“Hypothetically Speaking” Art Print by Rafa Jenn

A new email from Rafa Jenn in my inbox almost always means an awesome new art print, and today’s is extra awesome.  “Hypothetically Speaking” is a 12″ x 30″ screenprint, has an edition of 48, and is $49.  Visit RafaJenn.com.

EDIT:  I made a mistake, this is actually a screenprint, not a giclee.  It just became even more awesome.

Click the image for a larger view:

5 Responses to ““Hypothetically Speaking” Art Print by Rafa Jenn”

  1. I dig the image, and the name is definitely funny.. I just wish it was something other than a giclee.

  2. Its NOT a giclee!!!! Its a screen print. I know. It was printed at my shop.

  3. This is NOT a giclee… OMG got it wrong… it’s a screen print!

  4. I like the concept of this “hypothetical” situation (because I don’t believe that tigers exist in the same environments as zebras) but the execution loses me – the images won’t flow for me because the scale of the animals is so far off. The zebra is obviously a baby yet dwarfs the tiger. It would be much better if the tiger were 2x bigger.

  5. Viewing videos of Zebras v. Lions, the scale looks right to me. Not “so far off” in any case … and I’m not sure how its obviously a baby zebra either.

    Nontheless, great print!

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