“Modern Art” Art Print by Craig Damrauer

20×200 is currently featuring this hilarious art print by Craig Damrauer.  “Modern Art” is a giclee available in a number of different sizes for $20-$1000.  Visit 20×200.com.

Via Design Milk.

12 Responses to ““Modern Art” Art Print by Craig Damrauer”

  1. wouldn’t it work better if it was *minus* “yeah but you didn’t”?

  2. good point Jay.
    I still dig it though, either way

  3. I think it has to be a plus. How can you subtract a statement from another statement?

  4. I’m with Jay. Minus seems to make more sense. JC, how can statements make up a math problem in the first place?

  5. It clearly makes more sense with a plus sign. A minus sign would negate the meaning of the poster. Why not just replace all of the text with at signs and asterisks? That would make more sense…………


  6. It seems to me that a *minus* would make a double negative, canceling “Y,BYD” out. As for the print, I “get it”, but why a giclee? Anyway, congrats on selling one of the $1000 prints!

  7. The first statement is positive, a person saying they could do that. The second statement is negative, saying they didn’t. A positive plus a negative achieves the same goal as subtracting one statement from the other.

  8. I really like ths, these aren’t signed or numbered are they, they just come with a certicate, correct?

  9. Statements can’t be positive or negative. You can either say something or you can’t. You can’t subtract your words from another persons words. I guess you can erase them if you are writing them.

    In this case the first person says I COULD DO THAT, then the next person says BUT YOU DIDN’T. The conversation would consist on words added to words added to words. That’s how they work.

  10. It’s just a clever idea guys, lets not get bogged down in the semantics of his made up verbal math equations.

  11. well, buying this would just prove the guy’s point wouldn’t it?

  12. i LOLed

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