“Screens N Spokes” Collaborative Print by Jay Ryan and Dan McCarthy

I just got a preview email from Screens N Spokes with this awesome image of the Dan McCarthy and Jay Ryan collaborative print.  It will first be available at the show opening this Saturday at 6:30pm at Mugshots Coffee (21st and Fairmount) in Philadelphia.  After that, they’ll be for sale online starting Monday, September 13th (more info to come about that).  For now, enjoy the image!

29 Responses to ““Screens N Spokes” Collaborative Print by Jay Ryan and Dan McCarthy”

  1. Jaw

  2. Man, Jay Ryan has some great friends.

  3. perfect collaboration.

  4. Love both of them, but the two styles don’t mix at all. It’ll appeal to some. Doesn’t appeal to me.

  5. Anyone attending this and interested in picking one up for me?

  6. jay sub holders get this sans text.

  7. Will be there.

  8. Haha. I love it.

  9. I can dig it.

  10. Yeh, this print is pretty awesome. I actually really dig on how the styles kind of clash and stand out so much from one another. Also really wish I had a sub for Ryan, this past year has been a pretty killer year to be on that for sure!

  11. Wow, that’s a stunner!

  12. Pretty sweet, like the eyes and expressions on jays characters. Seems very fitting slipped into McCarthy’s serene world. I also like that the spokes are pretty transparent, it blends the two styles even more.

  13. Do want… a lot

  14. @3d
    The styles aren’t the same but they do work together.
    Why would you want them to mix perfectly? There wouldn’t be any point in a collaboration to create something new.

  15. I think Tasa means “@13”–but I completely agree. Great collaboration of two distinct styles that work wonderfully together.

    I like this print more than the Horkey collab and would like it without the text.

  16. @Taso
    I can agree with 13, especially with the text at the bottom, it just feels off. sans text though, the two styles work together awesomely.

  17. Yes, sorry, I meant at “13”.

  18. are these limited or just an open run?

  19. All of our Screens ‘N’ Spokes prints are limited runs, signed and editioned. These were signed by both Jay and Dan.

    Ours, the text version, are in a run of ~50 (I haven’t seen them in person, but can post exact numbers on Friday).

  20. Have Jay and Dan released any collab prints before?
    Sam, by your reply, possibly each may offer a release on their own without the text? Maybe they reserved the right when offering the print for Screens n spokes. Either way, I love it and must have it.

  21. So you could see a TV show with Jay’s characters riding their bicycles in a forest illustrated by Dan McCarthy without thinking that it looks a bit off?

    Anyone can clearly see that they do not go together, aesthetically speaking. Whether or not you dig that is a different story. It’s just my opinion that I do not like the two styles together. But I understand that others may like the juxtaposition (the text is another story altogether, but it’s not as noticeable and isn’t included in the sub version).

    Many of these great artists have such unique styles that it’s difficult to find other people to mesh seamlessly with. For example, you wouldn’t think Horkey and Ryan could make a seamless collaboration together, but they didn’t do a bad job at all on “Versus”. It seemed like both artists (especially Jay) kind of made their style fit with the other person’s.

    Look at the Santora / Kelly collaboration for something that is more fluid. There are plenty of other examples out there.

  22. @13: yeah the styles certainly clash but I think that’s almost what I really dig about the piece. I’m a big fan of both artists and honestly would never put them together on my own but something about Jay’s animals riding through a classic McCarthy forest just works for me.
    It’d be like if you had a bunch of Tyler Stout characters sitting on the porch of Daniel Danger house. Wouldn’t blend for shit but might be kinda neat in it’s contrast.
    This would go in my son’s room for sure. He loves these kinda prints. :)

  23. Agree about it being a cool concept though. Fun to see :)

  24. This is outstanding. I never would’ve pictured the melding of their styles, but I have to say that the results are terrific!

  25. like it! hope he releases online

  26. Beautiful. It looks like a Miyazaki film- incredibly naturalistic environments w/ stylized characters. Which, in my opinion, meshes perfectly.

  27. I’m with Tim….love it!….Great job Dan and Jay

  28. Saw this in person. I have no clue what you guys are saying that don’t like this. In my opinion, this is a perfect blend of both styles. U have dan’s amazing tree scene with ultra stylized cartoon characters riding along. I think it works better then how jay would have designed the forest. Hopefully they do another one with dan’s dinos/fossils as a reflection of jays dinos above ground. Opposite styles always work for me. So much better than one artist compromising their work.

  29. As a McCarthy fan, I really dig the “clash” of the two styles, as it’s been called… but far more in the sense that, since both are true to their origins, it’s more of a visualization of alternate worlds crossing paths than any kind of attempt at fusion.
    Personally though, I love the notion of Ryan’s characters passing through a McCarthy forest… looking on in curiosity (forward, right, left)… the stark contrast in a foreign land… it’s a well-executed collaboration, and I want.

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