Rob Jones’ The Dead Weather Poster Sets (Onsale Info)

Wow, it’s always impressive seeing a Rob Jones poster series together in one place like this.  He will be offering all of the posters he has done for The Dead Weather over the past year and a half or so (twenty total) as a set in the coming weeks.  They go up Wednesday, September 15th at 10am CST.  All of the info from his site is listed below.  Visit

Reminder:  These are now up for sale!

-OPTION 1: 3 payments of $240 each plus shipping. Posters are sent after the third and final payment is made.

-OPTION 2: 1 payment of $650 plus shipping. A discount for those who pay all at once

-SHIPPING: All 20 posters are 20X26 inches or smaller, so I am able to mail the entire set flat in one shipment.

-Each set is wrapped in a mylar sleeve which is wrapped in 2 layers of kraft paper which is wrapped in a corrugated cardboard mailer box which is wrapped in another slightly larger corrugated cardboard mailer box. Pretty much identical to how I shipped the flat portion of the Raconteurs set apart from the addition of the mylar sleeve for added protection.

-I’ll include a random non-Dead Weather related extra in each set. Maybe a scary clown mini-print, maybe an Oscar Wilde print, maybe an original sketch of Herman Melville singing into a KWKH microphone, maybe an extra French lobby card from my Cruising collection, or something else entirely.

Click the image for a larger view:

15 Responses to “Rob Jones’ The Dead Weather Poster Sets (Onsale Info)”

  1. Love the prints individually but I’m curious as to who would want TWENTY of them. Seems like overkill to me…

  2. Would you want a necklace made of a single pearl or a string of pearls?

  3. That’s a bad analogy. If you liked pearl necklaces, you still wouldn’t wear twenty at once…

    Unless you’re a porn star.

  4. I applaud your deliberate distortion of my analogy to set up a spunk joke.

  5. So it comes out to $32.50 a poster… that’s an amazing deal actually…

  6. Will he sell these individually too? Gotta get that Poe one, bad ass.

  7. Can someone tell me the name/creator of the original image that the middle image in this collection is based upon – the one of the woman floating in the water?

  8. I will take Rob Jones’ pearl necklace any day of the year.

    Shit, those gun/face prints make me horny anyway. So great!

  9. Perhaps someone who ATTENDED twenty shows would want “TWENTY” of them.


  10. +1 Why? Because I am a Rob Jones nut. He got me into poster collecting in the first place. Damn him!!!!! 😉

  11. @JF:

  12. Yeah, I don’t get how anybody would want 20 either. Dead Weather fetishist decorating a warehouse?

  13. i’d want them all more because they’re all done by rob jones, obviously. i assume a lot of people that frequent this site are more into the artwork than the bands these posters are for.

    not knocking dead weather, just saying any 20 rob jones posters sell themselves.

  14. yeah, 20 is a little overkill. even if I wanted all 20, there is no way I would be able to find a place for all of them.

  15. Gotta be diff

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