Giveaway: Win Martin Ansin’s “El Topo” Poster

Due to some enormous generosity from the folks behind the “J’ai tué le photographe” movie exhibit, I am able to give away a copy of Martin Ansin’s “El Topo” poster to a lucky reader.  It’s a 24″ x 36″ screenprint with an edition of 265. To enter, just say something in the comments section.  Only enter once, multiple entries will be canceled entirely, I will be checking.  The contest will be open for about 24 hours, I will announce a winner on the morning of Tuesday, October 5th. Good luck!

Thanks to everyone that entered. Using the random number generator at, the lucky number was determined to be 222. Congratulations Jeff, you’ve won! You have also been contacted. Thanks again for the huge response!

528 Responses to “Giveaway: Win Martin Ansin’s “El Topo” Poster”

  1. I AM GOD!

  2. First 😀
    And good luck everyone!

  3. Martin Ansin… ruling again.

  4. Something!


  5. “You are seven years old. You are a man. Bury your first toy and your mother’s picture. …”

    Cheers !

  6. Nice artwork, thanks


  7. This poster is awesome! Good luck to everyone

  8. Top stuff!!

  9. Sweet…sign me up!

  10. not too shabby

  11. Uncomfortably awesome!

  12. Yes please! 😉

  13. Tallywhacker

  14. Roger, Roger. What’s our vector, Victor?

  15. This print is ‘Topo’!

  16. I want to go to there….

  17. i’ll give it a go…good luck everyone

  18. hey!

  19. This is so siiiiiiiiiiick!

  20. What a great design!

    Good luck everybody!


  21. This is awesomeness!

  22. OMG, this is outstanding

  23. Hellistic Melee.

  24. GL everyone!

  25. yep

  26. Supa Sweet!

  27. Another gorgeous poster for an amazing movie. Ansin just kills it everytime. Thanks Mitch.

  28. definitely keen on that print.

  29. Coolio!

  30. Thanks

  31. Love it! Gotta have it!

  32. ultra-nice!

  33. El Topo is one of the wickedest movies I’ve ever seen probably the first Acid Western ever made :). Alehandro is sick minded, and will be awesome if Martin Ansin make poster of The Holly Mountain, cool as this one :)

  34. J’ai tué le dessinateur d’affiche avec une carotte émoussée

  35. Ansin posters are always amazing.

  36. Love from Holland! 😀

  37. Amazing poster, Ansin always does great work!

  38. The Definitive Cult Spaghetti Western!!!! ………. Who are you to judge me?………..I AM GOD!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Something.

    Good luck everyone.

  40. Boner!


  41. Amazing!

  42. Amazing poster for an amazing movie

  43. In Japan,this movie actual screening at theater in Tokyo! Great Poster!!

  44. I like turtles.

  45. I love that print and the movie too.

  46. Fingers crossed!

  47. Thanks for the contest!

  48. Hoping to win this one!
    Neil : )

  49. ..would like very muchly..

  50. Ja takk

  51. Ansin hits a homerun once again!

    Love his work

    Thanks Mitch!

  52. My MOM put me on to this movie! Best mom ever.

  53. Ansin is a poster god!

  54. Very nice work!

  55. thats a sweeeeeet poster im going for this one!!

  56. That’s beautiful.

    Great poster for a great film!

    Would love to have one.

  57. Why, hello…

  58. Great poster!

  59. I could use some good news today…

  60. What the hell, I’ll give it a shot. Good luck to everyone!

  61. gimme poster!

  62. Excellent! Good luck everyone.



  63. Fantastic poster, I hope it finds a good home.

  64. Capitaine Crounche!

  65. Fantastic print! Cheers!

  66. I’d buy that for a dollar… or I’d very much like to win one please!

  67. Thanks for the chance Mitch!!

  68. Top notch print. Good luck to everyone on this.

  69. I’ve killed the photographer !

  70. sick print.

  71. Ansin is awesome!

  72. yes sir!!!!

  73. Martin is amazing! I’d see thie movie based on this poster alone!

  74. Martin is amazing! I’d see the movie based on this poster alone!

  75. Thanks for the contest!

  76. Yes please

  77. This print is so sweet!

  78. F’N A!

  79. What a great poster. Bring on “Santa Sangre!”

  80. if you enter more than once, you should get hit with a poster tube!

  81. I’d love to win this one!

  82. great poster, thanks for the contest

  83. …wow, this is a great one! thanks much!

  84. A dream poster by an awesome artist! Thanks for this opportunity!

  85. I like Christmas.

  86. Sign me up for this fantastic poster!

    Thank you…

  87. Awesome

  88. Nice one!

  89. This should probably be on my wall!

  90. Love this poster!

  91. Excellent!

  92. I need to do my hw and watch this movie..the poster looks sick! plus its Ansin cant go wrong.

  93. This is it. No turning back. Another Christmas in the trenches.

  94. So nice!

  95. Spaghetti.

  96. I like how this poster. It makes me feel very good even from the big beard.

  97. seriously impressive design. love it. thanks!

  98. Mega-awesome. Thanx!

  99. gotta watch this movie.

  100. Amazing!!!!!

  101. Wicked.

  102. Great contest!

  103. crazy movie!! even better poster..

  104. Sweet poster
    Great work
    Nice giveaway

  105. Thanks for the generosity!

  106. Such a nice poster for such a nice movie!

  107. Thanks, always nice to be able to score a free one

  108. Great art, and great giveaway :)

  109. Here

  110. I really like this poster. Really.

  111. Maaaaaarrrrrttttin Annnnnssssiiiinnnnn!!!!!

  112. In, FTW!!!

  113. Yayyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!

  114. sexytime el topo rules, and ansin aint to bad either 😮

  115. every monday there is a red screaming head coming out of my head.

  116. ship it right here…

  117. Worth a shot random number generator

  118. yah man!

  119. Another cool Ansin print

  120. Thank you.

  121. Matt Damon

  122. One awesome looking print, woot

  123. Thanks Mitch!

  124. Ansin always kills on these projects!

    way cool print.

    it’s too bad Jodorowsky didn’t get to make his

  125. hello

  126. Muchas Gracias…

  127. this is a comment.

  128. “El Topo” for “El Guapo”!

  129. Absolutely awesome print.
    Thanks for all the time and effort you put into making this the most informative and coolest poster site around.

  130. Love Ansin’s work. Would like to add to Star Trek, Moon, and Bride of Frankenstein.

  131. AWESOME!

  132. my sons would love this!

  133. sooo nice!
    thanks for your good work on your site, love it!

  134. Go Hawks!

  135. Fantastic, thanks!

  136. So Much Want

  137. Looking good!

  138. word

  139. Thanks! Love surreal freak-out mystical D-movies.

  140. Wow… This print is sweet

  141. Never won of these comment contests. Perhaps this time…

  142. Esto es, en pocas palabras, muy bien.

  143. Really excellent work here!

  144. Viva El Topo!

  145. Martin Ansin, what an amazing artist!

  146. Kick ass print!

  147. Taint rash!

  148. Ansin = Awesome!! Cool contest I normally lurk and dont comment but today I changed this… good luck to everyone!!

  149. There’s a space on my wall waiting for either this, or Salacious B. Crumb… I don’t know which one will reppel women more; flexing my muscles as either a Star Wars geek, or as an avant-garde film nerd.

  150. “Something.”

  151. Looks great. Hope I win!

  152. Gimme Gimme!

  153. Spaghetti

  154. Mitch you the man!

  155. 10:27 i win

  156. Crazy movie, great poster

  157. Good luck everyone!

  158. great poster, thanks for the giveaway!

  159. This is pretty exciting :)

  160. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Snap

  161. I love OMG Posters!

  162. This poster is awesome!

  163. looks tiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

    good luck everyone!!

  164. something

  165. thanks!

  166. Free Poster!!! A quality one at that!!!

  167. I would love to win this beautiful poster

  168. gimme gimme gimme i need some more

  169. Thanks Mitch for giving us all another chance. OMG, Ansin and El Topo rock.

  170. heard good things about this

  171. OMG

  172. I want that hat!

  173. Thanks for the contest.

    This is my favorite of the three.

    Good luck everyone.

  174. I wanna see Martin Ansin re-do all the Spaghetti Western movie posters. Fistfull of Dollars? Good, the Bad and the Ugly? I’m tellin you! Can I have this one for free, please?

  175. Holy crap! That’s an awesome poster!

  176. Great movie. Great artist. Thanks for the contest!

  177. I’m 40 today and you didn’t send a card so it’s the least you can do really :-)

  178. Cool red face in the hat! Nice imagery. is that a word?

  179. hook it up!

  180. It is a great movie and great piece.

  181. Just looking at this print online makes my day, imagine owning it…!

  182. I’d love to get this.

  183. This is fantastic. Just like the film.

  184. Thanks for the opportunity to win a free poster. I am keeping my fingers crossed!

  185. yippee

  186. Everything is okay!

  187. The strength and diversity of Ansin’s work just always makes me want more and more…

  188. FAB

  189. I love the movie and this print is amazing!

  190. I would like to win.

  191. You will pick my number*

    *jedi powers


    Great print!!!!!

  192. Absolutely beautiful!

  193. That is a crazy awesome design. So many interesting things in the poster.

  194. “Fear loves this Place”

  195. Gorgeous print. Ansin’s work really stands out.

  196. Killer! Thanks for the opportunity.

  197. Looks awesome!

  198. Never say no to panda.

  199. Empty spot on the wall needs some love. The glory hole idea didn’t go over well with the wife.

  200. Hope this goes my way!!

  201. This will go well with the Bertmer print….

  202. good luck everybody!

  203. pick me!

  204. I’ve been trying to get my hands on a Ansin print for months now! Good Luck everyone!

  205. Hope I win

  206. wooo!

  207. great print – thanks for the giveaway!

  208. That is a Damn Fine Poster!

  209. Here goes nothing…

  210. Slick illustration work:)

  211. I have a date with Lady Luck

  212. awesome poster

  213. Wow, lot’s of entries already!

    Thanks for the contest.

  214. Woot!

  215. Amazing work! Martin rocks! Thanks for this!

  216. I looks awesome. Hope it will be hanging on my wall.

  217. Ansin is one of the top artists of 2010.

  218. Thanks for this! I’m going to have to have this whether I win or not, so my bank account thanks you for this contest.

  219. El Topo is one of my favorite flicks! Awesome Poster!

  220. looks fantastic! Cheers.

  221. based on this poster alone I want to see the movie. I hope its as good as it looks

  222. Love the poster. Fingers crossed.

  223. dope!!!!!!!

  224. Woo! Great poster!

  225. ansin is just incredible!

    I swear I had my sn on here before this contest just check some of my other posts

    good luck everyone

    will this be available to buy I must own it?

  226. My day for winning something is over due, it would be nice to break the streak with this one!!!

  227. amazing poster, can i have it?

  228. Great Poster!

  229. Too much perfection is a mistake.

  230. awesome print.

  231. I’m 40 today and need a reason to smile…and you didn’ t send me a birthday card so it’s the least you can do really 😀

  232. I love Jodorowsky’s work and this poster is amazing! Ansin’s overall design elements and imagery perfectly mirror Jodorowsky’s influence in film. I would love to have this poster! and his face up on my wall!!!

  233. something

  234. the guys over @ “J’ai tué le photographe”, Martin Ansin & OMG are great people to allow this great poster into some lucky bastards home.

  235. i like…

  236. Randomly I want to win

  237. M> ANSIN. Great work.

  238. Ansin killed it.

  239. El Topo was messed up, but not nearly as much as Holy Mountain. Beautiful poster tho, I wants it!

  240. A beautiful poster to make my bare walls sing? Yes, please!

  241. Ultra Pulse!

  242. radicool!!!

  243. the kid on the bottom looks like luke skywalker

  244. Awesome poster by an awesome artist for an awesome film! win win win!

  245. pick me! pick me!

  246. awesome!

  247. i would like to win something. it never happens.

  248. Ansin rules…great giveaway.

  249. Awesome poster! Love Ansin!!

  250. good to all, and thanks for the contest!

  251. Very Nice!

  252. Ansin is on a roll

  253. awesoooooome


  255. Jodorwosky + Ansin = A very happy me!!!!

  256. Surely to f*ck I’ll win this time!
    If not, killer poster – shall be bought, if’n it doesn’t sell-out before I make it to PC!
    <3 OMG 4evaz!

  257. 153 comments, what’s going on here then?

  258. Thanks!

  259. This print rules.

  260. Ansin is a poster GOD!

  261. Ansin is a don, I need this.

  262. this is pretty sweet

  263. Thanks for the giveaway!

  264. Love Jodorowsky, and this poster. Good luck, everybody!

  265. Would love to have one of these to add to my Ansin collection. Thanks for the chance.

  266. There is only one truth in the cosmos, and that all men and all things are endowed with it, has remained the basic credo over the ages. Similarly, all these mystics shared the vision of the true man, the individual with a pure mind of truth who is free from anxieties and hopes, loves and hate. No god, they realized, can bestow this state of realization; everyone must work for it by himself. There is not an otherworldly being existing somewhere beyond, but a reality of this present actual world. One begins the search upon realizing the vicious circle of thoughts and emotions. One fulfills the quest in the mystical vision of one in all, then one goes back to normal. The true man does not look, smell or act any differently. “In the last resort, nothing is gained”.

  267. Great poster. Thanks for the contest!

  268. Very Cool!

  269. Something!

  270. Boomshakalaka!

  271. You rock OMG!!!!

  272. thank goodness for!

  273. nice! please pick me!

  274. You don’t have to come and confess. We’re looking for you, we gon’ find you. We gon’ find you?

  275. I am the master of my universe!

  276. swert

  277. Hi Mitch, thanks for the chance.

  278. I absolutely loved this movie. The poster compliments the film unbelievably well.

  279. I’m in! Thanks for the chance!!

  280. Awesome.
    So glad to know this one is mine!

  281. This owns!!!!!
    OMG rules for giving everybody a shot at getting this amazing print.

  282. Who are you to judge me?

  283. mine?

  284. love me some El Topo

  285. Oh hai!

  286. Great work Martin! Keep it up!

  287. is it me you’re looking for..

  288. ^^^^^^^^^ Pick that guy!!

  289. Can’t wait to win!

  290. Im broke, let me win something

  291. i am prepared for new and exciting things to happen in my life!

  292. Winner winner, chicken dinner. =)

  293. way to go! thank you! :)

  294. Thanks, Mitch!

  295. Here’s to hoping! Good luck everyone!

  296. El Topo’s the tops!

  297. Sorry Charlie!!!!

  298. cool work!

  299. dude.

  300. Thanks for the contest.

  301. This comment is the winner! Thanks OMGP!

  302. Amazing poster – wish we had a show in Toronto!

  303. El topo, spanish for “the topo”

  304. Rager. Great-looking print.

  305. I will win this. but maybe not.

  306. John Lenon was the reason this movie got released so hopefully his ghost is the reason I win this poster.

  307. Back in the day, I had to rent this shit on grainy, fucked-up VHS duped from an import Japanese laserdisc at Rocket Video in L.A. These days, they’re selling posters of it. The internets changes everything: discuss.

  308. Im in 😀

  309. FTW!

  310. Two of my favourite things combined! Jodorowsky and Ansin!

  311. I never win anything.

  312. Coool poster ! Good luck to everyone !

  313. cheddar

  314. Another amazing poster from Mr Ansin… me please sir! Oh, and thanks for these contests…

  315. I never won anything.

  316. ME WANT!

  317. Awesome poster for an Awesome movie…

  318. Tai hao le!


  320. please and thank you.

  321. Entered!

  322. What’s wrong with this print?

    That’s right, nothing!

  323. Amazing print!

  324. I want this really bad!! 😀

  325. comment!!!!!!!!!!!!! I win!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  326. Holy sh/t, I love El Topo, I love this poster.

  327. wow, epic print. This and The Holy Mountain changed my life. Jodorowsky is my idol.

  328. beautiful poster

  329. gnihtemoS

  330. hi great poster, good luck everyone!

  331. Great poster – thanks for the giveaway!

  332. Topo the mornin’ to ya!

  333. Awesome poster! and yay Alejandro Jodorowsky!

  334. Fingers crossed!

  335. I’m awesome, and as a result, I should have awesome things, such as this awesome poster.

    Do the awesome thing, and pick this awesome post.

  336. oooh oooh… pick me!!

  337. Boogedy Boogedy Boogedy

  338. absolutely stunning print and an amazing film! i’d kill for one of these… (or blackmail a UK based cinema into doing a similar series so i can cobble one otgether myself)

  339. I own no Ansins, but love this movie. Thanks for doing this Mitch!

  340. Yeah … right! It´s me!!

  341. El Topo’s so freakin good :p

  342. I want this! It is amazing!

  343. “i want this”

  344. ! ! Hello :: Hello ! !

  345. i once “el topo’ed” this girl, shit was hilarious

  346. I’m in. Great poster

  347. it is a long way to the bottom!

  348. This would look great on my wall :)

  349. 333 posts till mine and hopin we get 666 and i’ll get the poster!

  350. VIVA EL TOPO!!!

  351. Happy Halloween!!!

  352. Looks amazing….um, pick me please.

  353. count me in

  354. Another great print from Martin!

  355. This thing is awesome. Good luck, people.

  356. I don’t know why I bother with these cause I never win. I guess that will make the win that much sweeter.

  357. nice!!

  358. Oh god please!

  359. Something!!!!

  360. 50 stacks

  361. sign me up. and then send me the poster please.

  362. Argh…must…have…

  363. Dat’s bootiful!!!

  364. fingers crossed really like this one

  365. Good luck to me.

  366. Good luck to me.

  367. chocolate rain

  368. THE MOLE!!!

  369. Great poster, thanks for this!

  370. Such an amazing print! can’t wait to purchase it!

  371. awesome!

  372. Greetings

  373. True Story…

    Today at work I crashed my bike
    The crossbar caught my b*lls
    If there’s one thing I’d really like
    It’s this to fill my walls !

  374. This looks fantastic.

  375. something

  376. Amazing poster! Best of luck to all.

  377. Jodorowsky. Topo. Holy Mountain.


  378. Kyletronics

  379. I’ve never seen El Topo, but I might check it out this weekend.

  380. Would be great to win!

  381. they say anything is possible :)

  382. random task show them what you do.

  383. Pick Me!!!

  384. Jodorowsky cabronazooo!!!

  385. Howdy Ho!

  386. I’m a weeeeeeeeennnneerrr! Hopefully :)

  387. good stuff!

  388. I dislike Tim Doyle.

  389. Let’s go!

  390. Yes please

  391. Love the movie and the poster! Would love the poster more if it were hanging on my wall!

  392. winner winner, chicken dinner

  393. WANT!

  394. That is stunning!

  395. I would like to own this.

  396. oooh gimme dat

  397. Cheers!

  398. Jizz in my pants…

  399. Great print!

  400. Fingers crossed!!

  401. I want this sooooo bad!!!! :)

  402. I love Ansin’s work, but I’m not familiar with this film. So good luck, everybody!!!

  403. I watched El Topo for the first time last night and it blew my mind! Would love it if I got it. Good luck all!

  404. Love it, I would like to win. x

  405. Great movie and a awesome poster.

  406. Great contest! Crossing my fingers!

  407. Absolutely love this piece (and Jodorowsky’s films).

  408. Cool poster, cool movie.

  409. I would love to win this awesome poster

  410. It would be so cool to win this poster!

  411. Beautiful artwork for a beautiful film.

  412. next: santa sangre?

  413. “El Topo” será todomío

    (“El Topo” will be all mine)

  414. Oooh ooh me!

  415. very nice

  416. In it to win it!

  417. Awesome design! *fingers crossed*

  418. Sweet!

  419. Nice hat!

  420. Great movie, great poster. Great greatness.

  421. “Please, please, please let me get what I want”

  422. This would look great with my Scott Pilgrim poster.

  423. Fingers crossed.

  424. nice…..real nice…..

  425. Worth a shot

  426. This movie is out of control..

  427. This is the comment you’re going to pick, don’t be bashful about it

  428. For the Win

  429. Awesome Ansin!

  430. Great poster on a great site!

  431. Here goes nothing. Best of luck everyone!

  432. Want please!

  433. Martin, amazing job brother!

  434. oh wow what a poster

  435. dot

  436. Hope to win. Thanks.

  437. Amazing Poster. I’ve never won anything before.

  438. God I would love this poster, heres hoping!

  439. Grandad Wood’s birthday was on October 4th. As a kid my family would drive back to Paragould Arkansas from LA for a family reunion. Those were some of the best days of my life. Grandad died some years back & I’m 50 now, October 2nd. This year 9 of us went to Vegas & I was treated to a weekend w/all expenses sans gaming $$ w/3 turns in a limo + Jewel of Russia Vodka. Best damn vodka I’ve ever had. I love collecting posters. Nice poster MA. Good luck everyone.

  440. This is more awesome than the scene with all the dead rabbits in the pen.

  441. Yay everybody! Good luck!

  442. love el topo. the story structure has always reminded me of a video game, in that everything progresses in levels with final “bosses”.

  443. This is nice!

  444. great movie, great poster.

  445. Awesome poster.

  446. Arthrogryposis!

  447. Fantastic!!

  448. thanks, been trying to remember that movie title forever. Now with the poster my LSD decayed brain could worry about one less thing.

  449. cmmonnn

  450. worth trying…

  451. Beautiful print, I love this movie!

    “If you are great, El Topo is a great picture. If you are limited, El Topo is limited” – Alejandro Jodorowsky

  452. it kills me…

  453. Get ‘er done! Good luck all.

  454. Awesome stuff by ansin once again!

    Good luck everyone!

  455. I love this poster!

  456. “something”

  457. Very nice, can’t wait to win it?

  458. Something something I hope I win!

  459. STOKED on this print!

  460. “Open your eyes, you are the earth, you are the green, you are the blue, you are the Aleph, you are the essence. Look at the flower, look at the flower, for the first time look at the flowers.”

  461. El Topo – El Grande Amigo, with a twist of lemon.

  462. something

  463. Jodorowsky is GOD. this poster is DIVINE.

  464. Please pick me.

  465. Would love to win this amazing piece of art, would look nice to compliment my holy mountain poster. Kind of a contrast but still would be a cool pairing.

  466. one time dealer.

  467. In it!

  468. Please me!

  469. pick me!!!

  470. A mole, his son, two lesbians, an armless giant and a legless dwarf walk into a bar…

  471. Bananagrams!

  472. Amazing artwork, I’d love to see it on my wall.

  473. yep- i’d appreciate it.

  474. Amazing…

  475. Love this print!

    I want to go to there.

  476. awesome print! fingers crossed*

  477. generous gesture

  478. Giveaway: Win Martin Ansin’s “El Topo” Poster

  479. El topo please be mine.

  480. this would be the best bday gift ever.
    beautifully done.

  481. This poster actually makes me want to see the movie

  482. fingers crossed

  483. Very nice!

  484. Amazing! Spectacular!

  485. Awesome.

  486. cheers!

  487. LOVE this movie. LOVE this poster.

  488. Rock and roll mcdonalds!!!!!!!

  489. something.

    (My roommate’s favorite poster designer and one of his favorite movies. Would be a great birthday present…….. )


    RIP WW

  491. Aww yuss.

    Who would’ve known that Australia does not have anything securing a freedom of speech?

  492. bury your toy! El Topo is the unltimate gunslinger! Id like to see a shoot out between him and Roland.

  493. Haven’t seen the movie since 1997 but wow.

  494. maybe.

  495. ‘El Topo’ is my second favorite Jodorowsky film, but Ansin’s print is my favorite Jodorowsky poster.

  496. Awesome!

  497. Get that corn outta my face!!

  498. El Topo kills the bad guys. El Topo helps the people. El Topo Lives.

  499. Gee whiz, that’s a swell poster. Thanks for considering my entry, and have a pleasant tomorrow.


  500. looks good

  501. Ansin never disappoints! I would love to add this one to the collection. Thanks for the chance.

  502. arigatou!

  503. I need artwork for my walls.

  504. pick me for once.:)

  505. amazing print!

  506. i like it!!!

  507. The colors in this poster match my Living Room… It would look amazing above the Mantle.

  508. Neato!

  509. Sure like this…

  510. Word!

  511. leon c6, on October 5th, 2010 at 1:57 am Said: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    You cant beat a film with dwarves and christian symbnolism , El topo is a hell of a movie, i just painted a big wall piece on another of Alejandro Jodorowsky movie Holy Mountain, i love this guys work,

  512. Be mine baby, sick poster

  513. love the colors, thanks for the contest!!

    -better late than never …..

  514. never seen the movie, but the art work is awesome.

  515. I guess I should make a comment, but I won’t be unhappy if someone else wins :)

  516. Me wants!

  517. Veruca.

  518. I’m just posting to make it 500 for sure.

  519. OMG!!!


  520. Wow, this has got a lot of comments!

  521. Great poster, fingers crossed.

  522. With the opening of the “J’ai tué le photographe” movie poster exhibit in Montreal today, three beautiful new movie posters will be released. All of the specs on each are below. They will be first sold at a discounted rate as sets (only ten available) on Tuesday, October 5th around 1pm Eastern Time. After that, individual posters will be available on Wednesday, October 6th at 1pm Eastern Time. Both sales will take place at
    edition of 265, $40 each random time 10/5/2010
    Good Luck-d

  523. please.

  524. Congrats, Jeff!!!

  525. Ohhhhh, so winner is based on total randomness. Better, next time I’ll just cough….eh

  526. Congratulations! I didn’t want it anyway…well not much…grrr 😉

  527. Thanks for the give away Mitch!

  528. “Le photographe m’a tué”!!!!!

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