“Dark Wave” Large Format Art Print by Shepard Fairey (Onsale Info)

Shepard Fairey will release a new large-format version of “Dark Wave” tomorrow.  It’s a huge 37″ x 48.5″ screenprint, has an edition of 50, and will be $750.  It goes up tomorrow (Thursday, October 21st) at 10am Pacific Time.  Visit ObeyGiant.com.

43 Responses to ““Dark Wave” Large Format Art Print by Shepard Fairey (Onsale Info)”

  1. It actually doesn’t go up at a random time…

  2. Probably because it can’t / won’t be flipped that easily.

  3. OHHHH he didnt have to go and do all that for us, gee thanks shep i was really looking forward to this one

  4. Hahaha $750…!! Is that a joke?

  5. Whoa, that price point is CRAZY. I mean, I know my Stout LTROI quad is a little smaller at 30 x 40, but it was “only” 200, and to me looks way better than this. I guess I would be surprised if these were a fast sellout.

    But then again, there are enough people out there that simply buy it cause his name is attached, so we shall see.

  6. cash grab

  7. @mNel, I agree that price is outrageous, especially for the subject matter of the print. As Matt said just a cash grab by a greedy artist.

  8. hilarious. it was shit at 18×24.
    it will just joint the ranks of the unsold on obeygiant.com

  9. join

  10. I had to come back and say it again. $750?! For an ugly ass print that’s just double the size of the original? I’m a fan of Shep but this is just ridiculous. I’d rather buy 15 good prints from other artists than this junk.

  11. Shep’s allllmost jumped the shark. Not quite but almost.
    When he enters his own mug into the portrait series then he’s officially clown shoes. :)

  12. why the fuck would I want to be reminded of an oil spill everytime I look at me wall?

  13. *especially in a new and imporved large format

  14. I always knew shep was a sellout but this is kind of next level.

  15. $750!? I’d go buy a gun and shoot myself before I would buy this lame print.

  16. 0-3 Shep………its OVER

  17. I still don’t own anything by Fairey. This certainly won’t be my first purchase, lol.

  18. Just let me say this…..Russel Brand hanging out with Shep….LLLLLLLAAAAAAAMMMMMMEEEE part on Shep. He totally just killed his street cred…..That’s if you call a rich kid from the east coast street?

  19. wow. 750.00….i know what im getting Iron Jaiden for Christmas!!! 😉

  20. I dont mind the print, I think that at that size it is kinda cool but, at $750 there is no way in hell. Just think of how much it would cost to frame it.

  21. Dude hasn’t made “art” that wasn’t a strait cash grab for a decade. Stop buying this garbage.

  22. I remember when Shep prints were $25…now they are so expensive prolly because of his Adopt prints success

  23. 750? What a joke, he doesnt know there is a recession going on…. not for him, that actually is insulting that he is going to charge that….the sadder thing is that people will actually drop that kind of bread on this shit. It is a sweet image….but not that sweet

  24. i think the real question is who DOESN’T want art prints of oil spills and cornel west on their wall?

  25. I know I’ll probably get a lot of crap for my reaction, but let’s please see the bigger picture. (First of all I’m not related to Shep neither am I working for him).
    We can discuss the quality of his work, but Shepard is one of the few who really proved himself on the streets for years before there was any money involved. And even when money was involved he could make a lot more money than he is making now. And he really sticks his neck out for good causes and for his beliefs.

    Just saying: compared to other artists, who don’t voice their opinion because it’s bad for their image/sales, artists who squeeze every penny out of their art, artists who are just one trick ponies, etc… Shep deserves a lot more credit.

  26. @ Kurt…Yeah I know what you are saying…but how many causes can one man have heart in. I mean come on now…He can’t have that much interest in these casues or he would show up too all their events. I know some non profits that have contacted him. If they are not making any news..then he wont be involved. Now take these poor gay kids killing themselves. I bet if one more happens we will see a print of ” his commitment to stop the bullies” soon drop. He can’t change the world. He has turned into a tool the past five or so years……I now save my money because people who buy his prints call him shepard farly or shepard fairest….They just want a fucken print by him and he is taking it all the way to the bank.

  27. See this more as a release more for the fine art world than the gig poster world. $750 is a fair price, artists with resumes a fraction as impressive get away with charging more for their prints.

    Fwiw I’m not a fan at all

  28. Yes, it’s admirable and cool how he backs these different causes. He does good things with his talents. But back to the point, there is no justification for charging SEVEN HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS for a print, the same print that has been recently released I might add, that’s simply been blown up a little over 200%. That’s beyond all reason. 100% of the proceeds better go to the cause.

  29. same arguments, different week…
    that is what is as lame as this print
    don’t buy it, I wouldn’t
    but when the next Monk or Peace Tree comes out you guys will be giving each other reach arounds :)

  30. @ Cardhawks… Perfectly said.

  31. Obviously I’m not gonna buy it. But I’m voicing my opinion that this price is outlandish when compared to the original 18×24 which was what, $50?

  32. So many people pissed that they wont be getting their flipper money this week.

  33. @SP
    Ha, ha. Exactly!

  34. hmmm seems that people still have some serious scratch to drop on Shep’s prints. Good for him, he can make some serious $$$$$$$$ on us idiots.

  35. I have a question. Where can I sell my Obey prints? I dont want to flip but rather sell them for what I paid for them. Is there a method to this without getting flagged as flipper?

  36. looks like you all were wrong! haha SOLD OUT in less than 5 mins

  37. @bobod: Either sell em on Ebay or goto ExpressoBeans and sell them in the for sale thread there.

    @cardhawks: The next time he puts out something that I think is actually good, I will praise it. This though, in my opinion is junk, i thought the original was, and I think this one is too. I dont slam anything of his just to slam it. If he puts out something that is actually good, then i would buy it. I bought the Guthrie and Neil portraits cause I liked them. But besides those I havnt really like much anything that he has put out in the last year plus.

    Thats just me though…

  38. I have the 18×24, not my favourite print, and if I had to go back in time I would probably would save the dough and spend it on something else.

    That said it looks much nicer in person and many of my mates have commented and thought it a very interesting print.

    But $750 is more than I willing to part with. I thought it would be up for a while but its already sold out in less than an hour.

    Shep, deserves his bread, he is one of the major pioneers of street art. I do think he should think more carefully about what he produces now days though cant slack cause youve made it.

  39. cardhawks, you want people to praise every single piece of work that shepard fairey makes simply because it is by him? you are the definition of a fan boy

  40. @bobodobolina: Go to thegiant.org and sell them.

  41. I cant buy this print, the extra .5 of an inch will make it pretty difficult to frame, so then Id need a matte, which makes it even MORE expensive to frame. Guess Ill have to pass on this one…

  42. Anville, lucky for you it sold out hours ago. Almost all his large format prints need to be custom framed. Why would you want to cover up deckled edges with a mat?

  43. I have been away from this forum for awhile and am happy that the hate is still here (and larger than before) for this overrated artist.

    He steals from artist and photographers. Now he steals from his remaining “fans”

    This guy is a douche bag.

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