just copy it, blow it up and print it myself.

  17. Great print! I’m glad I own it and didn’t listen to you idiots.

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