Pictures from Aaron Horkey’s Solo Show

Burlesque Design print mastermind Ben LaFond took a bunch of pictures for me at Aaron Horkey’s solo show on Sunday.  There are some really great ones, check out his Flickr Set.

8 Responses to “Pictures from Aaron Horkey’s Solo Show”

  1. Seems very homogenous out there in the Midwest. Nice show pics. THanks for posting!

  2. Sometimes I miss the midwest (Ohio), some of those pics made me think of some of the small cities around where I grew up. Looks like it was a really fun show though, wish I could have been there.

  3. I love the small town feel and how Horkey is always true to his roots. I’ll regret missing this show. Too bad I live far away.

  4. incredible show of an incredible artist. thanks for the post for those of us who couldn’t be there!

    so does that mean the flickr set has the first ever actual photos of Aaron? he’s usually so camera shy

  5. There isn’t a picture of Aaron’s face in that set, but he does make an appearance or two 🙂

    I did find a picture of myself! What are the chances. I didn’t realize that was Ben LaFond! I did recognize a few of the burlesque crew

  6. The beauty of the rural midwest vibe in the Windom photos is very powerful .
    We love Ben Lafond and Aaron.

  7. Great stuff Mitch! Really nice to finally get to meet you. Thanks fer the help all the time!

  8. nice photos – wish i could have made it to the show

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