Aaron Horkey X Jay Ryan Collaborative Art Print (Now Finished)

Production has finally wrapped up on Jay Ryan and Aaron Horkey’s collaborative art print.  It ended up being a thirteen color screenprint.  It should be up for sale soon, I’ll keep you posted.  For now, enjoy the pictures!

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  1. Between this and the Keyes drop that should also be happening any time now, hope people didnt want nice things for Christmas…

  2. It’s gonna be way too expensive:::sighs::::

  3. 120, up in an hour on http://www.thebirdmachine.com/

  4. For those wondering here is all the info on the release…

    spring” is a 13-screen collaboration between aaron horkey and jay ryan, printed in november 2010 at the bird machine in skokie, illinois.

    19 inches wide by 25.25 inches tall. 140# french muscletone paper, color “madero beach”.

    edition of 280, of which 260 are for sale for $120 plus shipping. limit two per customer, please.

    28 artist proofs. not for sale.

    subscriber edition for jay’s sub holders #SSE1-60. not for sale.

    they go on sale an hour and a half from now: wed nov 10, at 2pm CST, at The Bird Machine.

    thanks. – Jay Ryan

  5. its up.
    just snagged 1!

  6. Just got 1, amazingly easy all things considered =)

  7. Yes! Got me one : )

  8. +1 hooray!

  9. +1
    Could not resist

  10. Also got mine right at the drop. With that edition size though I didnt think it would be to hard. Versus was up for quite awhile, like weeks. Wonder how long this will last with a nice price on it like this…

  11. I think 120$ is a steal for this beast. Can’t wait to put this in a 25$ IKEA frame and live the high life

  12. museum glass or bust on this one. anything else would be uncivilized.

  13. @dylanosaur: that’s real talk. Whoever cobles this beauty into a goddamn plastic Target frame is gonna get a visit from Drool-a-dilla up there.

  14. Is it just me or is there like a random line going across the print?

  15. Beautiful beautiful print, just love how everything flows. Hopefully a few will be avail next week.

  16. Hooray!!!! Great price for a FANTASTIC PRINT!

    Thanks +1

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