“J’ai tué le photographe” Movie Poster Exhibit in Montreal (Poster Onsale Info)

With the opening of  the “J’ai tué le photographe” movie poster exhibit in Montreal today, three beautiful new movie posters will be released.  All of the specs on each are below.  They will be first sold at a discounted rate as sets (only ten available) on Tuesday, October 5th around 1pm Eastern Time.  After that, individual posters will be available on Wednesday, October 6th at 1pm Eastern Time.  Both sales will take place at VonScarmouche.com.

“El Topo” by Martin Ansin

24″ x 36″ Screenprint, Edition of 265.

“The design of this poster is heavily influenced by the symbolism of Jodorowsky’s “El Topo”.  Behind the presentation of the characters of the film, lies a geometric arrangement that relates to the Christian and Eastern symbolism in the journey of the main character. The original inspiration for this arrangement came from totemic culture and geometric religious shapes, such as mandalas.  For instance, on this poster the five faces can resemble a Christian cross, hinted at by the lighting on Jodorowsky’s face, and relating to the downfall and “rebirth” of the main character at the end of the first half of the film. Also, the composition shows two triangles—described by the hands and bottom face, and the three top heads and hats—forming a shape similar to a unicursal hexagram, allegedly used in mythology to express the belief that one can eventually become some sort of a divine figure, a theme that runs through the film.”

“El Topo” by Martin Ansin (Variant)

24″ x 36″ Screenprint, Edition of 35:

“Old Boy” by Rhys Cooper

18″ x 24″ Screenprint, Edition of 210.

“I came across Chan-wook Park’s dark and twisted masterpiece “Oldboy” as I was channel surfing late one night.  I’d just fallen across the infamous hammer / teeth scene only to be followed by the even more incredible and iconic hallway fight scene.  After seeing these, my mind fully blown, I turned off the tv, it was enough for me to hunt down and buy the dvd the next day.  For the concept and design of my Oldboy poster I really wanted to capture what had become of Oh Dae-Su as his life and sanity had been pushed to its limits, to the point where even his grips on his humanity come into question.  Fans of the film should pick up on the numerous references and clues while hopefully, as all good posters should, it encourages those who haven’t seen it to seek it out and experience it.  But be warned, don’t fall in too deep.”

“Full Metal Jacket” by Tim Doyle

18″ x 24″ Screenprint, Edition of 200.

“I saw Full Metal Jacket at WAAAAAYYYY too early of an age, and it formed my opinion on war in a brutal 2 hour salvo.  That opinion?  It’s not for me.  As a work of art, the film is a difficult one- the tone shifts considerably at just about the half-way point- it’s essentially 2 films that just happen to have the same lead.  But both show the complete dehumanization one must undergo in the process of becoming war-ready, and in the execution of it.  The vulgar phrase, “Sally-Jane Rottencrotch’s pretty pink panties” fall on the ears like the memory of a soft lullaby of wholesomeness compared to the spray of bullets and stacks of human meat later in the film.  The ubiquitous MOUSE ends each chapter in the film (in epithet and song) and presents a smiling face, now obscene in it’s ineffectual innocence.  And to be honest, I think it balances the poster out nicely.”

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  1. I got the Full Metal Jacket in my Nakatomi Mystery Tube a few weeks ago. =)

  2. That Full Metal Jacket poster is just terrible. Ermey looks like he’s on crack.

  3. I love that Full Metal Jacket print… it captures the duality that the entire film is about. It’s horrifying and funny at the same time. Good job Tim!

  4. I HAVE to have the Oldboy print!

  5. Oldboy print looks AMAZING!!!! I need this to continue living.

  6. That Martin Ansin piece looks insane, Ansin never fails.
    Tim Doyle on the other hand… I can not believe anyone would put his work on their wall, his drawing is simply bad. Sorry to say :-(

  7. Tim nailed the Full Metal Jacket Poster.

    Why cant you believe anyone would put his work on their walls, Mark?

    I think both of his Blade Runner prints alone (and the third one that isnt even out yet..) put your argument to rest.

  8. Mike…that’s like, your opinion man

  9. There’s nothing wrong with Doyle’s drawing… awesome stuff

  10. Sadly I didn’t get that FMJ in my mystery tube but I’m definitely going for all three of these when they drop. I think Tim did an excellent job here. As for the Ansin and the Cooper…. wow!

  11. Mike: That’s a ridiculous statement! I hope your opinion isn’t based on this one print alone. To deny he has artistic talent is just… well, dumb.

  12. Just to clarify- the FMJ prints in the mystery tubes were test sheets or mis-print/scratch/dent.

  13. Getting one of the sets of these would be awesome, hopefully I can do that, if not, I really like Tim’s FMJ print.

  14. @Mike: dude that’s a real jag off thing to say isn’t it? You ain’t gotta love the piece but don’t insult the man’s ability to draw for no reason. Tim’s aces, we all know this.

    So over on EB those of us who’ve seen Oldboy realized the quote is totally mangled here on the poster. “Even though I’m no worst than a beast…” is supposed to read “Even though I’m no better than a beast..”
    If it said “worse” then it would just be a matter of the statement meaning something other than what was intended but with the grammatical mistake it’s like all wrong.
    Absolutely love the art here but I couldn’t get over that for sure.
    Please Rhys, please do an AP reprint or something with the right text. :)

  15. Or a reprint with the original korean text

  16. unless that is the original korean across the top

  17. @iron jaiden

    In regards to the quote on the Oldboy poster, here’s the reply that Rhys gave in the EB forum: “Here’s what I got from the international release, might not be the same as the US one. Ironically I considered changing it but thought against it as I didn’t want Oldboy fans to be offended.”

    He’s refering to the screenshots of the movie with the sub titles which he added to his post.


  18. Rhys clarifying this issue:

    “Hey guys, yeah I know what the proper grammer should be but I took the quote direct as it is written in the subtitles.
    I considered changing it but figured if it was good enough for the international release than it was good enough for me.

    The Korean up the top is “Laugh and the world laughs with you. Weep and you weep alone”.
    For those interested I will have some copies for sale at a later date.”

  19. Re: Rhy’s response. I can respect that but I checked my copy of the movie and the original correct quote is indeed what’s there in the subtitles. He may have gotten a funky version of the movie with goofy subtitles. It happens. A shame but it happens.

  20. Rhys is down-under, maybe his region’s dvd release has ‘engrish’ issues w/ the subs. Works for me.

  21. Yah looks like there were two versions put out. *shrug*
    Like I said, it happens.

  22. You still not gonna buy one because of it? I’m just curious, haha.

  23. It’s like Let the Right One In. One earlier version’s American release had some crazy butchered subtitles.

  24. @mnelson: I’m not sure if I can do it. It’s a truly gorgeous poster and Rhys has talent comin out of his eyeballs but sometimes little stuff like that just bugs me to no end. Doesn’t take away from what a home run the poster is artistically, but for me it’s like when someone says “I could care less”. That phrase literally means nothing and I have a hard time just shrugging it off. This would be like hanging a sign that said “I could care less” on my bedroom wall. Even if the sign is beautiful it still sticks out like a sore thumb.

    I’m just crazy :)

  25. ^You are not alone, Mr. Jaiden. There is just something about the idea of the quote being wrong that makes the art revolve around it for me. Still, good luck to those going out for it…the work itself is awesome.

  26. stop fucking crying…jesus…it’s a bad ass poster, get over it!!

  27. I would have bought that old boy poster in a second but I can’t bring myself to with that engrish quote on it. Has Rhys never seen terrible subtitles before? As someone said Let The Right One Ins first release had subtitles that were complete garbage and were later rectified. I really really hope that he does a reprint with the text fixed.

  28. @sol: aside from your little outburst I don’t see anyone in here “crying”. We’re just having us a civil discussion about one of the pieces from the show.
    Would it be better for you if Mitch replaced the comment box with a little [+1] check box instead? 😛

  29. jaiden…what the hell are you on man, wanna share? You have your opinion and I have mine, comments are great obviously, but if you are so upset about the grammar…easy solution…don’t buy it…problem solved. We all can see that the grammar is off, oh well…I for one will be going for it. If you buy a set and don’t want the Cooper, you know one person here that wants it. I don’t think you need it anyway man with those thirty tubes you snagged from FF.

  30. Hey Ironjaiden,

    I haven’t got a problem with you or expressing how you feel but to insinuate I could “care less” about my the final presentation of my work and post it in every forum on the topic is a little harsh.
    There is a big difference between shrugging your shoulders and not giving a damn and running with what is literally written right in front of you in the film and using it. Sorry I didn’t think to order a copy from the states on ebay to double check that the quote was correct. If it bugs you so much I would be happy to customize one where I change the little “T” to a little “E”.
    Glad you like the art so much to be passionate about it, I feel the same way.

  31. Whoa whoa whoa folks I do believe there’s a little confusion here.

    Firstly to Sol. I’m not “upset” about anything. I love this poster and I wish the translation woulda worked out better. I’m just goofy about grammar. Nothing more.

    Secondly, and most importantly, Rhys. Dude please go back through and read my comments on the piece. I think it’s brilliant and I love what you did here. Again it’s just a shame about the subtitles thing. When I made the comment above about the phrase “I could care less” I wasn’t insinuating ANYTHING to do with you or your presentation. I was quite simply using a common example of a slight change of words changing the meaning of a phrase. When people say “I could care less” what they mean to say is “I couldn’t care less”. It’s a common mistake that ends up changing the phrase to mean something other than what was intended, analogous to the subtitles in the movie changing “better” to “worst” and in turn changing what the phrase means. Again that was IN NO WAY a comment on you, your art or your efforts.

    Haha in all my years in this scene I’ve never been so misunderstood by so few on a singular subject :)

    I’m gonna recap here:

    1) All three of these posters are hot like the sun

    2) The Oldboy poster is downright gorgeous and my only criticism is the unfortunate fact that the phrase used on it came from a poor translation of the original Korean in the film.

    3) Mr. Cooper is knocking prints outta the park these days and they just keep getting better.

    4) Sol’s kinda whiny sometimes but he’s a rad dude over at EB so he gets a pass.

    5) Rhys if you actually customized one of these to change the “T” to an “E” I’d pay double for it, frame the thing above my bed and name my next child Cooper. :)

    Haha I love this scene, sincerely.

  32. Jaiden, about as whiny as you brother… thanks for the pass though :))

  33. Jaiden, how bout this? If I get the set and you don’t, I’ll sell you the Doyle at cost, if you get the set and I don’t, sell me the Cooper at cost?

  34. Long live the poster scene!!!

  35. @sol: haha deal.

    Wait… does that make us “poster buddies” now? 😛

  36. oh and Sol, you could never be as whiny as I am 😀

  37. could be…now wouldn’t that be a strange turn of events? 😉

  38. 😉

  39. oy vey.

  40. @Mitch: you love us 😛

  41. I find it quite funny that on imdb, the first quote is, “Even though I’m no more than a monster – don’t I, too, have the right to live?”

  42. What an amazing set to have on my wall!

  43. Great Poster – Ansin is the man!!

  44. Ansin, incredible, reminds me of classic posters of the 70’s, I never win therse things, but if I ever did, man I wish it was this one!!!

  45. Changing the ‘t’ to an ‘e’ still wouldn’t fix the quote. It would mean the opposite of what it should be. I would pay double for a version where the quote was changed to the one from IMDB.

  46. @mister: Rhys knows what’s what with this one. It was an artistic choice to stick with what appeared on screen.We’ve beat this horse so dead it’s starting to look like tomato sauce.
    I think Rhys’ follow up piece to this one should be a poster of Oh Dae-su beating the shit out of a bunch of internet art critics 😀

  47. […] to some enormous generosity from the folks behind the “J’ai tué le photographe” movie exhibit, I am able to give away a copy of Martin Ansin’s “El Topo” poster […]

  48. Got one of the 3 packs. Probably end up dumping fmj. Was only really interested in the Oldboy poster. While El Topo poster is gorgeous, I’ve never seen the movie, so I’m not sure I’ll really want to hang onto that once I see the film. Although most of ansin’s prints seem to increase in value quite a bit.

  49. +1 El Topo.
    Easy peasy. Gonna wait on the others and see about APs maybe. $18.50 shipping is off the chain.

  50. congrats IJ, spare athought for us Brits…40…yes 40 dollars for shipping to the UK?!?!?!? Most expensive shipping yet made this a pass from me…45 buck poster then 40 shipping? Do they come on their own private jet?

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