A Sneak Peek at an Upcoming Florian Bertmer Project

Florian Bertmer wouldn’t leak any info about his next project with Moon Editions, but he did send over this teaser image.  Whatever it is, it should be awesome.  Enjoy!

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  1. …so that is what the amazing etched planchette that came with the necromancer print is for. these are stunning! florian and moon editions are killing it!

  2. Some kind of Ouija board I guess.

  3. The first print in the series is incredible. The planchette was a great surprise. Found this last night while checking in to see what was new. They have some good pictures of the planchettes on the Moon site as well.

  4. i`m pretty sure the girl in the necromancer print is actually using a ouija board.nonetheless this looks seriously stunning!

  5. I really want whatever this is.

  6. glad he’s breaking away from pushead worship. and it’s awesome that he actually puts out new stuff unlike mr. head.

  7. That literally made me drop my jaw. FUUUUUUU

  8. looks great. custom quija board?

  9. meh another recycled image to be over priced florian buy the doomriders shrit get the same pic although this could be just swelll after the pillow fight at your next slumber party!

  10. I’m gonna need this.. Florian Ouija board? Count me in.

  11. i like i like!

  12. @EAT DEATH:really,what doomriders shirt would that be genius?
    get your facts straight before you start bitchin;)


  14. haha my bad oh mighty art experts its not a doomriders shirt it’ s a shirt called golden dawn the he did for shirts and destroy when the first started out. you could check it out on there site this pretty much just like ever other shirt or poster he prints.

  15. http://www.shirtsanddestroy.com/florian_bertmer/page:3

  16. geez, sounds like somebody is bitter still living in his moms basement….

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