Madvillainy XL Poster

A lot of people are in search of the original Madvillain poster, so Stones Throw has printed up a new XL version.  It’s a 24″ x 32″ digital print on non-gloss paper for $8.50.  Visit

4 Responses to “Madvillainy XL Poster”

  1. I love the guys music but doom is a flake. I went to see him 2 states over and he sent an imposter doom there to lipsink so… I don’t think this will be a buy for me.

  2. What do you expect. He’s and evil supervillain dude

  3. and a crack fiend so what do you expect….

  4. This poster turned out to be a disappointment. Cheap print on a terribly cheap paper. To add insult to injury, it was packed even worse…very unprofessional.

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