John Dyer Baizley’s Kvelertak Art Prints (Onsale Info)

Just got the inside word about these, they will not be around long (and yes, this is so good that I’m dropping my ‘no nudity’ rule for it).  Junkyard Arts will be exclusively selling copies of John Dyer Baizley’s Kverlertak art print.  It’s an 18″ x 24″ screenprint for $50 (shipping is included).  They apparently have a very limited amount, plus they also have some test prints.  Additionally, it sounds like there will not be a million versions of this like some of Baizley’s other prints.  The official sale goes down Friday, October 1st, but you can get on the preorder list, giving you the chance to buy one a day early (on September 30th), by shooting them an email.

EDIT:  The leftover prints are now up for sale at

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  1. Unnumbered?

  2. The details on this prints are fantastic

  3. These are great.

  4. hey Stoney (and anyone else interested)- the prints are numbered. the print shown is my personal print that was a test, and it is not part of an edition. Every print that is sold will be signed and numbered by John – no worries.

    as of now, or pre-order list is FULL – you can feel free to shoot me a line with questions at the email they provide.

  5. i really like this print

  6. love this weird ass shit..Baizley’s old school art nouveau style is sick

  7. wow I really like this!

  8. Fucking STOKED. Will DEFINITELY be buying.

  9. preorder list is FULL.

  10. Lauren is good people.

  11. Where can I buy some of John Dyer’s work. Does he have a site where he sells prints? I love his work and would really love to buy some

  12. I bought one of these from the band in May. It looks wonderful framed.

  13. Bought! Like the details, colours, style, etc…

  14. what time will the left overs be up on Friday??


  15. the shipping issues continue for Baizley.

    the black/green red album prints through burlesque had the same dinged corner issue.

    and there were the phantom limbs that disappeared in transit.

  16. shipping is nuts

  17. Very nice looking piece. Don’t have the funds for it right now as FF posters and SW posters have pretty much sucked me dry. Congrats to all those that picked one up!

  18. sold out

  19. If anyone is looking to sell one of these prints hit me up –

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