Tyler Stout Handbill Sets

The long-awaited handbill sets from Tyler Stout have finally gone up for sale.  The Big Lebowski set includes three handbills for $30, The Thing set includes fifteen smaller handbills for $35.  They are not signed or numbered, but they’re screenprinted and pretty awesome in person.  Visit Tyler’s Store.

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  1. I scored a Thing set before the roosters were up this morning. How the hell are these still available? Everyone still asleep or something?
    Mitch is right these handbills are rad in person. Closest most of you fools are ever gonna get to Tyler’s ‘The Thing’ poster.
    Don’t be on the fence here boppers!

  2. I can’t believe they are still available as well. At 7 am there were 29 sets of the Lebowksi Handbills left, how is that not sold out?

  3. I also snagged a set of the Thing bills, since I already have a set of Lebowski ones, or well, I have 2 Walters that I need to trade 1 for Jesus, but hopefully Ill have that worked out shortly.

    I want to see someone work the handbills into a framing. I was thinking of trying to do it with my Lebowski print.

  4. Yes! Finally I’m up!

    Also very interested in how these are framed because they’ll be my Thing poster since the Stout poster is astronomically costly.

  5. Dude, how are these still available? lol, I was so stoked to get a set this morning and blown away that they havent been gone since then. They look awesome in person and would make a badass collage if framed up together

  6. I guess its an open edition.

  7. His email says its limited…

  8. I have a set of the Lebowski’s set in a floating frame and it is awesome. It is at work and people compliment me all the time, that is the best way to display them. Now I haven’t figured out how to display all those Thing prints.

  9. I don’t recall anything in the email saying it’s limited

  10. +1 what the fuck, missed the post on omg yesterday and still managed to get my hands on the thing hand bill set. $35 for the hand bills or $1000 for the poster, what a steal, anyone know any info on amounts printed?

  11. It is reported the edition is about 300 for each set

  12. now how to frame them lol

  13. Gone?

  14. I also am trying to figure out how to frame them. Can we see how you floating frame looks?


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