“chaMPion” Art Print by Mark Aco Design

Well this is certainly a timely release.  Mark Aco’s “chaMPion” print of Manny Pacquiao is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 260, and costs $45.  Grab one in his shop.

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  1. Right. Roy Jones Junior didn’t win a WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP at Heavyweight (no weight limit) (defeating John Ruiz) when he was a natural Light Heavyweight (175lbs.). And that isn’t a good enough example for you? Jack Dempsey. How much did he weigh when he demolished Jess Willard for the Heavyweight Championship of the World?

    RE: Mayweather. I am not a Floyd Mayweather fanatic. Try again. The fact of the matter is that Floyd Mayweather Junior has a greater case for being one of the greatest of all-time than the Great Stipulator. SEE his record. SEE his boxing ability, and the fact he was universally considered pound-for-pound #1 when he was active, while Pacman was equally active.


  2. Bottom line: We have boxing writers/commentators (i.e. like Teddy Atlas who continue to have a stone to grind against Pacquiao and continues to insinuate even without facts, remember the famous email he said was sent by Pacquiao camp during the Mayweather negotiations, no documented facts came out from it!) Further, these writers are trying to say a “one way street” on PEDS/HGH, however, if you look at the medical facts (about its enhancing abilities in various sports) it’s not “conclusive” and likely much is to be learned and studied about these drugs.

    However, WHAT IS CLEAR – No amount of drugs will (1) improve your skills and strategy in the ring e.g. if this drug made everybody smarter or gave them a new fountain of skills, everybody will be using it! (Philippines will have Olympic gold medalists in boxing, or dominate the professional boxing world, that is obviously not true. Oh yeah! Mayweather senior was smart enough to claim this drug is made in a 3rd world country, goodness) ; (2) the idea of bulking up, c’mon – PacMan is known and recognize for his “speed”, not his bulk body or armor muscles. If you ask me, bulking up, would actually sacrifice your speed so isn’t this an anti-thesis of the Pacquiao fast machine; (3) in this high stakes negotiation where each side attempts to get the better deal i.e. Mayweather’s request was answered “half-way” by Pacquiao – 3 blood tests (after fight announcement, before 30 days and just after the fight) during the first negotiation; on the 2nd negotiation it was based on Mayweather’s last offer which i believe was at least 7 days before the fight, but Mayweather instead claimed to the media HE IS ON VACATION! Fact is, these blood tests are not required for professional/competitive boxing in the US. So if Mayweather is on this cleanliness crusade, where is this crusade now??? he only did it in the media during that brief Pac/Mayweather negotiation, shows you the true colors of his commitment on this; (4) Let’s take a look at the messenger of this “unsubstantiated allegations” – Mayweathers camp – goodness! these guys are not the bastion of honesty and purity, heck, they could produce a reality series with their numerous court cases, run-ins with the law, tax problems, what have you.

    We don’t know whether this fight will push through or not however, the ascent of Manny to the top of the boxing world was duly documented in 24/7/media outlets/stories that show: (a) Manny took long hours in the gym, working on a strategy, improving his right hand to be as good as the left hand i.e. if this guy was really on super-performance drugs – why waste too many hours in the gym when you have super strength? why improve your right hand, when with the aid of this wonder drug, all you need is an ultra-power left?; (b) Manny has not shown the behavior of a guy in super-drugs who is all “about me . . me . . i can do this easily”. Instead, if you ask Manny – he will just say – “I will try my best to do well, hopefully to win for the Filipino people” or “give God glory”. I have not heard any of those humble words from all the drug convicted top athletes; and (c) ultimately, society and the fans (casual/hard-core) will vote with their wallets.

    Pac has earned his incredible exploits the hard way . . training hard, working with his team to continue improving his craft, offering his accolades (not for himself, but to a country in need of inspiration) and leaving everything in the ring. Face it – Mayweather picks his fights wisely in order to maintain that glorious ‘0’ on his record. His name will NEVER be mentioned with out Pacquiao’s.

    Congrats Manny . . and the last round vs Margarito, where you showed a class compassion, underscored how you truly care about the sport of boxing. Well done.

  3. Final Word:

    This isn’t about Floyd Mayweather Junior. This isn’t about Floyd Mayweather Senior. This is about Floyd Mayweather IV (unborn). This is about blind fanatical nuthuggers that reside exclusively in Mr. Manny Pacquiao’s proverbial corner that utter assinine (purposeful SIC) statements like the aforementioned. Just be proud that Pacman isn’t being knocked dead like he has previously in his career now that he is probably enjoying the prolific usage of performance enhancing drugs.


  4. Go ahead and support a fighter who NEEDS xylocaine/lidocaine to fight. Too bad we won’t see Mayweather fight outside of Nevada considering that their Athletic Commission is the only to allow the substance. Mayweather can continue and duck boxers by insisting on extraneous testing not required by any state Athletic Commission. Where was the IOC regulations when he fought Mosley? Exactly. Continue with your MMA – you obviously know nothing.

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