“POW(ER)” Art Print by Shepard Fairey (Onsale Info)

Shepard Fairey will bring the retro force with his new art print today. “POW(ER)” is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 450, and will be $45.  It goes up today (Thursday, November 4th) at a random time.  Visit ObeyGiant.com.

Here is what he had to say about the image:

Here is a brief explanation of the POW(ER) print. I was asked by my longtime friends at PAPER magazine to guest edit their art issue. I gladly  accepted, and the issue should be out later in Nov. In the issue my friend and PAPER editor Carlo McCormick, who wrote an essay for my book “Supply And Demand”, wrote a fantastic essay about the evolution of visual culture from Pop Art to street art, and the impact of the internet and media saturation. To illustrate Carlo’s essay I created the POW(ER) image. The image is an homage to influential Pop Artist Roy Lichtenstein, who appropriated and re-painted comic frames often transforming them in meaning and context. I have often described my art as a fusion of Pop Art, street art, and political art. I utilize the platform created by Pop Art, but I try to take my work even more directly to the people. Like Pop artists before me, I utilize a vocabulary of familiar cultural visual references. In fact, after I conceived of the POW(ER) image and did some further research on Lichtenstein, I discovered an image he had made of a woman holding a can of spray paint or hairspray. The image looked familiar to me, because a few years ago I re-illustrated the same piece of clip art that Lichtenstein referenced for his spray paint/hair spray painting. The connection was was too serendipitous to ignore and I proceeded to create the POW(ER) image. For me, street art has always been about populism and emPOWERment. The recent embrace of street art in the art world as a legitimate genre demonstrates the power of accessible, relatable imagery, and in many ways builds upon the triumphs of Pop Art. Check out the PAPER issue when it comes out to read Carlo’s excellent essay.

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  1. +1 hellz yea

  2. crashed the site and still crashed

  3. Wanna see what they fetch on ebay tomorrow…biggest return flippers will have seen off $45 in a while

  4. +1 astonished i made it though that nightmare.

  5. Wow look at all this excitement over an Obey print! Been a while since we seen that huh? Almost makes me feel like I shoulda grabbed one for sentimentality’s sake 🙂

  6. already a few on ebay for 200+ BIN’s.
    I hate them all.

  7. I can’t believe I went through Fairey shit loop again….
    haven’t bought one of his for say 2 yrs and thought this was OK, not on the wall quality but flippable so I checked and the thing popped up.

    I knew what was going to happen but memory washed out the pain. 2 yrs later and it’s still a shit show.

    Papermonster do a great random drip release… i.e 1 every 10 or so seconds with a countdown. Never an issue. Simple remedy a quick fix and all this smearing will be gone…..

    Or do I simply enjoy the pain of not getting the print ?
    Maybe that is the real prize.

  8. @Jungo refunds have definitely happened before, especially for the high demand prints as the servers go crazy. I personally got refunded on one of the DOH prints and I was one of the first in and out (got back to the boards and watched the pandemonium for almost 20 minutes, thinking I was safe).

  9. @A Thanks. Yea as I never reach the confirmation page I thought I had lost it . But I have just received a confirmation email from OG.

    Must say there hasnt been a drop like this in ages. Were peeps going for shep or for Lichtenstein?

    What ever the case it was still fun to be in that chaos for a min.

  10. Should have bought one just to flip, damn. These are selling for over 2 bills. I was just sitting at my desk all day, could have been waiting on the drop. Oh well, no skin off my back. Congrats to all the +1’s.

  11. really? everyone is all puppy dogs and ice cream over this?

    can’t wait to create my palin hunting a bear 2012 poster, then i can be famous for trash.

    what happened to the days when people could draw?

  12. oh and the irony of an artist stealing from another artist that stole from an artist.

    poor comic artist is most likely in the poor house.

    give him a cut.

  13. this is bullshit as always.no surprise here.

  14. @ Richard and Jamie – I agree 100%,but this is stolen. I found the image he took, he just turned it and place pow on it. I’m sure the font was stolen too.

    Check out this over lay I did….


    the original…(turned on the side…it was a cover to the 2008 Lichtenstein (book?) from the Museum of Modern Art.


    It both confuses and bothers me that people would still by work from an artist that blatantly steals other artists work. Even more so with the ability to find this information yourself with a computer.

    Is it because it can be resold to people for an investment? It can’t be because people really like this stuff right? It’s all be crap since E Pluribus Venom and I’m pretty sure he stole a lot of those images too….

    Is there any other artists or collectors that get angry about this?

    Oh and this is the best part…


    He steals but gets mad when someone “takes” his work.

    @ Addo sadly Roy i dead. I don’t think he’ll see any of the money, granted he stole the image too.

  15. seems like alot of people need to call the waaaaambulance lol. Seriously, the guy is doing what so many other artists have done and are still doing. The guy makes money, so what, dont hate. He also gives alot to charity and I doubt you guys have donated as much as him. Besides, its not like he tries to hide the fact that he appropriates images, read his book, he puts the originals and his work right next to eachother You guys sound like a bunch of lame assess who have nothing better to do than to criticize someone else’s success by writing them off as a talentless hack who steals images. ess a dee haters.

  16. It amazes me that there are modern art fans that still think being a good artist is the same as being a skilled draftsman or that incorporating someone else’s image into your work is “stealing.” To cry about “stealing” from Roy Lictenstein is either hypocritical or ignorant.

  17. I guess if someone else “stole” ideas and images.
    That is bull shit.
    But then shep re-steals it and its ok.
    both suck

  18. @ Sami- wordz? for realz? you’re an idiot.

    @shawn- he is stealing, not incorporating. he blatantly traces the image and places his logo or some “cool” text and the kids eat it up.

    and ” To cry about “stealing” from Roy Lictenstein is either hypocritical or ignorant.”, i’m assuming that’s not aimed at me. i think what he did was just as bad.

    imagine being one of the artist he took from. those guys made crap money back then, and to have someone that made millions on it, must have really sucked.

  19. sami is on sheps D**K lol

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