Limited Edition Cup & Saucer by Amy Sol (Onsale Info)

As limited edition art continues to expand into everyday products, you can now buy cups & saucers designed by your favorite artists.  Amy Sol’s set will go up sometime tomorrow (Friday, November 12th).  They are usually priced at £39.  Visit

2 Responses to “Limited Edition Cup & Saucer by Amy Sol (Onsale Info)”

  1. Also can be found at:

  2. Personally, I think they are pretty cool! An easy way to have more art. I drink coffee or espresso every morning and would love to add something like this from a few artists to my everyday life. Not certain I love Amy Sol, but would love something from a lot of artists.

    I’m pretty sure I’ve convinced myself that I should buy this set. It’s up now too. Pretty broke so still unsure.

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