Monkey Ink Design’s Poster for Black Mountain / The Black Angels

Monkey Ink Design have another great new poster out.  Their print for Black Mountain and The Black Angels is a 19″ x 25″ screenprint, comes in three colorways:  black (edition of 35), nightshift blue (edition of 25), and wine (edition of 40), and costs $25.  Visit their shop.

5 Responses to “Monkey Ink Design’s Poster for Black Mountain / The Black Angels”

  1. Wow! Very nice. I’ll definitely be picking up the black and nightshift!

  2. I really really dig this. I’m having a tough time picking a color though. Nightshift might just have to be the one.
    I’m always fascinated by what people are able to accomplish on the press with limited colors. Monkey Ink always comes out with such neat and dynamic stuff utilizing like 2 colors. McCarthy does that really well too. Inspirational. 🙂

  3. At fist glance I thought it was a Kevin Tong poster

  4. The image has a sort of William Blake etching quality to it. Very cool. I think I like the black the best.

  5. this is EPIC! wow

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