Two New Art Prints by Derek Hess

It’s nice to see some new art prints from Derek Hess, it seems like it’s been awhile.  “Epic” is a 22″ x 27″ offset, has an edition of 300, and is $50.  “Isolated” is a 22″ x 23.5″ offset, has an edition 300, and is $50.  You can also score both in a package for only $90.  Visit

2 Responses to “Two New Art Prints by Derek Hess”

  1. These are seriously beautiful. Love the aesthetic.

  2. Unfortunately it seems like as if Derek Hess has surpassed the height of his creativity years ago already. I see nothing but ever repeating poses of angels, angels and more angels. every once in a while you see rain-clouds and arrows. I loved and still love his older work but this has become a weird copying of copies.

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