Rich Kelly’s “Attack Position” Star Wars Art Print

The Alamo Drafthouse’s Star Wars art print series rolls on, further delving into new artist interpretations of the classic films.  Rich Kelly’s “Attack Position” is a 24″ x 36″ screenprint, has an edition of 400, and will cost $50.  It goes up today (Friday, November 12th) at a random time.  Visit

70 Responses to “Rich Kelly’s “Attack Position” Star Wars Art Print”

  1. Rich Kelly kills it again!

  2. I find it hideous :/

  3. Me too, this style doesn’t seem to fit for me….oh well can’t win ’em all!

  4. it is horrible

  5. Dig it.

  6. I love Chewie & the whole Endor scenes but this leaving me pretty cold. A big swerve

  7. Oh, man; I love it. I think the storm troopers look amazing.

  8. so stupid. Fail.

  9. Since when did the storm troopers look like praying mantis?

    :Negative Ghost Rider, the pattern is full:

  10. Hey assholes I understand if this poster ain’t your thing but do you really think “so stupid, Fail” and “it is horrible” are appropriate responses to the work here?
    Critique is important and should be encouraged but these kinda comments make you guys sound like the kinda jock thugs we all avoided like the plague in high school.
    Try this on for size; tell us WHY you don’t like a piece of art. I know I know it takes effort but I promise it’s worth it.
    Here’s an example:

    “I see this is Rich Kelly’s style but the exaggerated characters are too distracting for me”.

    That reads a hell of a lot better than “this sucks”.

    Most of you seem to be at least marginally intelligent people who have some passion for art, please act like it.

    That being said I actually love this poster. I think Kelly is a real talent and I dig how he sees things.

    Carry on :)

  11. Well put Jaiden. You pretty much said exactly what I was about to say.

  12. jaiden, i’m 100% with you, but are you actually looking for LOGIC on the innernets? and especially in an anonymous comments section?

    i really like this print. might be my favorite of the series. good colors, lots of movement, and a new image we haven’t seen before. also: chewbacca. also: at-st.

  13. Easily my favourite of the series so far – I don’t get the haters at all. Oh well.

  14. iron jaiden, you can’t escape ignorance…. i’m with you and i think this print is one of the best Alamo star wars prints yet and my only complaint with it is the size. i understand 24×36″ is more the standard more poster size but it’s way too big for me and would be all over this if it was 18×24″

  15. For the same reason I didn’t call Mat Pringle an asshole for simply stating, “Rich Kelly kills it again!”. I don’t mind if he likes it. It doesn’t affect me in the slightest and asking him to elaborate on why he likes it won’t change my mind or anyone else’s opinion. I also doubt that the artist will look at these comments and think to himself that he failed the brief he was given and quit art altogether.

    In fact I think stating something to be hideous should be all the critique you need. Assuming you know what the word means anything additional I added would be just be patronising you.

    In fact why don’t you take your own advice and elaborate, all you said after a little hissy fit was to say you love it and that you dig how he sees things.

  16. Obviously the people who hate are not artists, just collectors.

  17. ok horrible is harsh, but i think the styling is all wrong, i just dont like the way the storm troopers, chewie & the at-st are proportioned. and i kind of agree with sam!

  18. This is my favorite of the series so far.

  19. @ kalm. would love to see some of your art that makes your opinion better than mine. dick

  20. Sucks!

  21. I really like it. (Artist and collector)

  22. Imagine, an artist taking artistic license when interpreting characters from a movie. What nerve.

    Given that I love Rich’s artistic style, as well as chewbacca, this is a winner for me.

    Best of the series.

  23. What does being a “collector” have to do with art appreciation? I’m not an artist but would enjoy having this work on my wall, but if I didn’t it’d be because I’m not an artist? Seems a bit silly to me.

    Love the take on porpotions of the characters in this print, will see if I can snag one.

  24. No one is saying he did wrong using his own style, people are just saying they don’t like it. I seriously don’t understand why people feel the need to get so upset over something that is based on opinion not fact.

  25. I really like it. Rich Kelly’s style I think is fun and adds a cool twist to the print. Having Chewie being that big on poster should be pretty awesome as well considering how huge he literally was in the movies.

    @Sam: Everyone is entitled to their opinion. But why not expand on why you find it “hideous”. If the point of a message board is to create conversation, why not explain yourself so others can understand your POV.

    I for one like Rich’s styling to his posters. To me the styling of it though is only a small part of it, I love all the elements in the poster. Getting not only a huge Chewie, but some stormtroopers which to me it looks like he is stepping on because he is just that badass. And an AT-ST in the background, which I was hoping we would eventually see in one of the prints.

    Case in point, ready to buy!

  26. This is a really fun take on Star Wars. I’d love to see it in person, the palate looks really nice in the preview. I really like seeing all the new work Rich has been cranking out — he’s got some stunners and he’s just getting started.

  27. Well Baker, the reason I find it hideous is because I don’t find it visually pleasing. Just about everything about it I find ugly. The way the proportions are drawn, the background foliage, the way the AT-ST looks to be falling over, the way the middle storm troopers hand seems to behind the one on the left but is still at the same height his rear leg.

    The one thing I do like is the way the fur on Chewbacca has been done, however it isn’t enough to sway me into liking it.

    Again this is his style, and not everyone will like it in the same way I am sure some people would hate some of my favourite prints. I still don’t understand though why some people feel the need to call out those who dislike something for not explaining why, while many who do like it just say “I dig it” and not have to explain why it is something they like.

  28. Personally, I think its an interesting take on things for Rich. The color combo is certainly something which shines throughout the poster..
    Rich Kelly’s style puts a modern spin/animated feel to not-so contemporary themes…
    It worked for Carolina choc drops, Tallest man, UHF, Black Keys, etc.
    I’d like to see another Star Wars poster from Rich. My suggestion would be to have him work with the actual human form(which we all know he EXCELS at).
    I think that Rich would CRUSH a Grand Moff Tarkin print….(pun intended)

  29. cri·tique
       /krɪˈtik/ [kri-teek] noun, verb, -tiqued, -ti·quing.
    1. an article or essay criticizing a work; detailed evaluation; review.


       /preɪz/ [preyz] noun, verb, praised, prais·ing.
    the act of expressing approval or admiration; commendation; laudation.

    Not trying to rag on you Sam, but the two things you want to mean the same thing really don’t. I’ll stand by what I said, be cool or sit at the kid’s table. :)

    Alright enough of that. This one drops in less than thirty minutes.
    I love the smell of archival paper in the morning!

  30. unless you are 13, you have literally no business saying “fail”.

  31. I have been wanting a Rich Kelly print and this will be a great place to start. I love the style, the angles, the colors, the misproportion, the subject matter, the size. I think it’s truly unique and another high point in the series so far.

    I am loving this line more and more as it continues–it’s giving me a chance to collect pieces from a variety of great artists who are all bringing their own unique styles and interpretations to the world of Star Wars. As we head into the final eight or nine posters, there are still some great names out there I hope to see involved.

  32. You realise you can still critique something if you like it. You were the one that was after the “critique”. So go on, tell us why you like.

    And stop with the passive aggressive emoticons. It makes you come over as a 12 year old.

  33. Haha! “passive aggressive emoticons”? What on earth?
    Dude you kinda win my heart with that one.
    It’s like when my wife was pregnant she used to say shit like “Don’t you smile at me! I know what you really mean with that smile!!!”
    I assume you don’t have pregnancy hormones so who knows…
    Either way that one genuinely made me smile so for that you get a big ol’ high five! :) ( <— I swear that's a totally sincere emoticon)

  34. t minus 15 and counting.
    I love Justin’s twitter countdown. Makes thing’s exciting! Wish I could access EB from where I am at work. Always high comedy right around drop time.

  35. Obviously, there’s a lot of passion on this board, which is cool, but there’s certainly on reason to get on anyone’s case for failing to explain why he believes a piece of art to be unlikable or brilliant.

    Since when are people required to elaborate on comments on any internet board? A lack of elaboration does not imply that the person is stupid, or is a “collector” rather than an artist, or whether or not the person knows how to critique.

    Sam has as much right to simply say “IT SUCKS” as anyone else has to say “IT ROCKS.” No further comment necessary.

    With that in mind, I think this is the cheapest-looking, most disappointing print to come out of the series. I am seriously convinced that any number of untalented 12-year olds have drawn more appealing STAR WARS prints than this one in-between naps. Yes, it’s a style-issue, but that isn’t why I dislike it. I think it’s completely unappealing on virtually every level. Good for those of you who like it, but when I look at the long list of Star Wars posters out of this series, there’s no doubt this is the ugliest one. (That was for Iron Jaden.)

    In other words: IT SUCKS. (Agree with you Sam.)

  36. Whatever dude, you come on here, call people assholes because they don’t like something you like, ask them to explain why they don’t like it, then don’t even feel you have to explain why you like it. It’s a fairly simple request, and considering you were the one that bought it up, I thought you would have been the first to explain in full why you liked it.

    In fact you still seem to be putting off explaining it. Maybe it is because you are waiting for the drop and don’t want to miss out by typing it up, fair enough and good luck to you. But after that maybe you could?

    And yes, passive aggressive, typing something (mildly) confrontational, then playing it off with a cheeky 😀 because after all, you were only joking with the kiddy table or calling people assholes.

  37. It’s up!

  38. This is a polarizing poster and won’t break any records for fastest sellout, but I’ve got mine ordered and I love it.

  39. +1!
    Good luck boppers.

    @Sam: dude if you really want to know why I like it I’ll indulge you.

    First off I’ve been in love with Kelly’s style since his Carolina Chocolate Drops poster came out. I’m a big fan of the way he super exaggerates his subjects. It’s just aesthetically pleasing to me. So I go into almost any Kelly print with that at heart.
    In terms of this particular piece I really like his write up about Chewy often being relegated to comic relief and how he, as a child, saw the character very differently. I’ve often had the same thought myself. This piece looks to me like we’ve caught Chewy in a very organic pose about to dole out some serious damage to the Empire’s forces on Endor. He has no backup here but against great odds we know Chewy will prevail. The angle Rich chose to draw this from reminds me of some of the WWII photos I’ve seen of soldiers storming a beach. A tiny battalion against an incumbent army. I also love the muted color palette here. Like all of Rich’s previous work I’m quite positive these colors are going to look gorgeous in person.
    Cool? :)

  40. I am conflicted by the ridiculous monosyllabic criticisms. On the one hand I agree that these folks that just say “Fail” or “Hate it” contribute absolutely zero worthwhile to the community of artists and their collectors with their postings.

    On the other hand, I can’t believe I actually FINALLY scored one of these prints which typically sell out in a matter of minutes so I wonder if a few people jumping on a negative bandwagon actually gave enough insecure collectors out there a moment’s pause so I could get in there and score a sweet, unique print! If so, then I want to thank those hecklers with bad taste and those people with faster internet connections that wasted a minute reading what they had to say!

  41. @Michael N: haha dude that’s some sweeet lemonade you got there. I’ll take a cup! 😀

  42. Sold out… guess people DID like it after all.

    Wonder how many they held to sell in store, tho.

  43. This rules.

  44. The goal should be to make art/design that half the people love and the other half hate so I say “Well Done!!!” my friend.

  45. iron jaiden, couldn’t agree more.
    Thank you for being so eloquent.
    Great print too, I’m happy that it’s going to be part of my collection.

  46. Pretty Cool , Thanks for posting!

  47. I rather have this 100% all original composition over a screen-cap tracing with tweaks like some other artists in the series have done (who shall remain nameless). Yeah, I said it :)

  48. Awesome.

  49. I think the amount of discussion on this piece is what makes it great. While I dont like this personally it makes for pretty good conversation and is more interesting than the sandtrooper on dewback piece.

  50. I like how he’s cunningly got away with drawing no feet….everyone hates drawing feet.

  51. I think this is the second worst print of the series, behind Palace. (Artist and collector)

    I agree with Jaiden, the piece is incredibly distracting. For me, what kills it is the simplicity of it. It looks as though a normal image was placed in photoshop, and dragged in two different directions. It’s like I held a normal print up in front of a carnival mirror.

    I can definitely understand why people like this, and I don’t fault them for it, but it’s not for me. On top of that, it’s VERY different from the rest of the series, which is understandable given the array of artists, but I feel like it wouldn’t fit in on a wall with the rest of them.

    Fun artist, fun art, doesn’t fit in with the series, and that’s why I passed. Very stoked for all of you who got it. Can’t wait to see the next one.

  52. This thing is awesome. Love the style, composition and textures. This is nowhere near awful. And Sam comes off as a straight dummy. Dude, go make something and then have someone say “Lol, fail!” and see what you think about them.

  53. Anything that can generate an equal balance of love and hate is a total success in my eyes. Getting people talking is key.

    If he keeps it up at this rate, he’s not going to be my Second favorite R.Kelly from Chicago for much longer.

  54. My art is via Dale Chilhuly…

    And I hate sic fi and star wars but never say something sucks….that’s pretentious little boy talk Scooter

  55. P.s. Just Bansky hates drawing feet, because he can’t draw freehand from imagination.

  56. Chihuly fabricator

  57. Sure you have the right to post “this sucks” or whatever, the internet is a level playing field and (sadly) open to anyone’s opinion, doesn’t make you any less of an asshole… it was, to put it mildly. unnecessary and non-constructive.

    So, please stop pretending that your comment was “criticism” or of any value, if you are going to be non-constructive and disrespectful to the people who actually contribute to this “gigposter”-community, you know, the artists, at least own up to it and stop pretending that your opinion matters.


  58. I take a completely different look at this…. I imagine a small creature or bug is looking at this from it’s perspective. Who knows how bugs on a far away planet see things 😉 I think the print is brilliant …. Great Job Rich!!

  59. ok, I’ll say it. Anorexic Chewie!

    Overall, one of the weaker SW pieces, but a no-brainer as far as picking one up goes. Thanks, Rich.

  60. Wow, Kim. How profound! So, if someone doesn’t like an artist’s work, that makes him an “asshole”? So, if someone thinks a poster sucks, it means his opinion doesn’t “matter”?

    Interesting. So, in other words, if we don’t all praise every single poster on this site up and down, we should keep quiet? Who made you “gigposter community” dictator?

    I think this particular poster sucks worse than any piece in the series, and you know what? My opinion matters as much as yours, even though I disagree with you. Best of luck finding people in life who always concur with your limited outlook, Saddam.

  61. @Z0NU5

    Dude, at what point have I said “lol fail”? All I said was that I thought it was hideous, then called out Iron Jaiden for calling anyone who didn’t like it an asshole because they didn’t elaborate on why they hated it, yet he seems perfectly content for people who do like it to post just as simplistic a comment as “killed it” or “love it”. Does this not seem a bit one sided to anyone else or is it just some sort of reasonable reaction to call someone who hates this piece an asshole purely because it contradicts your opinion on it?

  62. Manners kids, manners. It all boils down to manners.

    @Sam: you didn’t “call anyone out” by the way. I called a couple of you assholes because you were being assholes, not because you didn’t like the art. Simple as that. I think I explained it rather well in a couple of very long winded posts so long ago.
    I can’t believe you’re still riled up over this! No wind this weekend to take the ol’ kite out out what?

    Let it go man, you’ll live longer. I’m sure of that :)

  63. No you called us assholes because our opinion differed, it has nothing to do with us not elaborating on why we disliked it. It’s that simple.

  64. Oh and by “call out” I meant point out your hypocrisy. But whatever.

  65. I think Iron Jaidan sucks

    No explanation needed

    Also, I’m not feeling this print for a lot of reasons. The colors and warped characters are a couple. The three slants throw it off for me. The very bottom one, is that water? It goes across the print covering the log and grass to the right. It looks like it could be water but Chewies leg is submersed. Confusing

    The warping of the characters makes it look like he’s looking at a still through some sort of flimsy film or glass that distorts everything but they are out of proportion. My head wants it all to fit but it doesn’t. I know there are people out there that dig this but it isn’t my thing

  66. ‘log and grass to the left’

  67. Sam you’re just being silly now. You somehow know why I say things better than I do? That’s absurd, but you know that.
    Mitch’s comment section really ain’t the place for poo tennis so if you wanna continue the “conversation” hit me up over at EB or something.


  68. It’s not about disliking an artists work, that’s fine. However, posting “I find it hideous :/” or “its horrible” is not criticism, in any way, shape or form. Neither is it “differing opinion” or whatever else excuse has been offered.

    It isn’t helpful or constructive to either artist or collector community and yes, I’d say it’s an assholey thing to do.

    If you don’t like the work, just keep walking, don’t spend your money… simple as that.

  69. Oh, and just for the record, I didn’t buy the poster. You are assuming that since I took issue with those comments, that I loved the poster myself, sadly not the case…


  70. its horrible

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