Art Prints by Rod Luff

Rod Luff is an Australian artist on the rise, he’s got two US shows scheduled for next year.  He has two new art prints up for sale…both “Totem” and “Emergence” are 23.5″ x 33″ giclees, have editions of 15, and are $280 each.  Get more info here and here.

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  1. Giclee prints can fetch $280? wow

  2. I like his style, though I echo the sentiment on $280. You can buy the original Emergence for $900 from Phone Booth Gallery. You’re almost a third there. Edition of 15 maybe? Perhaps his blog sheds some light:

    “I need to sort out the ridiculously expensive framing and shipping for some exhibitions overseas next year. Any little bit helps, and I’m offering these prints as a way to help me get there.”

    I feel him on the expenses, though I’m betting a larger edition and lower price might fetch him some more sales.

  3. Thanks for the feedback guys!

    I am hoping to incorporate Sheff’s idea in the next few months.

    Cheers and thanks for checking out my work 🙂

  4. Hey look forward to it man, best of luck. Keep up the good work.

  5. *i was really glad to see these on here. nice work.

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