Bounty Hunters – Wave Two by Ken Taylor (Mondo Star Wars Series Onsale Info)

The second round of Star Wars Bounty Hunters prints from Ken Taylor will go up for sale today.  The set includes three 12″ x 36″ screenprints, has an edition of 425 (wayyy less than that online), and will be $85.  It goes up today (Thursday, October 7th) at a random time.  Visit

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  1. totally stoked i already have mine secured.

  2. Already got my set locked in. I don’t understand why anyone would buy the first set and not automatically buy the second set? It’s Boba freekin Fett!!!!!

  3. for reals.

  4. Yeh, I am also already set but just want to chime in and say these are looking great. Seeing the actual prints last night on AOTS was pretty sweet!

  5. Looking good–glad I already ordered mine.

    I wonder how many are left for sale today?

  6. Taking a closer look, I just noticed Dengar’s striking resemblance to Mel Gibson. Ken Taylor, I see what you did there.

  7. i take it back. Just looked closelyer and I’m seeing more Deniro. either way, BADASS

  8. Traditionally Dengar is supposed to resemble Johnny Cash.

  9. Its up +1

  10. Gone – dang!

  11. Am I the only one who found these posters incredibly cheesy? I love ken taylors work, but something about all the ‘big bad ass bounty hunters’ standing menacingly ALL of which have just fired off their laser guns which apparently creates smoke in every picture just seems a bit much. Don’t get me wrong, as always boba fett looks cool, but I would never devote the wall space to hanging these prints.

  12. I agree that the minute you hang these posters up your virginity is returned to you, but thats the price you gotta pay.

  13. Jared – I know what you’re saying fella – I didn’t manage to get any either. 😉

  14. meh, yet another pass in this dissapointing seriers…and before one of you idiots says “oh hes just jealous he didnt get one” i could swing over to ebay and get everyone of the prints in this series this far, so stfu

  15. @ Mat

    I just really had no interest in these. I could have gotten wave 1, but I just wasn’t interested in spending 170 dollars before shipping on star wars prints. I was however, all over the salcious crumb print. Rhys is quickly becoming one of my favorite artists, and the print was like 7 colors, with 2 metalics, or something ridiculous like that.

    Still, ken taylor is a total badass, and his illustrations are great. His terminator and alien prints are out of this world. Just not feeling the composition/repetition of the smoking guns in this one.

  16. I think the smoke lends a sense of time and space. Makes them less static.

  17. Jared – I agree with you completely. This set makes no narrative sense to me. I could have had Wave 1 as well, but decided against it. I mean, why is there smoke coming out of all of their guns? Hang all six up next to each other and they make even less sense. Who, exactly, did they just shoot? And why are they all against the same background? Do bounty hunters really go to target practice together?

    Part of the reason these characters are so cool is that they are just standing in that ESB scene, and it was left up to the viewer to decide how dangerous they are. No need for Ken Taylor to show us their smoking guns.

    That written, the poster designs are of course beautiful, so I get the excitement some people have over them. Oh well.

  18. These 6 straight-up character drawings aren’t doing anything for me. I’m not thrilled with Dave Kinsey’s Raider poster either, but at least that one has some artistic style to it.

  19. I think the gunsmoke plumes make them all seem more like bounty hunters, like characters from the old west which was the original intent of the filmmakers.

    Boba was based on Clint Eastwood’s taciturn “Man with No Name” from the Fistful of Dollars trilogy, hence the poncho looking item hanging over one shoulder (the origin of this costume flourish comes across better in McQuarrie’s original concept art).

  20. I just wish he would have gone more the direction Rhys cooper went with his TMNT print set. Each image in that set stands on its own as an awesome poster, but looks even better all hung up together. If I were to ever hang up a boba fett/ bounty hunter print it would be this!

  21. A little too much focus on Oola in that one for me–but I like this one by Dave Perillo:

  22. sweet codpieces……

    bounty hunters do it better, lol.

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