New Dan McCarthy Art Print and 2010-2011 Print Club

It appears there are still some copies of Dan McCarthy’s newest art print available.  “Pale Afternoon” is a 12″ x 24″ screenprint for $40.  Additionally, ordering has opened for the 2010-2011 print club.  From November-October, you’ll receive a new Dan McCarthy art print every month (delivery every quarter) plus this year’s bonus print, a second edition of the insanely sought-after “Don Stepped Outside” (18″ x 26″ glow in the dark screenprint).  The cost of the club is $350.  Visit

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  1. Let me just say this real quick, if you want to talk about the second edition of DSO, take it over it EB as there is over 10 pages about this in the thread. Lets try to keep something positive over here!

    Also, I am a happy new sub owner and cant wait for that first tube to arrive. Granted that is several months away haha!

  2. Ahhhh thank you Baker I was gonna say the exact same thing.
    The “piss n’ moan” line forms to the left.
    Had to pass on the print to get the sub! Very excited to see what comes out.

  3. Good for Dan! Larger and larger print runs prove that this guy really has a following. It is hard to make it as an artist and if someone can make a living at it – awesome. That said, I think that the majority of the collectors who have purchased his subscriptions have done so as an investment. Reprinting and rehashing popular prints will devalue their investment and probably make these people think twice about purchasing in the future. I predict that this bubble has popped.

  4. 2nd year subscriber and couldn’t be happier. Dan rocks.

  5. @ Baker. I’m all for no excessive whining but let’s still keep it real. This ain’t no circle jerk here. Where’s the love when Fairey comes to town?

  6. This post says tubes will be delivered quarterly, but I thought I read that they’re going out a little less frequently now. Three tubes for the year now?

  7. Correct. Tubes will ship in February, June and October.

    I renewed mine last month and couldn’t be happier.

  8. I’m going to complain about the reprint, but only because I wish he chose one of the ghost buddies prints instead. I love those prints. Anyway, I’m already signed up for my 4th year (5th if you count the half year subscription I had before that), and I can’t wait to see what goodies Dan has in store for us this year.

  9. 3d: Now answer my question about shep or you’ll be standing tall before the man!
    Private Baker: I think I was trying to suggest something about the duality of man, sir!
    3d: The what?
    Private Baker: The duality of man. The Jungian thing, OMG is not about fairness. sir!

  10. @3d: I didnt say anything about Shep. When shep stuff comes up some of it I like, some of it I dont. It’s really about as simple as that.

    Frankly the love isnt there for shep because I find a lot of his recent work that he puts out to be pretty thoughtless and doesnt have any of the punch any of his earlier work did.

    To address the people saying he did this to sell more subs. Thats silly cause the subs will sell out either way, he didnt need to do a reprint of a great print to sell his subs. Having a second edition of the print is not going to devalue the original, if anything the people who are really in it for the “collecting” will want the original even more now. There are always going to be people who want first editions.

    I know some people who have the original are pissed, but it’s not like Dan is the first person ever to reprint a print. People are going to go crazy for a few days and then all the hoopla will die down.

    Im just curious, do you have a problem with the reprint 3d? Not trying to start something here, just curious of your personal thoughts on it.

    I fall into the category of love the print and probably never would have been able to afford one otherwise, so I am lucky that he did this.

    Cheers all!

  11. When I spoke to Dan asking him a few questions for a university project he said that ‘Don stepped outside’ was one of the favourite pieces he’s done.

    Probably gives an insight into the second edition.

  12. Goddamnit my FMJ quote was funny! No high fives for that???


  13. Haha, sorry IJ. Honestly at first I didnt place the quote. But now I am with you!

  14. I do really like Dan’s work but I not only do I not have the space for 13 prints a year from the same artist, but I don’t have the money either. I guess I’ll just wait every month and just pick and choose.

  15. @srslymatt: I’m in the same boat as you, selective buying.

  16. I passed on the sub for the above stated reasons and — “gasp” — the Don Stepped Outside reprint is a lame lure. And, as has been said, the let’s all be skippy for Dan but bash Shepard at every post attitude is weak.

  17. @jrose: OMG is about being friends

  18. How many subs does Dan provide?

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