Olly Moss’ Rolling Roadshow Poster Series (Artist Copies Onsale Info)

Olly Moss will be selling a few Rolling Roadshow poster sets later today.  The sets include eight 18″ x 24″ screenprints for $450 plus shipping.  They go up today (Thursday, September 16th) at a random time.  Keep an eye on his Twitter account.

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  1. Really all of these posters are pretty much genius to me, and for 8 posters, thats not a bad deal at all, but there’s just no way I can afford to swing that. I am happy with my Horkey from yesterday and thats all I need.

  2. Bummer… Can’t afford 450 right now. :(

  3. Yeah I think the bundle price might scare some folks off. I love me some Olly Moss but $56.25 each for 18×24 Alamo posters probably sets the record for price.
    Here’s hoping this isn’t a trend and we’ll still be buying movie posters for $35 for some time to come. Some of us got families and budgets Olly. You changed man! :)

  4. No cherry-picking! You want that Rocky poster? You’re gonna have to eat the Convoy and Jackie Brown.

  5. plus shipping too!!!
    If Blues Brothers was with this package then yes
    but as it stands….way too expensive for me

    I’ll have to pass as well

  6. @3d: haha indeed. It actually woulda been cheaper to fly to Philly and scoop the Rocky poster at the show. If the Rolling Roadshow ever makes it down to Antarctica for a showing of The Thing I’ll make that trek for sure :)

  7. We should start a pool on this one.
    Did Olly overplay his hand and out price himself to result in sitting on a stack of roadshow posters or is the ‘Son of Bass’ the hottest new talent in the scene and these all sell out in ten minutes?
    I’m puttin my hard earned on a sell out. The kid’s got spirit!

  8. Umm usually don’t you get a deal when you buy a whole set? Not like each poster is more expensive, just saying.

  9. “Here’s hoping this isn’t a trend and we’ll still be buying movie posters for $35 for some time to come. Some of us got families and budgets Olly. You changed man! :)”

    Pretty sure all future stuff will be regular prices, I can’t see doing another set of 8 again for a while.

    Pricing is tough, charge too little and it’s a big profit for the flippers, charge too much and you price yourself out. The only gauge I have for pricing is ebay – sets have been going for about 550+ shipping so I am going $100 lower.

    Also, there are very, very few sets actually available, but I am fully prepared for these to be sitting around a little longer than the usual sales. It will be a nice impetus to finally set up a store section of my site.

  10. Well I guess some people will buy the set and then split them for $100+ a pop on Ebay.

  11. Im saying these easily sell out. There are plenty of people out there that wouldnt mind hanging the entire set side by side. If I had the wall space, and a nice media room, and the money, then I would consider it.

    But seeing as I dont have any of those, then im good.

    @Ike: I mean it kinda depends on that. Olly probably looks at what people are selling these for aftermarket and regular price and goes in the middle. Im also assuming all these would be signed which I think most of us prefer anyways.

  12. for what limited quantities he has, this is an easy sell out because they are still cheaper than ebay. last time he sold the RR sets they were $500 plus shipping, so this last sale is cheaper. also when he sold his tribbles sets the pricing was above what Mondo charged but still far below ebay average prices. I don’t see why people are complaining now…

  13. his tribbles that he sold direct weren’t signed . Olly is in the UK and the prints were made in the US. I assume (don’t quote me) that this is the same deal and thus the RR’s are not signed.

  14. just says numbered

  15. C’mon throw in the Blues Brothers :)
    I need incentive

  16. up

  17. Yeah it seems most artist sales of sought after prints tend to follow the pricing rule “a dip below flip”.
    Which is fine. Hell if Olly wanted to charge a thousand bucks each it’d be fine. They’re his prints.
    For some of us though this hobby (or addiction) can get quite expensive so we like to keep a budget. I think fifty bucks is pretty much my cap on movie posters and bundles almost never work for me unless Tyler Stout does one some day :)

  18. @iron jaiden
    “a dip below flip” is the new “below EB average”

  19. sold out – 22 minutes apparently.
    I dig Olly, and again, he sets prices on his prints.
    Apparently, these were worth it – good job man


  20. My favorite is the There Will Be Blood.

    I think all of them are perfectly executed, something about the TWBB one strikes a nerve. Congrats to all the peeps that scooped this set up, they will look great hung as a set.

  21. So glad I went to the Rocky showing in Philly and picked up that print. Looks great, and the showing was fun as hell.

  22. will mondo have these for sale as well?

  23. I am always surprised how fast Olly Moss’ stuff sells when he post it for sale. I mean I think I paid around $265.00 for the set in Detroit. I love the Robocop and the There Will Be Blood posters the most.

  24. Hey I’m not against an artist making his money. But I paid 35 bucks for the two I bought in Hoboken. It kind of sucks for someone else to buy a set and pay more per print then I did. I guess your damned if you do and damned if you don’t, but I still think that’s kind of crappy.

  25. anyone get these yet? I guess the overinflated price didn’t account for express shipping

  26. Cardhawks, I’m actually shipping these for him. I’m waiting on some tubes big enough, then they’ll go out asap.

  27. OH, I’m such a bitch
    OK Mitch, they’re in good hands then…. thanks for LMK
    Peace out

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