“Necromancer” Art Print by Florian Bertmer

Moon Editions just dropped this amazing new art print by Florian Bertmer.  “Necromancer” is an 18.25″ x 27.25″ screenprint, has an edition of 40, and is $120 shipped.  Each print has two hand-drawn ink drawings in the background, making them unique.  Visit MoonEditions.com.

Click the images for a larger view:

12 Responses to ““Necromancer” Art Print by Florian Bertmer”

  1. The ink drawings are a pretty cool twist, but I’m not too stoked on the print itself..

  2. Love everything about this and bought right when it went up. Can’t wait to see it in person.

  3. Also can’t wait to see the other 2 prints in the series.

  4. dope!gotta have this!

  5. very low on cash, otherwise i would’ve bought it immediately. saw part of the print on his twitter some time ago. the details are incredible again.

  6. …this could not be more exciting to me! a print signed by florian is rare enough, but this is so far beyond! this is going to be a prized piece in my collection! i cannot wait for the other two!!!

  7. Oh man do I want this. I can’t justify the price tag though. WAY cool print.

  8. I want it really bad too, even had it in my cart but like iron jaiden I could not justify the price tag. Gotta save for black friday!

  9. hahaha, same here: print in the cart, but i couldn’t pull the trigger 🙂

  10. sure,the price is high but on the other hand it is signed plus there is two hand drawn elements in it and it is an edition of 40 which is really low.what more could you want….

  11. @ Berks: money 🙂

  12. This is freaking INCREDIBLE. I havent bought a print in a few months, but this one will make the cut.

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