The “La Catrina” Box Set by Sylvia Ji

Sylvia Ji fans, you’re in luck, some of her prints are finally available right now.  The “La Catrina” box set includes four 12″ x 12″ giclees (“Rosa”, “Blue Rose”, “Black Domina”, “La Catrina”).  They all come in a laser-etched wood box, the whole thing has an edition of 50, and it costs $385.  Visit

14 Responses to “The “La Catrina” Box Set by Sylvia Ji”

  1. i cant believe that these are still available. i thought they would sell out when they dropped. i guess sylvia fans dont have any money

  2. What a beautiful set

  3. I wish I could afford this.

  4. Very impressive, first I’ve seen of the artist. Quick question though…would you frame them? or keep them in the box?

  5. God, those are awesome. I wish I could afford them.

  6. Not sure its Sylvia fans not having the cash.
    I dont have the cash.
    385 is a little steep for anything at this point.

    Great art.

  7. i’ve been waiting for this box for quite awhile…
    i sent the ART PRINT (now called 827ink) several emails about this box with NO replys…
    i do have the $$$, but these are 12″x12″ giclees for $96.25 a pop, way too small in my opinion.
    i do like these, but not that much. my $385 will be going somewhere else.

  8. Thank you for posting this. I’ve been wanting that blue hued one for some time and it was all sold out! I just bought it! ($385 is awesome considering that just a copy of the blue print alone sold for $450 on Ebay last week)

  9. Wow. Those look amazing.

  10. Damn if I had been at work today I would have picked this up. The lady and I went as her art for Halloween. Why does it say the expected release date is Dec. 1? Was it dropped or not?

  11. I wish I could afford that but thats alot of moniez

  12. would have loved to have had the extra cash when these were available. Will be watching her work in the future and hoping to grab something. Great stuff.

  13. Def dropped Sheff , It was a pre order and will start to be posted on the first approx’ .

  14. Oh well, can’t get them all. Looks like it was for sale for a while, slept on that one.

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