Rich Kelly’s “Attack Position” Star Wars Art Print

The Alamo Drafthouse’s Star Wars art print series rolls on, further delving into new artist interpretations of the classic films.  Rich Kelly’s “Attack Position” is a 24″ x 36″ screenprint, has an edition of 400, and will cost $50.  It goes up today (Friday, November 12th) at a random time.  Visit

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  1. @Z0NU5

    Dude, at what point have I said “lol fail”? All I said was that I thought it was hideous, then called out Iron Jaiden for calling anyone who didn’t like it an asshole because they didn’t elaborate on why they hated it, yet he seems perfectly content for people who do like it to post just as simplistic a comment as “killed it” or “love it”. Does this not seem a bit one sided to anyone else or is it just some sort of reasonable reaction to call someone who hates this piece an asshole purely because it contradicts your opinion on it?

  2. Manners kids, manners. It all boils down to manners.

    @Sam: you didn’t “call anyone out” by the way. I called a couple of you assholes because you were being assholes, not because you didn’t like the art. Simple as that. I think I explained it rather well in a couple of very long winded posts so long ago.
    I can’t believe you’re still riled up over this! No wind this weekend to take the ol’ kite out out what?

    Let it go man, you’ll live longer. I’m sure of that 🙂

  3. No you called us assholes because our opinion differed, it has nothing to do with us not elaborating on why we disliked it. It’s that simple.

  4. Oh and by “call out” I meant point out your hypocrisy. But whatever.

  5. I think Iron Jaidan sucks

    No explanation needed

    Also, I’m not feeling this print for a lot of reasons. The colors and warped characters are a couple. The three slants throw it off for me. The very bottom one, is that water? It goes across the print covering the log and grass to the right. It looks like it could be water but Chewies leg is submersed. Confusing

    The warping of the characters makes it look like he’s looking at a still through some sort of flimsy film or glass that distorts everything but they are out of proportion. My head wants it all to fit but it doesn’t. I know there are people out there that dig this but it isn’t my thing

  6. ‘log and grass to the left’

  7. Sam you’re just being silly now. You somehow know why I say things better than I do? That’s absurd, but you know that.
    Mitch’s comment section really ain’t the place for poo tennis so if you wanna continue the “conversation” hit me up over at EB or something.


  8. It’s not about disliking an artists work, that’s fine. However, posting “I find it hideous :/” or “its horrible” is not criticism, in any way, shape or form. Neither is it “differing opinion” or whatever else excuse has been offered.

    It isn’t helpful or constructive to either artist or collector community and yes, I’d say it’s an assholey thing to do.

    If you don’t like the work, just keep walking, don’t spend your money… simple as that.

  9. Oh, and just for the record, I didn’t buy the poster. You are assuming that since I took issue with those comments, that I loved the poster myself, sadly not the case…


  10. its horrible

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