Mondo Star Wars Series – Ken Taylor’s Bounty Hunters Prints (Wave One Onsale Info)

Here we go folks, a peek at the next Star Wars release from Mondo / The Alamo Drafthouse.  The first wave of Bounty Hunter prints by Ken Taylor are all 12″ x 36″ screenprints (8-10 colors each!), have editions of 425, and will be $85 per set of three.  The second wave of three will follow shortly, and they will be offered first to the people that buy this set.  The first wave goes up Tuesday, September 21st at a random time.  Visit

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  1. These will be mine. Got to preserve my perfect record!!

  2. Well hot damn that’s the quickest $170 I ever said goodbye to :)

  3. aaargh, the original monday drop woulda continued my lucky day-off streak so far, but then it was changed to tuesday and i’m working :( if they drop at roughly the usual time imma screwed…oh well 6 for 6 then i fall at this hurdle…FML

  4. Getting dibs on wave two is icing on an already delicious cake. (Unless I miss the drop Tuesday.)

  5. Ironically, I’m also free Monday and jumped for joy at first. Then they corrected the date. It’s a slight inconvenience, but I won’t let it stop me–even if I have to call in my wife.

  6. Naw dude you won’t miss it. Us nerds are fine tuned for this series now. I fear a whole weekend of hype and a STELLAR set of prints is gonna make this one a fast sell out but I think us regulars are gonna be in and out before anyone notices we were there. :)

  7. Hot diggity-dog! These are awesome. I already missed out on Yoda. I’ll be damned if I miss out on these.

  8. yikes, with these, well, potentially six I don’t feel so bad about passing on the Westworld print…

  9. That’s the spirit–I’m going to bottle some of that optimism and mix it into my Tuesday morning tea.

  10. here’s hopin for a later drop than usual lol…tried to get a half-day hol but no go, so its lookin grim for me unless the drop is after 12.30 cdt…poster gods help me out, i’ll be good i promise

  11. Man, a whole weekend of hype is a scary thing, especially for these epic ass prints. And this is just half of them! This will most likely get ugly so here’s hoping the poster gods are on my side to give me my first star wars grab.

  12. These are looking really killer, IG-88 in particular is looking amazing. Also, pretty sweet that they are giving those of us that snag the first set dibs on the 2nd. Im still rocking the perfect record and dont want to tarnish it by any means!

  13. HOLY #*&#!!!!!!!!

  14. They look awesome, Ken Taylor does not disappoint. Though I don’t know if I want these unknown characters that appear for a second on the screen. Fett has gotta be in the next set I’m guessing, they will look awesome all together no doubt.

  15. Pretty cool looking, but who has space on their walls for 6 of these?

  16. @Ike: I’ll build a new wall, real talk.

  17. I have room for these plus the first six. But pretty soon it’s going to start getting crowded. (Like that will stop me.)

  18. whoa…..
    those rule
    the force is strong with ken taylor

  19. Where is Dog the bounty hunter?

  20. Dog will be in wave three, along with Gerard Butler and Greedo.

  21. IG-88 looks like a bad-ass.

  22. All very awesome. And $85 for three is a sweet deal. Maybe if that check gets here in time…

    Obviously, people will go apeshit once Boba Fett shows his bastard face.

  23. Nice, now looking forward to seeing Dengar, Zuckuss & Boba

  24. * Dengar , 4 Lom & Boba 😉

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  26. To me and all the OG figure collectors he’ll always be 4LOM & not Zuckuss…

  27. They are on sale hurry

  28. +1, managed to get a shiftswap yippee!!

  29. Gonna make a killer Xmas gift for my son.

    Looking forward to waves 2 & 3.

  30. these are taking their sweet time to sell out

  31. all gone

  32. On ebay already!

  33. +1!
    That went fast. Anyone flippin right now is a moron. Hella amateur. Either sell the complete set or sell Boba on his own.
    Mine are gettin framed and put in my kid’s room for his birthday. :)

  34. Are we sure Boba Fett is in the next wave? Undoubtedly it would be a waste of a license BUT…

  35. Yo guys,
    let me know if anybody wants to sell these, i just missed them.
    F’ng Ebay Vultures already in effect.


  36. +1

    The Mondo blog mentions the bounty hunter series being inspired by the scene in Empire, so I see no reason why we wouldn’t be getting Fett in wave 2…

  37. @Mike: So there were six bounty hunters in Empire Strikes Back and there are six posters released. The first three of which are three of those six bounty hunters. Now, I’m not one for wild assumptions but I think it’s pretty safe to say the next prints will indeed be the remaining three bounty hunters. One of which is Boba Fett.

    I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure Justin isn’t retarded. If he is then we can all look forward to a Greedo poster :)

  38. Ahh! Well I didn’t know how many Bounty Hunters there were in total, and being lazy I didn’t read the blog, but I have now.
    And Bossok (who is the Lizard guy, that right?) has made a come back in the Clone Wars cartoon (I work on Clone Wars/Star Wars products so the whole series becomes a blur).
    I guess Boba will appear then… if you go onto Mondo’s blog and hold the cursor over the image, Boba’s name appears, magic!
    Sorry for being stoopid.

  39. Bossk that is… going to shut up now.

  40. My perfect record remains intact–bring on wave two.

  41. Swert; just received an email from Mondo about pre-orders for wave 2!

  42. +1 for set 1 and +1 for Set 2 – Yikes, an expensive week… but so totally worth it.

  43. I didn’t expect to have my Boba Fett ordered by lunch on Wednesday, but there you go. Can’t wait to get my matched set of six up on the wall.



    A look at wave 2

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